Who is Addicted to Blush?

This is me in Jan 2009! This is the most makeup I wore in my life!

I am Tanveer Parmar and I am the Beauty Writer & Editor for "Addicted to Blush" blog.

I posted my first article on this blog in October 2008. I was a newbie in the world of makeup then, and for the first time in my life "Google" wasn't able to help me!

When I googled for reviews of Indian Makeup and Skincare products I wasn't able to find any relevant content.

Most of search results were about products and brands not sold in India. I had my own share of hits and misses with makeup and skincare so I thought of sharing what I liked, and what I didn't like via this blog for other consumers like me. I'm proud to say that "Addicted To Blush" is the first Indian Beauty Blog online and still going strong.

I'm no expert in skincare or makeup. I don't have either a medical degree nor do I want to pose myself as any sort of Make-Up or Style Expert. I'm just a regular person like you, with a passion for beauty & wellness. I like sharing my experiences with products, and it is quite possible it may not match your experience. I am extremely fond of trying out new makeup trends and am always on the look-out for the perfect "nude lipstick" and "dark blue gel eyeliner"

In my day job, I work in the field of Organization Development (OD), Culture, Employee Engagement & Learning. I have a Masters in Microbiology from Mumbai University, and a MBA from NMIMS (Narsee Monjee) in HR & Marketing (Batch 2006 - 2008).

I hope you have a good time reading this blog.

A disclaimer:

I do not sell or represent any product or brand. 

I do not do paid reviews or feature paid or sponsored content on this blog. 

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Every single product reviewed on the blog has been bought by me with my hard earned money, unless otherwise explicitly stated at the bottom of the post.

For Brands & PR Agencies:

If you would like me to review any of your products / product line, please email me at tanveer.parmar@gmail.com

I have certain rules of engagement for products that you send for review. Please read these carefully before you send a product for review: 

1. I don't do paid reviews. Products that are sent for consideration have the same information listed clearly in big, bold letters below the post. I do not accept compensation for product reviews posts.

2. I take a minimum of 21 days to test the said product before writing a review. This shall not be expedited under any circumstances.

3. Products / Samples sent to me are for consideration only and will not be returned after use. I do not provide any guarantee of review, positive or negative.

4. The review will not be submitted to the company / PR for audit or for any kind of revision. I retain the final say on the review & its contents.

5. I do not review shopping websites.

I can be rather demanding from my products and opinionated (because it my skin we are talking here about) but you don't have to agree with everything I say, of course.

Do let me know if you have any specific queries or requests.

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  1. Hey :)

    I'm a bride to be (my wedding's in December) and I was SO glad to find this blog by accident because I'm sick of firang reviews of OTT expensive products!

    I have a query - I get lots of red bumps and ingrowns after I wax. Some have left scars as well but I REALLY can't afford to avoid waxing! Will biotique chlorophyll gel help?!

  2. @Ki: Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Glad you find the blog useful :)

    My very close friend has a similar problem like you of red bumps and all (I don't get these - so I'll you her remedy). She used to take this chlorophyll gel with her and massage it in immediately after the wax right at the parlor it self. Then she would come back home and apply a paste of sandalwood made in rose water. That helped reduce her red bumps quite a lot. I Think this might help you, in case it doesn't, I suggest you refer to a dermatologist for some medical advice or change your parlor - may be there are hygiene issues at that place and your skin might be sensitive :)

  3. Hey Tanveer! :) Thanks SO much for your quick reply. :)
    I'll definitely let you know how it goes!

    A post request - if you have time, could you do something on reading (and understanding) beauty product ingredients?

  4. @Ki: Most welcome :)... No issues, I do a post in the next week :)

  5. Hey Tanveer! How are you? I was just going through your blog and i must say it is very engaging for a reader. I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I'm Priyam from Windchimes Communications and I do online reputation management for Kaya Skin Clinic.

    Kaya Skin Clinic has launched a new makeup remover called ‘Hydra Cleanse make up remover’. It is a new type of makeup remover which cleanses and nourishes the face without the application of water. It is an ideal companion for a woman who is always ‘On-the-Go’.

    Will you be interested in trying out a free sample of the makeup remover and write about it in your blog?

    Looking forward to further association with you. Kindly respond at the earliest.

    Thanking you,
    Your's sincerely
    Priyam Duttroy
    Contact: priyam@windchimes.co.in,

  6. hey Tanveer...i love your blog!!..i was so thankfull to have found one by an indian cause its so rare!!!...i wanted to know if you'v ever thought of doing makeup tutorial videos??...but anyway..i still luuvv ur blog!!..im tryin to start one of my own actually!!... lookin forward to more posts from u!!..

