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Blast from the Past & Happy Diwali

Hello people, I will not be posting for a week now (next post will be on 8th November) as I will get busy with Diwali preparations, am travelling to a very small town which is definitely not known for shopping or any exotic international brands. I'd be lucky if I were able to spot Lakme there.

I guess this break will be good for me to reflect on my highly consumerist, instant gratification, materialistic nature during this festival of the Goddess of Wealth.

Who Am I Kidding?? I am gonna miss Mumbai during Diwali! Every evening on my way back home I see my city getting decked like a new bride to welcome Diwali. Everything is lit up in glittering armies of light ants. Everything is glowing, pretty, shiny.. People are rushing about, shopping! *sigh*

Enough of my rant, moving on to more important things.....

Wish you all very Happy Diwali!

May this festival lights brighten your days with love, peace, joy, abundance and wisdom.

I thought I would leave you with some of my favourite post…

How I use a Cold Cream

I love cold creams. These thick emulsions are great for my dry skin and using them liberally during the night ensures that I can get by the day with a very light gel moisturiser.

Cold creams are best used by those who have dry skin or on dry patches like elbows/feet. Oily skinned gals can try this, but at their own risk.

My favourite cold cream is Jergens All Purpose Face Cream. Once a week I use sesame oil instead of this.

I use this in the evening. Once I have removed all makeup, I apply a generous amount of this all over my face and neck and gently massage this with finger tips for 5 to 10 minutes. I also spray/spritze a little bit of rose water on my face (very little mind you) and work this into the cream midway. I do this while watching TV, generally Masterchef Australia :-)

The massage helps liquify and melt the cold cream, this benefits the skin in two ways:

1. It helps the cold cream penerate deep and moisturise from within, and also liquify any makeup/dirt in the pores t…

Packing Makeup for your Diwali Trip

For those of you who are off to your parent's or in-laws place for Diwali (I am this Friday) and are wondering what eyeshadow, lipstick & Blush colors to carry to match every occasion and every dress, here is a quick list of shades that always works for me:

1. Purple Eyeshadow: I find this shade compliments both day & night events (just moderate the amount applied) and looks good on all skin tones & all eyes. I personally like jewel purple shades and plan to use the one in Colorbar's Warm Quad. Another option is Maybelline's Time for Wine quad (it is a little low on pigmentation and color payoff though - good for daytime)

2. Peach Blush:Unlike pink cheek colors, which don't go with all dresses and can look a little kiddish, a peach blush with a little shimmer goes perfectly with every dress and every occasion as well. I'll like my Bourjois powder blush in #33 - Lilas D'or for when I want a peachy pink blush with shimmer. Just temper the application …

Best & Worst of... Biotique

 After tackling makeup giant Maybelline last week, I thought I would do a Best & Worst of, for a skincare brand next. This time it is very own herbal, home grown brand Biotique.
Just for your information, I have dry skin, but also have a tendency to develop whiteheads & blackheads.

Products that worked for me:

1. Biotique Chlorophyll Gel: I always carry this with me, excellent for using immediately after waxing & threading, it also is very cooling and great for insect bites & rashes. It doesn't hydrate the skin so much so I don't really use it as a moisturiser. Just one of those handy gels to carry on a hiking trip. I also find this to be very soothing after a hot day in the sun or on tired, achy feet.

2. Biotique Morning Nectar Lotion: My first purchase from this line. This is a light moisturiser that is perfect for the day time. Once I got stranded on a holiday with only this, and I wanted a thicker moisturiser for the night (It was a very cold place). I just…

The Body Shop Luxury Flannel Facial Washcloth - Review

What it claims: This silky-soft cloth is the gentlest way to wash your face. Washable by hand in warm, soapy water or in the delicate cycle of the washing machine. Pair with your favorite cleanser.

Price: Rs. 295 for one.

How to use (Not given on site, my own experience): This washcloth dries to a rock hard (I mean this - it literally becomes rock hard) consistency between uses (if you use it once in 24 hours). Before use soak or hold under running water for 2 minutes, it becomes soft once again and and gently wipe away cleanser/face pack using the Luxury Facial Flannel.


1. It dries completely to a rock hard peice of material between uses, this prevents contamination or growth of bacteria
2. It is very good at removing the last traces of makeup under the eyes and even taking off face packs. I generally use this after applying my cold cream cleanser in the evening to take off makeup. It takes off every bit of the cleanser and makeup with it. Facepacks come off smoothly without cr…

Lakme Lip Palette - Gypsy Collection - Swatches

Lakme Lip Palette Gypsy Collection - Swatches

A wardrobe of possibilities. Wear each color on its own or blend together for the perfect shade. The satiny texture melts over your lips. Discover five universally flattering shades of terra cotta.
The shades are not numbered, they have been swatched in the same order as they appear in the palette, left to right.

