NYX Rouge Cream Blush - Updated Review

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Update (15th Feb 2010): Ok, Cut to a year later. A lot of things have changed.

First of all NYX has come up with 10 to 15  new shades in this - So now you have a choice between

  • Natural (a very, very light baby pink with very, very fine shimmer that is almost invisible to the eye. I noticed it only when when the matt cream would keep giving me a very nice glow, so i held it under the sunlight and saw it only then- no peach undertones here - it goes on very sheer and gives the skin a very natural glow),  
  • Tea Rose - store had sun outta this
  • Glow - again no stock
  • Hot Pink, (bright, bright pink - for those who like no peaches in their pink)
  • Orange, (this is, well, orange. For the adventurous and those with a bit of tan)
  • Diva (a luscious berry color, almost mauve, think of mulberries), 
  • Tan (peachy brown - again very natural looking), 
  • Red Cheeks (Red in color)
  • Rose Petal (Light Peach Pink) 
  • Golden
  • and another few names I am forgetting now, no longer is it just two shades for us to choose from. 

Secondly my technique has improved. A lot.

I think it is time to do a re-review and give this product a second chance.

What it claims: NYX Rouge Cream Blush provides natural, radiant, long lasting color to the cheeks due to a specially formulated, creamy formulation. Simply dab NYX Rouge Cream Blush onto skin with fingertips to emulate the look of natural, youthful skin. I have this in Red Cheeks and Tan.

Ingredients: Ceresin wax, Microcrystalline wax, Polythylene wax, Beeswax, Ethylhexyl Palmitate,
Mineral Oils, Isopropy Myristate, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Lanolin, Diisostearyl
malate, Corn starch modifited, Mica, Silica, Titanium dioxide, Butylated hydroxy anisole,
Propyl paraben.  

Price: Rs. 650 /- for 6 gms (yea, inflation. Prices have increased. I got this for 500 a year back)


1. Highly, highly pigmented. You need a very, very tiny amount. And when I say tiny, I really mean tiny. Like really less. I think I will never be able to finish this even half way. It is so damn pigmented.

2. Very creamy: This is both good and bad. Good because it is a dream to blend this. Bad because it is very easy to pick up too much of this stuff because it is so damn creamy.

3. Long lasting: This lasts for a good 5 to 6 hours with minimal fading.

4. It is also a good tint for the lips, albiet a little drying.

5. Excellent base for powder blush. It makes it last longer and the color is more intense. 

6. Creams provide a glow that looks like "it comes from within". Especially if you top it with loose powder. Frankly I have come to love this look. It looks so natural that I am now reluctant to use powder blush (unless it is Colorbar's Plum Brown - I make an exception here. I am madly in love with this and would bath with this if possible)

1. Too much quantity: This thing is very pigmented, as a result of which it is going to last a very, very long time. In such a sceanrio, 6 gms is an overkill. I reckon 3 gms would be a better quantity. This will also make it cheaper. Or maybe package it in a tube instead of the pan.

2. Expensive: at 650 a pop, it is a little expensive.

3. Expiration is 12 months post opening, by which I doubt you would have barely used even half of this. (This is for those who promptly throw away all their stuff post expiration. I am one of the stingy ones who hold onto their stuff until it spoils.I have had this for 16 months now and it seems fine with no signs of spoiling for the next one year)

4. Can be used only over sheer light foundations or moisturisers. If you apply this over thick foundation it will clump up the foundation layer. If you use medium to heavy coverage - stick to powder, which will also adhere better in this case.

5. May not be suitable for oily skin. I can't say. I have dry cheeks that just love it.

6. Very very soft: Be very careful when dipping your fingers / brush into the pan. It will sink right in and make a dent if you use pressure. The product is very very soft and it is also very easy to pick up too much product this way

7. Difficult to lay hands on: Since NYX is not available everywhere, this is a little difficult to get. Also new stocks are ordered every 3-4 months. So if the store goes out of stock, you have a long wait baby. 

