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Make Up 101: Blush

A new series, Make up 101 will focus on all aspects of make up and break them down into a dummy-proof process. Not that you are dummies, but those of you who are new to make up might find it useful.

Third base: Blush

What: A blush is a make-up product used to mimic the rosiness of young, healthy skin.

Why: Foundation tends to color the entire face in an even tone which can make it seem pale. A blush is the quickest way to look like you have just fed on juicy apples while walking in an orchid.

A lot of women skip blush in their daily routine, simply because it is so easy to go wrong with this simple product. However, skillful application of a blush is a the simplist way to look happy & youthful.

Where: Blush is applied on the apples of your cheek, which it’s the puffy part of the cheek directly beneath the irises of your eyes when you smile. 

Types of Blush: Colors, Shades & Formulations
Before you apply any color, you need to get the right shade and formulation for your skin tone and…

Maybelline WhiteStay UV Compact - A Review

Sorry, for the long lull in posting. Have been a little caught up in office work. Besides took a mini-break on the weekend, where I got to sample Forest Essentials Products (soap, moisturiser, body wash, shampoo & conditioner). Will be posting on them soon.

Coming back to the topic, this was long overdue. Maybelline has launched its new WhiteStay UV Compact with SPF 18 a while back. 

My Review: 


1. One of the few compacts with SPF 18 UV filters, this combines the dual step of sunscreen & foundation. The powder is an alternative to sunscreen. Especially during monsoons & summers when creamy sunscreens make your skin greasy, using a matt compact with SPF protection would is a better option.

2. The compact comes in five shades –White Ivory, Light Ivory, Natural, Nude and fawn – to suit the variety of Indian skin tones. I picked the Light Ivory Shade.

3. Does brighten up your face instantly: This product delivers. It brightens your skin, leaves behind an almost flawless …

Make Up 101: Foundation

Image by Salon de Maria via Flickr
A new series, Make up 101 will focus on all aspects of make up and break them down into a dummy-proof process. Not that you are dummies, but those of you who are new to make up might find it useful.
Second base: foundation. Why: 

While most of us have pretty decent skin, on certain events we want to put our best face forward. Foundation helps create the illusion of a good, even toned skin canvas against which our features like eyes & lips can command attention & shine through, without competing for attention with the ungainly acne marks or sun spots.

What does it do: 

1. Even out skin tone so that you have a good base to apply the rest of your make-up
2. Helps concealer hide scars or dark colors more effectively
3. Protects the skin from dirt, & if it has SPF - the sun as well

How to apply: Dot foundation all over face. Blend with quick even strokes using a damp sponge. This is the second step after concealer application.

Types of foundations:


Himalaya Gentle Exfoliating Daily Face Wash - Review

A new face wash from Himalaya Herbals, I picked it up last week. The company website has the following information:

A soap free daily use herbal formulation, which combines gently exfoliation, deep cleansing & moisturizing, giving you complete daily face care. 

Enriched with Red Lentil that improves the complexion. 

Apricot granules gentle scrub off dead skin cells and helps prevent formation of blackheads. 

Neem & Lemon cleans deeply & removes excessive oil. 

Aloe Vera soothes & moisturizes the skin. 

This unique combination of natural ingredients leaves your skin fresh, rejuvenated and glowing day after day. Usage

Use twice daily.

Research on Indian Skin Care Products

Browsing randomly, I came across this article in the Indian Express on the research that goes behind product development, safety & efficiency testing of products made by Indian Companies. Which is none at all.. (Why am I not surprised?) Personally I prefer buying make-up over skin care products. Maybe that is a result of me being a part of a generation that demands quick gratification.
But the article below confused me a great deal. My thoughts below:  Who do I trust now? The company or the newspaper? or should I just forgo Indian products & buy imported ones (which are up to 5x more expensive)?  How do I as a consumer make companies like Lakme, VLCCtake my money & safety seriously enough to invest in studies? How do I know that the article below is sincere in its intent & not inspired/promoted by a bunch of cosmetic surgeons who would rather have you go under the knife (refer to the last line in article on botox) to plump up their practice? And if what they say is true,…