For review please go here

This product was sent by the Company / PR for my consideration, however that has not affected my review or opinion of the product in any way.

Lakme Lip Palette (Gypsy Collection) - Review

What it claims: A wardrobe of possibilities. Wear each color on its own or blend together for the perfect shade. The satiny texture melts over your lips. Discover five universally flattering shades of terracotta.
Price: Rs. 600 (includes 5 lip colors, lip brush and mirror on inner side of container)

1.The texture of the lipstick is nice, soft & creamy. It tends to veer towards a matt appearance on me despite being sheer. I personally like the 3rd & the 5th shade the best. The lack of shimmer makes them good choices for daily office wear. 2.The lip brush is of very good quality, easy to clean and apply lipstick with. This one is a keeper 3.The shades will suit most Indian women, and considering that you get 5 colors for 600 bucks it is a good bargain plus it is a novel concept for the Indian market. 4.Ok, this is just something that I tried on a whim, I found that the 3rd shade works well as a cream blush too. I just dab a little on a cheek and blended it in well, thanks to t…

Reader Query: Skin that Glows.

Hey Tanveer,

I'm getting married in the last week of december.

Although I have a fair skin tone with only a few breakouts here n there, the problem is that it lacks glow. Im hoping for much better skin for my wedding ceremony.

Do you have any suggestions that could make my skin healthier and give it a natural glow? I also suffer from the problem of dark circles which look worse due to my skin tone.

I know make-up can help tremendously, but i would prefer an actual glow to the one induced by make up.

I hope you can gimme some tips on this. Also, I would love to know how to apply light make up which looks natural for the various functions and parties coming up.


Dear Jia, first of all congrats on your wedding.

For skin that glows, I would recommend that you visit a dermatologist. S/he will be able to suggest the best products for you after having examined your skin. In the mean while here are just some general suggestions for you:
1.Since you have not mentioned your skin type…

Fall Beauty Trends 2010

Instyle Magazine compiled makeup trends that celebrities have been sporting across red carpets for Fall 2010, here are some that caught my eye:

Green Eye Shadow   There's something about green shadow that makes eyes really golden.

Green can be a neutral eye shadow, but it's important to be very measured when you use it. Keep the shade below the crease of the lid to avoid looking overdone, and reach for a brown liner for definition. A smudge under the bottom lashline can also have subtle impact.
Berry Lip Stain Tailor your application method to your skintone. Pale complexions look best with a sheer wash of color; darker complexions can handle a thicker, more opaque finish. Personally I love berry colors & I tend to sport them year round. So this is more like a personal style & I am liking that this is in trend!
Cool Pink Blush keep the color focused on the true apples of the cheeks, which helps the look pop. I think I saw Ash sport a look like this in Robot in that funny K…

Lakme Black Satin Kajal (Gypsy Collection) - Review

What it claims: Jet black kajal for the blackest black delivery in just one stroke. Draw a sharp, intense line or smudge for a smoky finish. The easy-to-use pencil glides on super soft and smooth, with a glossy finish only satin can provide! Create bold and beautiful eyes with this water resistant formula that keeps color and shine in place without spreading.
Available in Black
Price: Rs. 150 /-
1.The color is a deep jet glossy black, this is not a matt black shade and it goes on intense glossy black, no sheer black liner strokes. 2.This is the first Kajal pencil I have used and I was expecting it to smudge a lot, but surprisingly it doesn’t smudge too much. You just need to apply it on your waterline and then don’t blink or touch it for 5 minutes. It tends to bleed a little bit during this period, which can be wiped. After these 5 minutes, the Kajal stays put for a good 4 to 5 hours. It tends to fade minimally after this. 3.Didn’t irritate my eyes and it does apply very easily wit…

Best & Worst of... Maybelline

A quick run down of the products I love & the ones I didn't work for me from the Maybelline India range

I loved:

1. Maybelline Unstoppable Pencil Eye liner in Deep Brown: Deep, pigmented, long lasting pencil liner in twist up format. This is my go to liner when in a hurry.

2. Maybelline Define a Lash: Honestly I liked this one more than Colossal Volume. Says what it does, just defines the lashes for a perfect no makeup look. I always get the waterproof one though.

3. Maybelline Colorsensational Lip glosses: Fabulous colors, long lasting these fade to a tint, super moisturising and pretty economical at 250 a pop

4. Maybelline Colorsensation Lipstick: I hate the smell of this, but I do love the color selection they have offered to us consumers. I am making the ones I have from this range by using them as lip tints. The color is longlasting, the product is moisturising and again these are very economical at Rs. 299.