Application tips: 

If you use loose powder as foundation, apply this blush first to primed/moisturised/naked skin and then follow up with powder

If you use a moisturising foundation, apply the foundation first, then this and set with loose powder, if needed.

There are three methods. Choose depending upon your comfort / skill. Frankly both method 1 & 2 give good results.

1. Finger Method: I personally prefer this. Just gently dab, rather just gently touch the surface with a single finger. That's all you should need. Use your fingers to dab blush on the apples of your cheek, where you naturally flush. Then use your thumb to smudge the color out, towards your cheekbones. Repeat if you need more color. This gives me better control over the color plus it blends better.

2. Brush Method: Use a fluffy blush / foundation brush. You can even use a stippling brush. Gently just touch surface of blush with brush so that only the tips pick up the cream. Swirl it around on cheek, as you would do with powder blush, till desired look is achieved. Lightly blend the blush all the way back towards your hairline, near your cheekbones and temples.

Note: brushes used for cream blushes require cleaning (once every 3-4 days) more frequently as cream has moisture. This also makes cream blush more prone to spoilage.

3. Sponge Method: Some people even use a damp sponge to blend this out post dotting with fingers. I have not tried this method as of now.  

If you use too much,  gently brush some loose powder foundation on top.

The brighter the color, the more skin problems – like dry patches or blemishes – will show. Select something softer in tone like a beige peach color.(Try Rose Petal or Natural)

Finally set it with loose powder to give it a more natural look.

If unsure about your technique, please do practice first. You can practice with some inexpensive red or pink lipstick first if you don't want to waste this.

Will I buy this again:Definitely. I would recommend Natural, Rose Petal and Tan for office wear. Red Cheeks and Diva are good for night - time.

I don't think I will ever run out of this. At the quantities I use, I think it might last me like 20 years if it doesn't get spoilt before that.

Btw, I didn't have time to do swatches, but you can check them online as lots of bloggers have put them up. Do bear in mind that the swtaches are much darker in color and intensity as the swatchers have used a lot of product for the color to show up correctly and truely. You will not be needing such a thick layer on the face, you will apply a very sheer wash of color.

Here are some links (the first one is my favorite as the shades are swatched properly, neither too dark nor too light):

Has all 10 swatches (in pictures): http://babyjaprn.blogspot.com/2010/02/nyx-rouge-creme-blushes.html

Has all 10 swatches (but in a video): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHy5B_6Eb2g

Has Swatches of Red, Orange and Tan: http://theglamshack.blogspot.com/2009/11/nyx-rouge-cream-blush-red-cheeks.html

On an unrelated note: I discovered NYX eyeliners. They have a collection of about 20 colors. The shades were quite nice, they even had 3 variations of grey, lots of different browns (taupes to dark browns) to those whacky ones like gold. They sell for Rs. 295/- and are water resistant but not smudge proof totally.
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  1. ugh i really want to try NYX now. looks gorgeous.

  2. @Shivanixx: I think a lotta ppl abroad order it frm a site called Cherry Culture as it is not so widely available :D

  3. i wonder if they are available in Pakistan or from where i can order them, silly cherriculture doesn't deliver to pak. tanveer have you tried nyx round lipsticks?

  4. N I wonder if they're available in Delhi. So they are that pigmented huh? I don't like such highly pigmented blushes. They take the fun out of the application

  5. @Sarah: Ohh.. I didn't know bout cherry not delivering to Pakistan..

    I haven't tried their round lipsticks yet.. but you've got me intrigued now :D

  6. @CZ: They are very pigmented CZ! one of the most pigmented blushes I have used till date.

    I don't think u'll like these then :(

    & i knw wht u mean by those buildable ones - i have one by jordana called sandalwood and it is so much to apply those, little by little. :D

  7. i have read great reviews on round lipstick in fact cosmetic candy is doing daily lip stick swatches on them and she is nc 35 so i guess they wod help a lot

  8. cherryculture is a great site and regularly has promotions and discounts, but i am not a fan of buying makeup online.

    and i am soo jealous that you have all the access to nyx!! will make a visit to mumbai soon. haven't i said that a zillion times already? :D

    i personally would love to try out eyeshadows, eye pencils (they sound damn reasonable!), lipsticks and blushes by nyx. you know how dry my skin is. the blush might do me some good. never used a cream one before.

