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I read this tag first at Nouveau Cheap: A blog that is devoted to beauty on a budget! (My kinda blog). I really like her no-nonsense approach to makeup and her constant hunt for good quality budget friendly products. You can read her tag here

Since the tag was on blushes, and well, you all know of my daily-fix (the name just gives it away) I decided to do the tag too: 

To start off I have a lot of blushes- like in double digits. I ain't revealing anything else other than I might be one of the contenders for the title of Imelda Marcos of Blushes.

I love all kinds of blush textures too - cream, tints and powder (in that order). I now hear that Inglot has liquid blush, and I just feel like trying it out at least once. 

But to start off my top 5 blushes (so unfair to the rest of the pretty babies)

My favorite powder blush: Colorbar Plum Brown Blush

This is my bronzer and my blush. 2 in 1. I know. This is a single blush. Not a duo. But the color is such that it not only looks like a very natural blush on me, it also gives me that golden bronzer glow - without the shimmer. 

Let me explain: This is a plummy apricot light brown color. As a blush it looks very very natural, though you can make out that I am wearing blush. But it also has a nice brown tinge to it. It makes me look a little bit tanned - in a nice way (which is suppose is what even a bronzer does). And it has good staying power for up to 4 - 5 hours. The texture of the blush is very smooth and even, and the color pay off is medium and buildable. You will need a few swipes - but it helps avoiding the clown look.

Shimmery bronzers for some reason don't look nice on me - they make me look muddy and dirty in a sandy sort of way. 

This is a cute compact tub with a mirror and a okish brush in the lower chamber. At some 250 bucks a pop, this is a good deal. 

Although as a side complaint - for some reason, all stores have been out of stock on all colorbar blushes since a long time (2 months now). I don't know what or where the problem is. I hope what ever it is it gets resolved soon. 

My favorite cheek tint:The Body Shop Cheek and Lip stain in 01

The one TBS product I recommend to all and sundry. I love this one for the completely natural flush of color it gives me. Just dab a little bit on a finger and quickly buff into the skin. Absorbs instantly, and leaves behind a very natural color, that will last a good 6 to 7 hours. This is water based so no issues for oily skin and makes me look so playful. I really, really love this. You can read my review of this here

My favorite inexpensive blush: Jordana Powder Blush in Sandalwood
This baby cost me Rs. 149/-, plus I got another 20% off because of sale. So actually I just paid Rs. 119/- for about 4 grams of this. Sweet!

This is a peachy pink blush color - universally flattering on all. But without the shimmer. I don't like blushes with a lot of shimmer. Don't know why, but I just don't. 

This is a very buildable color, with light payoff - so you will need a few swipes before you see it, but it is dummy proof for the same reason. If you are new to blushes and stay away from them because you fear you will overboard - this is the answer for you. The color is very light and you cannot go wrong with this. The staying power is average - 3 to 4 hours. It applies smooth and is not chalky. The powder is finely milled. & this is my in doubt - pair with smokey eyes / strong lips blush. 

My favorite cream blush: (drum rolls): NYX Cream rouge Blush .. (do I have to choose a color?).. Ok, well, Natural it is. No wait, Rose Petal. *sigh*

I give it to both
This category just broke my heart. How could I choose between my gazillion cream blushes. I have a lot of these - from Maybelline (which is full of shimmer), to Jordana (love these tiny cuties), to Star cosmetics pallette (yes, I have a palette of cream blushes. You get my addiction now? People have eyeshadow palettes, I have a cream blush palette) to NYX (I have this in almost all colors). 

But choose I had to, So the award goes to NYX, for being available in so many colors, being so pigmented and looking so pretty. I love the color Rose Petal (a neutral peach pink with no shimmer) as well as Natural (light light pink with shimmer so damn fine you'll need a microscope to see it in the pan. Applied it is glowy and all dewy) 

When ever I wear this - girls ask me "What blush are you wearing? Are you even wearing a blush? It looks so natural!"

Staying power is very very good. Payoff is very high. and this needs practice. It is very easy to get clown cheeks with these. So don't be greedy - a little goes a long way. Read my love letter (I meant review) to this product here.