5. Maybelline Quad in Chai Latte: This is a very useful quad for …

Lakme True Wear Nail Color (Gypsy Collection) Review

What it claims: Inspired by the bohemian, rustic gypsy trails this season, wear rich, deep colors with just a hint of shimmer. From mystic indigos to ruby reds and from plush purples to henna golds.
Price: Rs. 90 per bottle
Swatches: 243 is a deep indigo, inky midnight purple245 is a bright fuchsia pink with self colored shimmer043 is a light ocean blue (this is a very sheer shade - the rest of the nail paints are just one coat. This is a double coat)422 is a bright chilly red with self shimmer (This is a very happy red, it is red, but it is too bright to look sexy or sophisticated)530 is a sheer mustard yellow-gold color (honestly, it just looks yuck to me)

Pros: I quite like some of the colors like 243 (purple), 245 (bright fuchsia) & 422 (red). The price is decent at 90 bucks, they dry quickly.
Cons: Some of the shades are just atrocious, like 530. The staying power of these is not very nice, they start to chip terribly within 12 hours and by the end of the day most of the nail …

Lakme True Wear Nail Color - The Gypsy Collection Review - Swatches

These products were sent for my consideration by the company/PR, that has however not affected my opinion or review in any way. 

Biotique Almond Oil Soap & Orange Peel Soap - Reviews

 Biotique Almond Oil Soap
What it claims: Pure vegetable, transparent cleanser for dry and sensitive skin. The making of this cleanser involves the blending of traditional Ayurvedic formulae. Recommended by doctors for people with sensitive skin. This soap is formulated with Coconut Oil and Almond Oil, and is for skin that needs extra care. It leaves skin clean and healthy looking. Regular use makes the body free from skin problems like ringworm, scabies and dermatitis infection.

Prunus amygdalus oil (Badam Tail) 0.2%Crocos nucifera oil (Nariyal Tail) 28.0%Melia Azadirachta oil (Neem Tail) 0.1%Ricinus communis oil (Erand Tail) 3.5%Curcuma Aromatica oil (Van haldi Tail) 0.02%Saccharum officinarum (Ikshu Ras) 6.0%Purified Water (Parishrut Jal) Q.S.Price: Rs. 70 for 150 gms bar Pros: 1. Doesn't dry out the skin and leaves it feeling soft and clean. 2. Has a very mild fragrance that is not overwhelming 3. The block is pretty sturdy, despite the huge amount of oil in the soap, …

Reader Query: Ponds Age Miracle Tinted Moisturiser

Brenda says...

Hey there girls..  I finally got Ponds Tinted Moisturiser based on all the various rave reviews...I think I should move up a shade too.. I think sheer ivory 01 looks a little white on me..Maybe sheer rose 02 would be better.. when one is confused.. should you go lighter or darker??

How do you apply this?? I find I need a lot more than a pea sized amount.. maybe I am smearing on too much... It blends so well I cant tell if I missed a spot.. Help!!

Hey Brenda, I hope you are doing well & I hope you are loving Ponds TM as much as I do. :-)

Ok, if Sheer Ivory looks too white on you, then you must move up a shade darker. Sheer Rose is a bit darker but it also has a ting of pinkness to it. The stores generally have testers for all 3 variants so I would suggest you try them on your jawline to be sure. They also have Sheer Honey 03 - you could try that out too. I tend to use Sheer Rose 02 in summers (I invariably get sunburnt & a tan no matter how much I try) and Sheer …

Reader Query: Basic Economical Makeup

I have my engagement soon. I'm medium complexioned, kindly suggest some basic economical make up essentials I need to have coz I'm going to be doing my own makeup! Also please suggest a good lipstick(price doesn't matter for this) with long staying power to avoid reapplication every now & then after consuming food.


Congrats on your engagement Naaz. Here are some products you can try

1. Foundation: If you can get MAC or MUFE HD Foundation that would be really good. Or else you can try Revlon Colorstay, or L'Oreal. If your skin is pretty good with hardly any scars or you need less coverage you can get away with simple Ponds Tinted Moisturiser. In pressed powder even maybelline whitestay UV compact is nice, Maxfactor too has nice foundations. Try to get one that suits your skin type & color best.

