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DIY Vitamin E Intensive Face Serum

Image by selva via Flickr Get ready. I am going to now share with you a secret to reverse months of carelessness that you may have inflicted on your skin overnight.

Is your skin dull? dry? rough?

Try the all new Vitamin E (read up on the wonderful benefits of applying Vitamin E on skin here)Intensive Face Serum, to replace dull, dry skin with soft, moist, glowing skin. The all new complex treatment that you can do in the comfort of your home.

Ok, I should snap out of my tv advertisement mode now.

Don't get scared by the fancy name. This is a very, very simple method.

The Vitamin E Intensive Overnight face serum.

1. Buy Evion Capsules (400 mg) with Wheatgerm oil (.100 mg) & Omega - 3 fatty acids (Merck Pharma, costs Rs. 60 for 10 capsules) OR if you perfer to be natural just substitute with Wheatgerm or Almond oil (Rogan Badam Shirin is good)

2. Puncture the capsule. You need 6 drops only. Place rest of capsule in closed container in freezer for later use.

3. Wet face with Rose w…

Indian Women and Skin Care

Since I began writting this blog, about six months ago, I have began observing the skin and make-up of my fellow Indian women even more keenly, as well as the make-up & skin care market in India.

Below are some of my observations.

1. Indian women are obsessed with fairness. Period.

Most Indian women only care about being fair. Since we are a hot country, with loads of intense sunshine, women not only have genetically higher melanin but also get tanned way too easily. To get rid of this we will try anything, from Fair & Lovely to turmeric-besan paste to simply applying plain talcum powder (yea! white powder just pasted indiscriminately on face to make you look like a vampire) or a foundation shades lighter than appropriate.
Image by Getty Images via Daylife
The definition of beauty in the Western world is linked to anti-aging, but in India, it’s all about being two shades lighter. Skin-lightening products are by far the most popular product in India’s fast-growing skin care market.…

Jordana Sale - Buy One, Get one free

Image by elmada via Flickr For those of you who reside in Mumbai, there is some good news!!

New Beauty Centre (Khar) is having a buy one, get one freesale on all Jordana products. But within the same category. So you get one eyeliner (of any color) free with a purchase of one eyeliner. Similar for blush, glosses & lipsticks.

I don't know how long this offer is for so I suggest you make a run for it.

Btw, other than their great eyeliners (Rs. 165/-), Jordana blushes & lipsticks are quite good too.

UPDATE: 4th August '09: Offer has been closed ppl. I hope you managed to pick up some stuff.

Blackhead Removal

No matter how much care you take of your skin, if you have blackheads it will make your face look dull.

Blackheads are formed when hormones cause too much sebum (oil) to be produced, dead skin cells get in the way, the pore is impaired or misshapen, and the path for the oil to exit through the pore is blocked, creating a clog.

As this clog nears the surface of the skin, the mixture of oil and cellular debris oxidizes and turns black. Balckheads are not caused by dirt or bacteria (so repeatedly washing your face won't help)Image via Wikipedia

How to get rid of Blackheads (what works & what does not work):

1. Exfoliating Scrubs: There are lots of apricot and walnut and all such exotic fruit scrubs that claim to eliminate blackheads. Unfortunately the truth is that you cannot scrub away blackheads, at least not completely.

Using a topical scrub removes the top portion of the blackhead, but does nothing to address the underlying cause, so they're back again before too long.


How to use the right make-up for your undertone

Do you have bottles of lip color and eye make-up that looks fab in the container otherwise but horrible on you? It is because the colors don't match your undertone.

In cosmetics, undertone refers to cool or warm tones (colors found underneath the skin) of the skin. Your undertone is determined by the color of your eyes, your natural hair color, and which colors make you look pretty.

Using make-up that matches your tone will make it look more natural and pretty. When you use make-up that does not match your tone, it looks artificial.

You are a cool undertone (C) if:
Skin: Rosy, pink, biege in color. Burns easily when exposed to sun.Eyes: blue, voilet, greyVeins on wrist appear: BlueHair: blond, brunette, black, dark brownColors of clothes that look good: Pinks, BluesJewellery: Silver, Platinum, white metal look best.Make-up: you should choose your eye shadow, blush, and lip colors from the cool color family. The cool color family is your pinks and roses and also includes fuchsias, viol…

Choose the best colors for your eyes

If you have been shopping for eye make-up recently you would have noticed the explosion of jewel toned eyeliners & shadows.

Personally I think they are fabulous!! Some are black with pretty colored sparkles/glitter added to them or jewel-toned with self colored sparkles/glitter. In any case we have moved ahead a long way from the plain old boring black & brown eyeliners which don't suit everyone.

Especially if you have colored eyes (other than black/dark brown) then you should try some of these jewel toned liners that can really bring out the colors of your eye.

