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Christmas Skin

Winter has begun to sweep chilly winds across Mumbai. Am sniffling myself while writing this.
It is a lovely, romantic weather. Mornings and Evenings are a delight. However skin gets more demanding during this time of the year. So here is a low-down on what I am finding useful this winter.

1. Biotique Wheatgerm Cream: A rich cream that contains naturally occurring Vitamin B and E along with A and D. It contains extracts of Carrot., Galangal, and Oils of Sunflower and Almond along with essential minerals. This is a very soothing cream and forms a good protective layer on skin without causing pimples. Costs 180 Rs. for 55 gms. As usual Khar Beauty Centre gives 15% discount

2. Lip Balm: Am still stuck with that Lotus Vanilla Lip Balm that I cribbed about last. Cannot seem to find anything else. The chocolate one I find that i cannot stand it's aroma. It is just too, well, sickly chocolate sweet. This one costs close to 90 Rs for a tube. Discount at KBC

Lil Miss Muffet, applied her curds and whey..

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Here's a cheap home made face pack: Go to fridge, get spoonful of plain curd, apply all over face and neck, rub gently, let it dry, wash off with warm water, show off pretty skin in 15 minutes to the world and it's cousin.
This is a great emergency face pack for those sudden dates, rushed parties and get-to-gethers arranged with old bitchy classmates/genuine friends as the case maybe.
The lactic acid in the yogurt exfoliates gently, removing dull skin and lightly bleaches the skin. The fat and protein plump it up to smoothen out rough edges. The vitamin B is an excellent skin softener as well.

Biotique Coconut Milk Cream Review

The fight against pimples and acne continues. Those who die fighting valiantly leave behind scar on face as memory. Which I could do without.

Am very skeptical of all fairness creams on market as once saw documentary on Discovery Channel on fairness lotions that caused cancer and all such gory stuff. Supposedly these creams contain mercury based products that are not good. that left women scarred and with black patches on their faces.
Two years ago I had tried Garnier Light Cream for my acne marks. It was very effective and most of my acne marks were lightened considerably, some even disappeared. After which I stopped using it, as mission was accomplished.
Two years hence, after an MBA, involving crazy schedules and even crazier diet I am back on square one with new casualties of the acne war. I went back to trusty Garnier. 

Elle 18 Liquid Eyeliner

Ladies, I am in an very uninspired mood today, hence forgive the un-inspiring title. But I have another winner product for you.

It's the Elle 18 Liquid eyeliner. I tried a lot to find a picture of it on the net, but the company seems to be aiming for anonymity. All I could find is a picture of their nail paint bottles and I have pasted the same, coz the eyeliner comes in a very very similar bottle. Don't worry about the two sinister looking curtains, they are there for a reason explained below.
The eyeliner is available in very cool shades of bronze, a cool sparkly aqua green (looks lovely at night - look at the cloth above to give you an idea of the shade), charcoal grey (black, but not intense black, goes well with my light eyes) and sparkly magenta (which I have to admit I am a little afraid to try - again look at sample cloth). But the other three I guarantee you are winners. Bronze is a shade I particularly love because it makes eyes of any color (other than black) look gr…

A Lippy Bargain

Ok, I know, my last three posts have all been cribby. I have cribbed about prices and I have cribbed about "bang for my buck" so to say. Might have made you think that nothing ever pleases me.

Not true missies, I am proud to announce that i have finally found a lipstick that is of a good brand, well ok, an ok-ish brand, is dirt cheap and is very very good VFM.. and the winner is none other than lipsticks by Personi (U.S.A). You may not have heard of the brand, so here is the dirt on it from their website:
Since 1987, PERSONI-USA Cosmetics has been one of the premier export colorcosmetics brands from the U.S. PERSONI-USA has been the fashion leader in color cosmetics from its matte lipsticks to the current Shiny gloss. Made under strict quality control and from our custom formulation, PERSONI Cosmetics deliver outstanding quality and value.

This brand to my knowledge is not available everywhere, till date I have just seen it at New Beauty Centre at Khar. These lipsticks ar…