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I hope....

*Not Beauty Related*

Gangraped UP girl raped by SHO again: 15 year old girl from a poor family gets abducted by two youth. They repeatedly abuse her for hours. Upon escape, she & her father go to the police to complain. The very policeman who is supposed to protect her, sends her father away on a pretext & abuses the girl. The girl & her father then file a complaint in another police station against the policeman. The day she was supposed to testify in court, she goes "missing" from the police station itself. 

Four 12 year old boys gang-rape 8-year-old in Punjab village

Security guard rapes 8-year-old , arrested

These have been the headlines in TOI over the last few weeks. 

Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss - Review

It Claims: Lips that shine with killer color. This weightless gloss makes lips pop with 5X more shine than patent leather

A pop of weightless color with vivid, mirror-like shine. Outshines everything but you!
•Micro-crystal formula for 5X the shine of patent leather
•Plush applicator shaped to curves of your lips for smooth, even application of color
•Revlon ColorBurst’s Elasticolor™ technology for rich color with a weightless feel
•Moisturizers and anti-oxidants such as sweet almond oil and vitamin E conditions and improves lip texture
•Available in 15 vibrant, on-trend shades

Lush Brazened Honey Face Mask - Review & Dupe

It Claims: It’s hard to stick to all the rules. Eight hours sleep a night, two liters of water a day, plenty of exercise, five fruit and so on. This mask is for when you have overdone things and let the rules slide. A detox to get tired and dull skin back to being radiant and glowing.

Helen researched ayurvedic detoxing ingredients and has combined them here with some of our other favorite ingredients, because she wanted a mask that was stimulating, but balanced by calming kind ingredients.
Sage, Juniper and rosemary infusions, ground cardamon and clove bud oil for their antiseptic qualities.Eggs, honey and almond oil to sooth, soften and moisturize the skin.Fresh Fennel, fresh ginger root, fresh parsley and fresh coriander to detox, and stimulate - and their enzymes will help break down dead skin cells.Fresh lime juice cleans and degreases.  Ground almond shells act as a stimulating scrub to lift away dead grey skin.  Finally kaolin and talc absorb grease and give a lovely texture to …

L'Oreal BaseMagique Primer - Review

IndianMakeupWays is where I first read about this, I have never used a face primer before. It was intriguing. I wanted to know more about the primer that was garnering such rave reviews across the net. So I did what comes naturally to me, I went & bought it.

Buyer's Remorse? You are knocking up the wrong alley, baby. This is a wonder product.

It claims: Transform your bare skin texture:  The 1st smoothing primer that makes your lines and pores invisible for a visible and touchable smoothness.

Kareena Kapoor in Body Guard

Admitedly I saw this movie last Saturday. This post comes a little late because soon after I saw the movie I wanted to forget that I had seen such a movie. Suffice to say I didn't like it a lot.

But there were some things I liked about the movie. Her clothes for one. I liked her kurtas a lot and even had "I have this too" moment during the final fight sequence. She wears a military style fitted navy blue kurti with self color embroidery with a patiyala salwar in red with a golden paisley motif. I have the a very similar  kurta with red patiyala salwar - only the white polka dots are missing.

She is also wearing some very nice net sarees in the "Teri Meri" song with some bustier blouses. I have no idea how the sarees were pinned up around her shoulders seeing that there is hardly any blouse.

Her makeup for most of the movie is very simple.

ATB Beauty Notes: Nail Care

There are two versions of this post. First the short one for the lazy people:

Three main takeaways from this post: a.If you wear artificial nails – take them off very, very carefully.
b.Infections of the nail are a b*tch to treat, so
c.Let the cuticle be. Don’t push it, cut it, and dissolve it. It may not look pretty in your NOTDs / nail art – but it is there for a reason.
Now if you want to know why I say those things above, read on…

ATB Beauty Notes: Cleaning the Eyelids

I'm currently reading a book on Cosmetology. While it is not as interesting as a novel, I am still enjoying reading it as it explains in very simple language the chemistry behind skin care products. Every product - Toner, Face wash etc has a separate chapter to explain the need, ingredients used & why, and a whole lot of tips on how to use them. It also has separate chapters on different skin care areas like eyes, lips, elbows etc. I'll keep posting small tid-bits from it from time to time.

The eyelid skin is the most common body site afflicted with allergic reactions either due to makeup or skincare used. Some of this predisposition is due to the thinness of the eyelid skin. Tears wet the eyelid skin and enhance irritant and allergen penetration.

No Makeup Places?

What's common between a Gym, Beach, Doctor's Clinic & Temples?
They're all the kind of places one generally does not wear makeup, either out of comfort or because it just seems out of place.

Now that the rains will soon be getting over, I have begun my evening walk routine again. Generally I go with a bare face. Back from office, I wash my face, apply a moisturiser & set out. Hair in a pony. No need for sunscreen, as there is very little sunlight at that time.

Yesterday I was feeling a little adventurous and also applied a bit of lipstick. Lakme Enrich 353 Strawberry Splash to be precise. It is a red shade. I tend to wear this to office as a tint sometimes on a Friday.

And I went for my walk.

Himalaya Protein Hair Cream - Review

It Claims:Nourishes your hair with Natural Proteins derived from ingredients like Wheatgerm and Chickpea. 
Indian Gooseberry and Thistles promote hair growth. 
Use regularly before and after shampooing for well nourished, soft and shiny hair. 
It contains Chanaka (Chickpea), which is a rich and natural source of protein that helps in hair growth along with Godhuma (Wheatgerm) which is also a good source of protein and vitamin E. 
Amalaki (Indian Gooseberry), acts as an anti-oxidant and hair growth promoter while Bhringaraja (Thistles) strengthens hair root and prevents hair fall. Protein hair cream nourishes hair root and shaft.

Indications:Dry and lifeless hair and hair fall.