2. Concealor: try MAC or NYX Concealor in a Jar if you have dark circles or have acne marks on your skin.

3. Loose powder: Lakme Rose Powder or The Body Shop L…

Nivea Fruity Shine Pomegranate Lipbalm - Review

What it claims: Enjoy the new fruity highlight of the Fruity Shine range: NIVEA Lip Care Fruity Shine Pomegranate! This fruity scent lip balm with fruit extracts and shimmering pigments replenishes moisture and leaves a touch of reddish color on your lips. This new formula combines rich almond oil, jojoba oil and shea butter to keep your lips as soft and fresh as they can be!

• Creates a head turning shine on your lips – pretty in pink!
• Moisturising your lips making them heavenly smooth
• Enjoy the fruity scent
Contains SPF 10, protection against UVA and UVB rays

Price: Rs. 129 for 4.8 gms tube

Ingredients: Polyisobutene, Octyldodecanol, Ricinus Communis Oil, Pentaerythrityl tetraisostearate, Hydrogenated Polydecene, Candelilla Cera, Myristryl Myristate, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Cera Microcristalina, Isopropyl palmitate, Synthetic Wax, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Polyglyceryl-3 Dilsostearate, Butyl Methyoxydibenzoylmethane, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Simmondsia, Chinensis …

Kara Makeup Removal Wipes - Review

What it claims: Kara makeup removal wipes is an effective way to remove all makeup from the face. It is enriched with lavender extract which cleanses and gives a relaxing effect to the skin while the seaweed extract revitalises and nourishes the skin. More importantly it is made from Birla Cellulose, a fibre that is 100% natural and bio-degradable

Key Ingredients: Aqua, Lauryl Glucoside, Glyceryl Oleate, PEG - 20 Methyl Glucose Sequestrate, Glycerine, Aloe vera gel, Lavender Extract, Seaweed Extract, Chelating Agent, Preservatives & Fragrance. Alcohol Free.

Price: Rs. 45 for 10 wipes.


1. It takes off all makeup like a dream. 2-3 swipes over the most resistant liner and it all melts off.
2. The fabric of the tissue feels nice and soft against delicate under eye area, it also smells quite refreshing.
3. Does not dry out skin.

1. This will not take off your waterproof mascara. It will start to melt it a little bit, but it involves too much tugging & pulling at the lash…

Salespeople and How They're (Not) Trained.

Below is an excerpt from the Idiot's Guide to Beautiful Skin. I thought I would share it with you all:

Salespeople and How They're (Not) Trained.

Many of us look to sales reps for guidance about skin care products. How well informed are they? Just listen to the experience of my friend Alice, who sold cosmetics and toiletries one holiday season in a department store in the St. Louis area.

First off, when Alice applied for the job, the interviewer made no attempt to probe the extent of her knowledge about skin care or cosmetics. She looked presentable, spoke well, and was willing to take a minimum-wage job with odd hours. Apparently this was enough, because she was hired. There was no formal training; she was simply told when and where to show up.

Her first day, she was placed behind a counter to sell products she had never heard of, let alone used. Despite her lack of experience, though, she enjoyed chatting with customers and helping them choose makeup and perfume.

Her favorit…

Mass Products V/s Expensive Products

I was reading an article on Skin Care Myths when I came across this:

Myth or fact? When it comes to beauty products, expensive brands work better than mass-market products.

MYTH. Mass lines make more money, so they can afford more research and development. Among the best: Unilever (which does Dove and Ponds), L'Oréal (Vichy and La Roche-Posay), and Johnson & Johnson (maker of Neutrogena and Aveeno, which has its own research institute). A recent study found that 80 percent of women who followed a skin care regimen with mass-market products showed fewer wrinkles and healthier skin than when they used pricier lines.

I could not find the study they had quoted.

I have been using Ponds & Neutrogena products & have found them to be quite good. I haven't used Clinique or other top line skin care products so I can't compare, but this news does make me happy.

Just means more savings for me. :-)

What do you think? Have any of you found this to be true.

You can read t…

Reader Query: Simple Makeup for College

I am an 20 year old college going girl. At times, during presentations, we're supposed to do a bit of make up and I don't really have an idea as to what will look best since the only things I use is a moisturizer, lib balm and kohl pencil for the inner rim.

I have a fair skin tone and my face is a lil chubby so don't really know what would look best on me since I don't wanna look overdone. I like to keep the look natural so please tell me what would be suitable for me.

Also, I have very oily skin and also have frequent breakouts. Do you think a blood purifier really helps in clearing out the zits and making the skin healthy?

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank You,


Dear Joanna,

Thank you for your query.

Since you are new to makeup, and not sure how makeup will play out on your features, you could start small. You currently use a moisturiser, lip balm & kohl pencil. Below are some simple ways to upgrade your look.

1. Add a drop or two of liquid foundation t…