  9. @Sarah: Hey, thks for the info.. chking out cosmetic candy right now :D

    @Rima: I too never buy makeup online.. tho am very tempted by urban decay..

    U must visit mumbai soon :) looking forward to meeting u :D

    Their eyeshadows are next on my agenda - they cost some 400 bucks for a pot so saving up for those ;)

    They also have a huge collection of powder blushes. I like those too but haven't bought any as yet. Really like Rose Dust & Taupe in tht. :D

    Cream blushes are very good for dry skin. They spread more easily too and don't create flaky patches or settle into dry lines. :D

  10. Hi Tanvi, I love cream blushes! You can try them on ur lips as well! You dont have to worry abt the expiry, then ;)

  11. @Divs: I love cream blushes too!!

    And I Do use these as lip tints!! I love the way Diva looks on my lips - a lovely lovely berry tint..

    Only thing is it is a lil bit drying so have to top it off with balm or gloss & tht reduces its staying power

  12. Never used cream blushes..Generally if i want to give a creamy look i mix it up with vaseline and then apply it...

    Will try it ..great post:)

  13. Hi Tanveer,
    Just recently started trying out cream/ non-powder blushes. I wish this brand was available in Chennai :(. Anyway a small head-up regarding maybelline mousse blush. I read your review on it a while back. You had mentioned that it had shimmer and that you'd buy one without it. I recently bought a plummy colour of the same mousse(don't remember the shade name) but this one also has shimmer/fine glitter. I came across 2-3 shades of this (no one ever seems to stock all shades #$$%%^&^&@@). I went ahead and bought it anyway because it looked quite natural on me. Can't really explain it, but on my skin the shimmer thingies did not look prominent.


  14. OH my god I want these so badly but I can't find the cream blushes at my local nyx carrier. Great post!

  15. Hey these are nice. The colours are pretty, the pigment looks nice, and i love the pachaging- so chic. However, I am skipping the idea of cream blushes as of now becasue summers are apporaching and I stay away from most creamy things. May be by the time winters are here, NYX arrives in Delhi or I may get them courierd from you. :)

  16. @Anamika: Hey, tht's a great tip to mix it up with Vaseline :)

    I will try it :D

  17. @Poohkie: Hey Poohkie (tht is a cute name!)!

    Thks for yr comment.. NYX i think is available only in Mumbai as of right now :D

    & Thks for the heads up on the maybelline blush - I had bought the peach shimmer one - it is very very light pink, the store just had two shades - this peach one & the bronze one.. I will def try out this more plummy one tht u have recommended :D

  18. @Rati: wise choice.. with the heat up north I wouldn't be surprised if these actually melt if used or carried out in the heat..

  19. I WANT it so DESPERATELY !!
    NYX come to DELHI .. NOW !!

  20. :D :D

    Yr so sweet Palak.. Maybe Rati & U can plan a holiday to Mumbai soon :)

  21. We will. :P In fact, I suddenly had this urge of meeting you today. :P

    Not coming to Delhi anytime soon?

  22. @Rati: Really :D.. if yr on gtalk then u can add me: tanveer.parmar@gmail.com

    we can chat there :D

    Delhi.. hmm.. I have been wanting to visit the place for quite some time actually..

    hubby was thr last to last weekend & i wanted to give him a big list of stuff to get, but since it was a business trip I knew he wld not have any time :(..

  23. I don't care if it's a furnace in Delhi...I want them cream blushes!


  24. @CZ: LOL Cynthia! Inglot has cream blushes as well. Rati recently got one. You could try those out.

    If you need NYX let me know. We could work something out :)

  25. Just saw this article. <333 thank you so much for linking my blog entry and for appreciating the swatches i made. *virtual hug*

  26. thank you:) Your post's very helpful

  27. One of my all-time favorite cream blushes!
    ~Pauline @ Urban Decay Philippines


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