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Nargis Fakhri's Makeup in Rockstar

I saw Rockstar around 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately I also lost my cell phone that day. But I still enjoyed watching the movie.

Ranbir has acted quite well, and Nargis, uhhh, looks very pretty, I shall say & leave it at that.

I quite liked her makeup in the movie, where she plays a fresh faced Kashmiri girl. In fact I have named it - Color without Texture Look.

That's coz she is wearing makeup in the movie, but all the products are such that it seems like she has no makeup on. The pink rosiness to her cheeks & that pinky brown tint to her lips has been done in a manner that it seems to exude from within her. But I'm pretty sure it does not.

I won't claim to know how exactly they went about recreating her exact look - but I can give you some tips to help you get close to it.

Miss Claire Crackle Nail Paint - Preview

I'm sorry I haven't been posting recently. I just came back from a holiday & as usual there was a truck load pile of work waiting for me in office. Plus my lappie is still defunct. As a result I'm not really in touch completely with other blogs & I am really missing that.

Crackle nail paint has been a real craze in recent times. Colorbar has launched a black & white version but it is priced at a hefty 500 bucks.

If you have been eyeing crackle nail paints but don't wanna shell out too much dough in these times of Greek debt & impending recession, I've got news for you.

Nail Art: Anyone fancy Moustaches?

I'm not really into nail art & all (being the clumsy & time constrained person that I am), but I just couldn't resist sharing this very cute Moustache nailart video with you all..

So what d'ya think? I think it is really tough. One's gotta be so neat & all. But I do wish someone wld do this on my nails for me. It's totally enticing me.

Road Trip Across India - Beauty Musings..

Hey Girls!

I hope all has been well with you over the last 3 weeks.

I'm back from my quasi - road trip. I travelled across from Mumbai - Pachmari - Jabalpur - Manali - Delhi - Jaipur - Mumbai route.

As usual I had packed a lot of makeup (10 colored eyeliners, 6 lipsticks, 15 eyeshadows (Inglot, NYX, Jordana Palettes), Mascara, cream blush, brushes, TM, compact, concealer, primer, 5 lip glosses; basically the works) in the hope of using it all as I don't get to indulge in it much during the work days.
Instead all I ended up using was my dark brown Faces eyeliner, Mac Hot Tahiti lipstick (I love this one, I bought it for KC, and have been using only this ever since) & the L'oreal primer on a daily basis. The rest of the makeup just sat in my case and travelled all the way from Mumbai & back. :-P I was pretty sure I'd be sun burnt at the end of this trip,