However choosing jewel-toned/colored liners is an art that is, fortunately, very easy to master.

You always choose colors that will make your eye color pop. By pop I mean, make your eyes look mesmerizing, captivating, mysterious, deep & lovely.

To master this art, take a look at the color wheel below:

Locate the color of your eyes. Let's say your eyes are brown.

Now we start on the exciting journey of decip…

Guide to Make-up Shopping

Image via Wikipedia Make-up, especially good make-up, can be expensive. It always hurts when you but something that looks good in the store, but horrible on your face at home as it represents a wasted opportunity. You could have bought something better, something more.

So here is a quick guide on how to correctly try make-up before buying

Rule no. 1: Always Try, then Buy
The problem in India is that a lot of stores that sell make-up have men behind the counters. These men do not keep testers for the make-up. That is because since they don't wear it themselves, they just don't understand how the colors & textures of make-up products tend to be different in tubes & different on the skin. The make-up may be cheaper or sold at discounted rates at these stores, but remember that buying such products is always a gamble. You may end up wasting money, & not saving it.

A tip is to visit bigger stores where there are plenty of trial samples. Try & select what you need and …

Lotus Herbals Jojobawash - Review

Image via Wikipedia
No mincing words now. Let me tell you straight up that this did not work for me at all.

The Lotus Herbals JojobaWash is marketed as a nourishing face wash for all skin types. It has some active millicapsules (some big blue and some tiny orange beads) suspended in the facewash that supposedly contain Jojoba, Avocado & Vitamin E extracts. They have been (*supposedly*)put inside the beads to that they can be delivered directly to your face.(I would really like to know how Lotus does all these high-tech things)
Pros: 1. The concept of putting active ingredients in beads for protection is nice. Most products become ineffective after a certain time as active ingredients get oxidized over time, due to exposure to light & air. 2. Packaging is good. A clear see through tube makes the stuff seem very powerful with all beads floating inside.
Cons: 1. It dried out my skin. Yea. A face wash that is sold as nourishing, did the exact opposite. 2. The beads just dissolve into …

Nivea Lip Balm in Star Fruit Cherry - a review

Image via Wikipedia The search for the tinted lip balmis over!!

Some of you who follow this blog regularly may be familiar with my Epic scale hunt for a tinted lip balm that actually would be tinted on the lips and not just in the tin. You will find that international markets retail lip balms in a wide variety of tints (red, pinks, browns et al). Major brands include Bobby brown, Neutrogena

Most colored lip balms in available in India do not transfer any color to the lip including the very inviting looking and so on.VOV lip balms in pots. They appear colorless when applied despite being red colored in the packaging. & I hate colorless lip balms. They look waxy, heavy, unglossy, inspiring and make your face look very dull. Lips loose their sheen and that is not a very good look on pigmented lips that we Indians have.

I heard about this lip balm from my friend who was raving about the beautiful color it gave to her lips. I resisted initially, I thought another one of those fake tinted b…

Homemade Bleaches

Image via WikipediaI severely dislike using bleaches for facial skin.

The chemicals used in these bleaches when mixed results in formation of Hydrogen Peroxide (h2o2) which is unstable and breaks down rapidly into water (h20) and a free oxygen radical. This free oxygen radical is like wild animal that has been let loose and will rush about taking electrons from skin cells to stabilize. This causes damage to collagen and elastin, acclerating aging.

Regular monthly exposure to radical generating chemicals can be harmful in the wrong run.

A better alternative is using homemade bleaches to exfoliate dead skin as well as to lighten sun tans.

Some important points to keep in mind before making your own homemade skin bleach: Always clean your face skin thoroughly before bleaching and wait for 20 minutes before bleaching.
Avoid applying skin bleach to your eye area or eye lids; If you are bleaching your face skin, you should also bleach your neck.
If this is your very first time using a hom…

The History of Lipstick - Use in Ancient and Victorian Times

Image by mnadi via FlickrLipstick’s colorful history began with Queen Schub-ad of ancient Ur.1 Circa 3,500 B.C., who used lip color made with white lead and crushed red rocks. The Sumerian people adopted the practice with gusto.

Lipstick usage then reached the Egyptian empire, where it primarily denoted social status rather than gender. Egyptian men and women boldly applied makeup as part of their daily routine. Eyes had the most cultural importance, and so garnered the most attention, but lips too received color from red ochre, either applied alone or mixed with resin or gum for more lasting finish. Other popular color choices included orange, magenta, and blue-black.

Early in the Greek empire, most women eschewed all facial makeup. Lip paint became largely the domain of prostitutes, and under Greek law, prostitutes who appeared in public without their designated lip paint were punished for improperly posing as ladies.

At some point between 700 and 300 B.C., lip color seeped into Cla…