So those were my top blushes in powder, tint, cream and a budget buy thrown in for good measure. I tag all my readers and fellow bloggers on this. I hope to know more about your favorite blushes too! 

If you don't have a blog, please feel free to write about your favorites in the comments.


  1. i love the body shop lip and cheek stain... i have the coral one i gotta swatch it one of these days :) its great!!

  2. @Shivannix: Me too! We just get two shades here - some 01 - which a cool rose pink toned and a bronzy one. Yet to try the bronze one :)

    Do swatch it, I would love see the different shades they have :)

  3. I have used the cool rose pink too - its GORGEOUS. And if you layer it twice, it makes your lips look really pouty, too. Amazing color for fall/winter. I'll surely do that...maybe tomorrow??

  4. @Shivannix: I know! I use it a lot on my lips too - It is one of those rare cool tones that i can carry off on my lips. It looks really pretty in winters like you said. :)

  5. I will do this tag for sure. I have the bronzy lip and cheek stain from TBS, will review it with the blush tag only. :)

    he he loved the NYX description. :)

  6. I have my eye on Inglot liquid blush too. Yet to check it out at the store. Some don't like it very much so I need to see for myself :)
    I so wanna try NYX blushes now. Is there like a Nyx store in Mumbai or it's sold in department stores?


  7. @Poornima: Test Comment Received - Affirmative.. LOL

  8. @Rati: Is the bronze one also a stain like the pink one? Looking forward to your tag :D

  9. @CZ: I know! the Inglot one has got mixed reviews. But I think i might like it simply coz i love tints and cream blushes.

    NYX is available here at this store called New Beauty centre at Khar, there is another one at Kandivili and townside at Crawford Market.

    They are Mumbai's answers to Sephora! LOL! I love the store & if I had it my way would spend all my free time there :D

  10. lovely read hun! My favourites are Mac Eversun and Lancomes Blush Subtil in Miel Glace :)

  11. I never get to use blushes as much as I use my lip stuff...which means i am partial to lip stuff :) I loved ur post...

    its really hard when u have to choose things, especially ur favorite category being blushes :)

    ask me to choose lip stuff, I AM GONE CASE :)

  12. @GG Shifa: Have tried neither.. but will look out for them :D

    @Divs: We all have our weakness :D
    Thks, glad u enjoyed it :).. I know, I felt like i was being unfair and almost didn't do this post.

  13. i don't buy too many blushes because i know i won't get to wear them very often. i root for revlon's sheer powder blush in honey bunch. it's the perfect coral shade for me and gives me a naturally flushed look. exactly what we want blushes to do!

  14. @Rima: I guess yr a lipstick person too like Divs :D

    Thks for the recco on Revlon. Will check it out. I have tried their berry shade earlier but found it too pink. They were out of Honey bunch then. :)

  15. yeah i am quite a lipstick person!
    the revlon blush i've mentioned was limited edition from their floral stay range from 2008. i hope you still find it!

  16. hehe .. even I go gaga over blushes !!!
    I love Colorbar and maybelline ones .. I have like 10 !!
    My fav is Just earth these days .. very natarul plus its matte !! Wow !!
    I am gonna do the tag !!

  17. @Rima: No wonder I didn't see this shade - Nah, i don't think I'm gonna be able to find it.

  18. @Palak: How are the Maybelline ones? Never tried them.

    I have been wanting other colorbar blushes since god knows when, but all have been outta stock for like 2 months now :(

  19. the old maybelline blushes had nice colours but weren't pigmented. the new ones with improved ingredients are certainly worth having for their price (i guess around 220 bucks)

  20. @Rima! Thks :-).. I will def pick up a shade or two ;-)

  21. I know dat the no. of blushes u hav wld safely go into double digits!!So many wid such subtle changes in shades that I don't evn understand hw u pick 1 over the other to wear!!U can w/o a doubt be called an expert in this field!!

  22. @Simran: Hehhehehe... To me they appear as all very distinct colors and shades - though at times I feel sad that I can wear only one blush at a time :-)

  23. i love love giorgio armani..and i lost it recently.so bummed! but i cant do without blush, so i bought a Chambor Ambering Rose recently. not bad..perfect for wheatish skin!


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