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Wella Kolestint Bloggers Meet

I have been wanting to share this with you all week - I finally got the time. 
Last Saturday, I was a part of Wella Kolestint's blogger meet at Bungalow 9 (Bandra) where I had the opportunity to meet & interact with Natasha Nageamwala - The Hair Expert
The meet was for Wella Kolestint’s upcoming campaign named ‘Get Noticed Now’ which talks about how women love attention & how they can easily get noticed with Wella Kolestint hair colours (Link to the FB group: )
The meet started with the P&G beauty video (btw, did you know that Covergirl is a P&G brand? I wonder when they will launch this drugstore beauty in India!!)
This was followed by all the bloggers introducing themselves. & guess who I met there?? Speaking Chic!! I love reading her short, pithy, and very creative posts, she is a girl with an opinion & not afraid to voice it. Do check out her blog. 
I also met some new fashion bloggers, but there wer…

You know you are addicted to Makeup when...

Image via Wikipedia Well, the blog's called Addicted to Blush, so I figured I'd share some tips with you so that you can also find out that you are addicted to makeup when......

#10: Every time you go to the mall, you stop by the skincare / makeup counters

#9: The staff at these counters knows you by name. 

#8: For your B'day, anniversaries & festivals, you accept only gifts of makeup / skincare; you have even researched non-traditional holidays & are known to invent occasions to weasel gifts from loved ones. 

#7. You start to exhibit crack head like behaviors when purchasing new products.
First you ask the girl in the counter "You got that new.... Then you proceed to clasp the product with both hands before swatching. You quickly put the money on the counter and run out of the store without a bag or the receipt.

#6. You are now to the point where you have to hide your purchases because at first everyone thought you were doing good things to yourself, but now everyo…

Lakme Botanica Eye Color Quartet - Review, Swatches

What it claims: A heavenly quartet of radiant powders explode to color, shape and highlight your eyes. Inspired by the mysteries of the forest, these botanical shades usher in a rush of fresh color! Brighten your eyes with dewy green, petal pink and gold pastels.
Price: Rs. 425 /-
Part of Lakme Fantasy Collection 2011
Shades: Upperright: a creamy, pink champaign colored shimmery pastel. Perfect for highlighting or even using as a base underneath other eyeshadows.Upper left: Dark brown with a hint of greyBottom left: aubergine purple with an undertone of burgundy. Bottom right: a yellowish – green shade.
What I liked: The quality of this quad is really nice; the eyeshadows are a little sticky in texture & adhere well. As a result they are pretty long lasting.The highlighter given in the quad works beautifully as a white base also - applied all over the lid & then topped with your eyeshadows – it makes them pop beautifully with a hint of shimmerThe other 3 shades – purple, brown &am…

Milia, anyone?

Image via Wikipedia Late night post, but a slight emergency one.

Some of you may know how have been complaining of acne since a few months. Well, some of that "acne" has been on my face for close to 2 months now. I got those pretty soon after using some organic, virgin coconut oil that I guess was too heavy. Most of my actual acne since then has cleared up, except for these tiny, white bumps all over my chin.

Turns out I've had milia all along! I went to the GP today, & he says I have milia & need to go visit a derm for a peel to get them removed. He has recommended a pretty famous derm to me, but I am a little freaked at the thought that she might need to use needles to extract these (*Ouch!!*).

Yea, you see that image, I have the exact same tiny bumps all over my chin, some over my left eyelid, & some on my right cheek, though they are quite lesser compared to that pic :)

I have been doing a bit of research since then & have figured what caused my milia …

Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream #2 Steel - Review

What it Claims: The Aqua Cream is an ultra-pigmented, long-lasting waterproof cream. Highly concentrated in mother-of-pearlpigments, it provides immediate color intensity with a luminous finish.
Its long-lasting formula will not crease or smudge under the most extreme conditions. Volatil oil     Filmogen polymerSynthetic EsterHigh concentration of mother-of-pearls and pigmentsKaolin mineral powderParaben freeDermatologist and ophtalmologist tested
How to: Apply the Aqua Cream using the fingertips or any type of brush. (I use the mineral eyeshadow brush from The Body Shop)
To increase the quality of your eye make up and prevent the color from drying out, apply the Aqua Cream on one eyelid at a time.
Price: Rs. 1250/- for a 6 gm tub
I have the shade #2 – Steel (the same one Britney Spears uses in her new video – Hold it  against me – though I got this very long ago. When the store had just opened. Btw, it is just me or do you also feel she looks very lost in the video??)
What I liked:
I have t…

Packing Issues, anyone??

