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Vidya Balan in Kahaani

Most of you must have seen Kahaani by now. I’ve seen it twice already. The first time I saw it with friends and honestly didn’t expect it to be so good. (I kept cribbing, "What if she doesn't find her husband? That'll be such a sad ending!!") The second time I went with my family. Tbh, the movie is so good that I didn’t even notice Vidya’s makeup the first time. It was only the second time that I noticed what “Vidya Bagchi” was wearing.
Her styling in this movie, while consistent with her character is also one of her best ever. She looks really good in this movie throughtout. Be it in her Gap Maxi’s paired with inner lacy tee-shirts, or when she wears a sari in the end. I was quite surprised to see a leading movie heroine sport a collared tee-shirt (the exclusive domain of the IT geeks – it is very popular with engineers. I don’t know why) in one of the scenes. She looked so normal, just like any other young woman, chilling before getting ready for the day ahead. I…

My summer skin care & office makeup routine

Hello Everyone!

Summer's here in full force (It is 39 C in Mumbai!), it is sweltering hot and humid. Not a good time for us beauty enthusiasts. Makeup is melting while we try our best to avoid sun damage.

I thought I would share my current routine here.


1. Cleanse face with The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser. I like using a cream cleanser as first of all I don't think my face accumulates too much dirt during the night, so I don't see the point of using a foaming cleanser; secondly since this is quite hydrating, it means that I can very easily skip using a moisturizer. During summers, a layer less on the face can make a lot of difference.

Beauty Blogger & her Budget

A beauty blogger / enthusiast & her money are soon parted.....

Generally by the 20th of every month.

It is one of those drawbacks of makeup being a hobby, whether you beauty blog or not. It is not a economical hobby, like let's say writing or cleaning or observing nature or walking et al.

You need makeup in beyond basic shades like black, you need the professional tools like brushes. Plus there is a quite a learning curve associated with the art. It is only with trial and error that you learn about your skin undertones, your eye shape, colors that look good on you. What you can carry, and what you can't. Not to mention the number of trials it takes to get your foundation & concealer right.

While your chances of buying dud products is quite less with reviews these days, they also serve as the devil's apple, tempting you.

I'm not going to sit in censure here and condemn those who buy a lot of makeup every month - be it high end or drugstore. It is really your ha…

Maybelline Swirl Gel Liner - New Launch!!

You remember when Maybelline launched its black gel liner in black? We all collectively swooned over it. The deep, intense color, the fabulous price (compared to MAC), the wonderful brush with it.

And them some of us adventurous makeup girls had a slight frown on our face. Maybelline had not launched their gel liner in brown, grey & aubergine. They were selling it abroad - so why leave us out of the fun?

Well, you better sit down girls, because Maybelline has launched the prettiest gel liners I have ever seen!

I present to you Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Swirl Gel Liner......

Inglot Freedom Lipstick in #01 - Review

You can read my detailed review of Inglot Freedom Lipsticks in general here.

This is the color #01 from their range:

About Quality & Pigmentation: This is just as pigmented and moisturising as the #03 one, although it is slightly less creamy in its finish. Since this a more intense shade, it lasts a bit longer than 03. You can expect 5-6 hour wear from this, of course, depending on what you eat and if you tend to lick your lips a lot - you might get slightly less wear. But the quality is awesome!

In terms of pigmentation, my lips are a naturally pigmented with my upper lip being darker than the lower one. But this covered the pigmentation quite well.

ATB Beauty Reads: Oxygen for the Skin

I've been reading "The Original Beauty Bible" by Paula Begoun these days. By the time I finish one chapter, it has shattered some 3 beauty myths I had.

In today's Beauty Reads, I thought I'd share with you what Paula has to say about Oxygen treatments for the skin. I know that a lot of products in India, esp bleaches, actually tout this as their USP. But is it really as good as it claims?

The cosmetics industry is overflowing with people who have no clue what they are doing, and the issue of oxygen in skin-care products demonstrates that perfectly. After selling us products to ward off oxygen’s effects on the skin (the word antioxidant means anti-oxygen), the beauty industry then turns around and sells us products that claim to provide oxygen to the skin. Doesn't the beauty industry have anything better to do? (No, it doesn't, especially if there is an interested consumer willing to make a purchase.)

OMG!! I'm featured in Cosmo! They say ATB is an Internet Beauty Specialist :)

I'm yet to lay my hands on the magazine. I found out late last night and had to get to office today. But my friend Shruti was nice enough to take a pic and send it to me. So I finally have proof that I am featured in the magazine.

Thanks Shruti for helping me out during the day! I was feeling so lost & found it difficult to believe that I had *indeed* been featured, were it not for her pic!

I will be getting a copy today evening and I will post some more images of the interview here.

I just picked up the magazine on my way back from work and here are some pictures of the article! I can't stop beaming!! :-)

Congratulations to all the other bloggers featured. I know that Rashmi & Cynthia are.

Inglot Freedom System Lipstick 03 - Review

It claims: Nothing. This lipstick is a part of the freedom system of Inglot where you can pick and create your own pallete of lipstick, eyeshadows & blushes in colors of your choice.

Price: Rs. 250 for 1.2 gm pan (the palletes cost extra though, depending on the size)

The product life is 2 years from date of manufacture

Availability: There is an Inglot store at Infinity - II (Malad). I was at G7 mall yesterday evening at 6 pm and the Inglot store there was closed. It may be shutting down, not sure.