As some of you might know, my job invloves a lot of travel - pretty much every week. This means I am constantly packing. I personally find packing very stressful. I am one of those over-packers. So last week while the rest of my colleagues had managed to pack their clothes into a laptop backpack along with the laptop (we just needed clothes for the night & the next day) - I was lugging around a suitcase with enough clothes to last me a week & all kinds of occasions (dinner, campfire, DJ party, serious meeting, top to wear on flight back - ok you get the drift, right?), plus I also tend to dress according to my moods - so I need to carry clothes for all moods you know.

I thought I was the only one, untill.....

I was reading the book - Shopaholic Takes Manhatten (Shopaholic Abroad) by Sophie Kinsella (I love the series, I absol adore Becky - but I hated the movie. The movie just didn't do justice to Beaky - they made her seem mad & so flaky) - when I suddenly realised t…

My hair is now relaxed..

Ok, that is a bad pun. The point is I got my hair relaxed, aka chemically straightened. My cousin had the procedure done last September, & I loved the results. Her hair was so smooth, soft, shiny. I finally took the plunge this Monday. The procedure goes something like this: 1.Show up with freshly washed hair. Ensure that you have not applied any product post shampoo. 2.The technician will section the hair & apply a relaxing chemical (I used a Wella product). It stays for 20 – 30 minutes. 3.Wash off the relaxant with lukewarm water. Rinse thoroughly. 4.Straighten hair using a iron 5.Apply a neutralizer (this again was a Wella product) for 20-30 minutes. This stops the relaxing process. 6.Wash off using warm water. 7.Deep condition the hair. 8.Blow dry. The entire process takes upto 3 hours (I have shoulder length hair) & it cost me 6000/-.   Precautions: 1.For the first 3 (72 hours) days – one needs to ensure that the hair don’t get wet at all. Even sweating is not good. It make…

Max Factor Xperience Volumising Mascara - Review

What it claims: For up to 3 x* the volume and a lightweight feel try Xperience Volumising Mascara and let your lashes flutter. This advanced mousse effect mascara lifts lashes giving them a light but gorgeous hit of drama. Your lashes look fuller, thicker and more lifted* without the heavy or stiff feel some traditional mascaras can often leave behind. *v/s bare lashes
Price: Rs. 460/-
Shades available: Black, Brown – Black & Dark Blue. I’m reviewing Brown – Black.
What I like:       1.The color – a deep shade of brown – it is dark enough to define, without looking over dramatic. I have been looking for nice brown mascara since some time & this fits the bill.       2.It does provide some volumising & lengthening, not too much though, but good enough for office
      3.The formula itself is very creamy & dries quickly. It doesn’t flake at all, once dry.       4.Multiple coats without clumping (but only if you apply them while the earlier coat is still wet)
      5.The brush h…

Lakme Fantasy Gold Dust Shimmer Bronzer - Review

What it Claims: Be born again as an enchantress. This pure-pressed bronzing powder kissed with a golden shimmer blends beautifully to flatter any skin tone. Sweep it once all over your face or body and enjoy a glamorous glow that’s straight out of a fairytale. Available as 3 shades in 1
MRP: Rs. 450/-
What I liked:      1.This is a wonderful shade of bronzer. I am generally not able to wear bronzers as they either look too muddy or orange on me, but this is a really pretty shade of bronzer – it is a really nice shimmery light brown that will look good on most people      2.It has a undertone of shimmer to it – which prevents it from falling flat, most matt bronzers tend to look flat & muddy.

     3.It has 3 shades, but I feel it looks best when all 3 are used together.

What I didn’t like

     1.The big chunks of shimmer on top of the bronzer – they have been added apparently as garnish on top & a light sweep with a fluffy brush dusts them off – but also spoils the design on top.

Summer Makeup Routine

Image by Ahmed Zahid via Flickr Here comes the Summer's Sun 
He burns my skin....
- Summer Son by Texas (yea, I changed the lyrics to go with the post)

Summer has arrived a little early here in Mumbai, by 15th of March it was swelter season on full blast. The humidity doesn't help either.

Necessaries a change in makeup routine, right?

My day time makeup routine has simplified into:

1. I wash my face with Lush Fresh Farmacy, & then slap on some sunscreen
2. Apply a bright lipstick, but as a tint - which means either dab on with fingers or apply and blot using tissue
3. Apply brown waterproof mascara

I'm done. If I'm in the mood - I'll dab on some Lakme Kiss of a Rose Cheek Artist & & some eyeliner.

I find it too hot to be bothered with eyeshadows, foundation & loose powder during the day. During the night I just replace the blush with Colorbar blush in Cinnabar - which makes a very nice bronzer for me.

I'm gonna stick with bright lipsticks to tide me…


Congrats! To all Indians :)

This is the first time I'm gonna see the Indian Cricket Team lift the World Cup, (well, I was an infant of 3-4 months when we last won it) may there be many more!