Or else you can buy it online on They run discounts from time to time, so keep an eye out for those.

ATB Beauty Reads: Old is Gold?

I have encountered this myth a number of times. From my husband's colleagues who sought me out for advice right before their wedding (that one is an interesting story, I'll narrate it at the end of this post) to queries that I get from readers. It seems to be highly prevalent in India, moreso because we look at our past  with rose tinted glasses.

This is an excerpt from the Book "The Original Beauty Bible" By Paula Begoun.

Myth: My grandmother or mother had (has) beautiful skin so I just use what they've always used.

ATB Beauty Notes: Choosing your Mascara

You know how we go shopping for mascara right?

We pick up the tube, turn it around to read the fine print, while the SA extols its virtues. And then we open, stare at the brush, twirl it around, put it back & purchase it.

Mascara is the only makeup product that we buy on absolute impulse, we don't swatch it, & I hope to God that you aren't trying a sample tester on your eyes!

You know certain mascaras are meant to lengthen your lashes & some give you volume. But what does that mean for your lashes.

The answer lies in the brush. Take a close look at it. You see how the bristles are, well, that's how your lashes are going to look like once you apply the mascara.

Meet The Bloggers: Read my Interview! :)

You all know Samyukta right, who simply loves makeup?

Well, she has this cute feature called "Meet The Bloggers" where she has a tete a tete with fellow beauty bloggers across the globe. And this week she has featured me!! :-)

If you are interested in reading the same, please head here:

Thanks for the honor Sam! I appreciate it :-)

I hope you gals have fun reading it.

Maybelline BB Cream - Review & Comparison with Ponds TM

Some of you may remember my sister Simran contributing reviews around two years ago. Well then she got busy with studies. After a long time, she has sent in a review. :-)

It claims:            PROVIDES 8 BENEFITS IN 1 STEP! ·Instantly brightens : Brightens skin to one tone lighter. ·Protects with SPF 21/ PA+++ : Has a smooth, light & non-greasy texture. ·Evens tone : Hides imperfections & corrects uneven skin tone. ·Hydrates : Moisturises all day(8 hours). ·Conceals : Perfectly conceals flaws, blemishes & redness. ·Smoothes : Instantly makes skin softer & smoother. ·Mattifies : Controls shine all day. ·Freshens : Resists sweat & sebum for 5 hours. EASY TO USE DERMATOLOGIST TESTED WONT CLOG PORES SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES INCLUDING SENSITIVE SKIN Shades: Nude - 01RadianceNatural

Inglot Lip Defence Treatment 01 - Review

It claims: See image below. I am reviewing 01 - the aroma-less, transparent one

Price: Rs. ?? for 3.3 gms (This was sent by the PR without any outer cover. I have asked them for the price, will update once I get it - today being Holi, I guess they are all out playing with their makeup. No one is answering mails / tweets / calls. But I'm guessing this should be around Rs. 150 as it costs 9 PLN (Polish zlotycurrency as per a polish blog))

Ingredients: Not indicated. I only know it is paraben - free

Neutrogena Fine Fairness Toner - Review

What the Product Is:
• A whitening toner with an exclusive combination of   Vitamin C and Essential Soy™ that is clinically proven to improve overall skin fairness and translucence
What the Product Does: • Special liposome delivery system enhances effectiveness of whitening ingredient to lighten overall complexion • Vitamin C and Essential Soy™, an exclusive soybean extract, help reduce discoloration and promote even-toned skin. • Exclusive combination of natural extracts and skin conditioners replenish moisture • Leaves skin soft and smooth • Clinically proven to improve overall skin fairness and translucence • Alcohol-free, oil-free, non-comedogenic, allergy-tested
How and When To Use It: Shake well before use. Apply in the morning and at night after cleansing. Moisten cotton pad with toner and smooth over cleansed face and neck with gentle upward strokes. For all skin types

Ingredients: See image below
Price: Rs. 240 for 150 ml bottle

Chapped Lips? It could be a Vitamin Deficiency..

I have been suffering from chapped lips for the longest time. I remember suffering from chapped lips even when I was just 10 years old. At that age, I applied pure ghee or malai at night, but it rarely did much other than soften them temporarily.

Over the years I have tried tons of balms. Some have helped a bit more than others, but even if I stop using them for two days, I'm back to ground zero. I always find it hard to stick to a schedule at night, becoz I'm so sleepy, the lip balm invariably goes unused. Good Morning Chapped Lips!

About four weeks ago I began taking a multivitamin & multi mineral supplement daily. Not for my lips. Just generally.

Divo Bris Care - Review

Divo Bris Care is a Hair Brush Cleaner

It claims: See Image below

Price: Rs. 115 /-

Available: I know this is sold at New Beauty Center, for sure :-)

ATB Beauty Reads: Lead in Lipsticks?

I recently read this article in the Time Magazine (Feb 2012 Issue), where it said that the FDA found lead in about 400 of the leading lipsticks in the US Market. 

The brands indicted include Maybelline Colorsensational, Revlon, MAC, Estee Lauder, Clarins, Clinique, Avon, and so many more. The number one lipstick (with maximum lead content) was

1. Maybelline Colorsensational in Pink Petal

Revlon in Matt  Fabulous Fig was #12

You can see the entire list of the 400 lippies by rank here.