  7. hey tanveer! :)
    LOVE your blog...very useful. the foreign review threads dont help much. i mean,hell,i haven't even HEARD the name of a few brands they mention. so its refreshing to see an indian review blog
    i need a little help. am sort of new to the whole make up thing. so could you please suggest the names of a few good blush on brands available in india? any help will be greatly appreciated :D

  8. @Minnie: Thanks :)

    @Liyir: Hey! Thks a lot! Your appreciation really means a lot :D

    Blushes, hmmm.. You could try Maybelline Mousee (if you have oily skin) or else colorbar and lakme have good blushes. I hope this helps :)

  9. hey tanveer..amazing blog...jus too good...n d products awesum...saves d pain of buying n tells wats gud n wats nt..ur reviews...
    can u tell me wat can 1 do for dark underarms..nt caused by shaving or hair removal cream...
    ppl say bleaching or using lemon helps..bt doesnt help much..

  10. Hi there,
    i was just browsing through the website for a review on bio mud pack, and trust me, i am addicted to the website, Fab effort:) i would appreciate, if you could take some time, in stating products right from facepack, moisturizer etc based on skin types, i have extremely oily skin, and to top it dry hair and dandruff, would be helpful if you create sections for different skin types, makes life easier;)

  11. Hey, a real good blog, a relief from the n number of blogs which review foreign, highly expensive products...Hats off to u, Tanveer!!Well, not seeing any VLCC products in ur list....am a recent fan of their products...Hoping to see you reveiw them soon....

  12. Tanveer,
    pls some tips for oily skin, m so looking forward for product recommnedations from you......m sick and tired of all annoying products which do no good to my oily skin, and add to the pimple woes....would love it if you could give me a complete list right from facewash to makeup tips....i know being too greedy, hehe, absolutely in love with ur blog, and ur pretty pic :)

  13. Hi Tanveer,

    You mentioned on the makeup and beauty blog that you have the lakme eye shadow quad in 'desert rose'. Do you think you can do a review on that? Coz I want pinky/bronzy colours and that seems to be the cheapest.

    Thanks a lot
    - Ame

  14. @Anupama: Thks :).. Frankly right now I don't have the time to do videos, but thks for the suggestion. I'll def check out yr blog & waiting to read your posts :)

  15. @Anon: I just did a post on dark underarms here: http://addictedtoblush.blogspot.com/2010/06/dark-underarms-causes-solutions.html

    Hope it helped :)

  16. @annie: I will def put up something for oily skin soon :)

    @Shine: Thks! I will def review some VLCC prdts in the future. As of now nothing from their line interests me much, but I'll be on the lookout :)

    @Ame: Yea, I have that quad. It's actually quite just okish.. but i'll review it :)

  17. Hi Tanveer di! I really need your advice

    Name: Munish Sharma
    Age: 19 years
    Skin: Combination (T-zone very oily but cheeks lack moisture). Pores on the cheeks

    I have used Biotique's Honey gel, Aroma Magic's Grape fruit facewash, Pears Facewash, Ponds Whitening etc etc but all they do the same thing.
    I feel stretched skin after cleansing my face with the above facewashes. My skin lost moisture and white flakes were visible. Itchiness was there due to dryness

    Kindly suggest me a good facewash. If i have to use a moisturizer than what is the need of buying a costly facewash??

  18. @Munish: Hi :D..

    Most of the facewashes you have mentioned like Biotique Honey Gel & Aromamagic Grapefruit have left my skin feeling a little bit dry too.

    From what you tell me, I think your face needs exfoliation. See flaking skin is bascially dead skin that is falling off in layers because it was not removed or shed properly.

    Since you seem to be on a budget - I would suggest try Himalaya Face washes - I have not experinced any dryiness with them, and they are quite economical.

    If you can, invest in a Body Shop Face Buffer to use when cleaning. It will help shed dead skin faster from your face and prevent flaking.

    Once this dead skin is removed, your skin will absorb any moisturisers & creams much better as well.

    I hope this helps :D

  19. himalaya neem face wash is very good...tho it says for oily skin..bt it is quite suitable for all...n doenst feel dry at all...

  20. Im a big fan of your blog and check it religiously for updates.
    I have been recently introduced to the world of blogging and Im trying to build something as inspiring and beautiful as you have.Any tips and advice let me know.

  21. Hi Tanveer,

    I recently started reading your blog and its pretty amazing. Your reviews are really helpful. I want to share with you another brand which I've started using recently. Its called holistic serums. Its hand made in US and sold by distributors in India. its 100% natural.They have serums for most of the skin and hair problems. I really found their products to be amazing even though it is expensive. A little bit goes a long way. I wish you could review their products which are available in sample size so othere's will be benifited too.
    For product details visit www.holisticserums.in
    For actual customer reviews and other natural remedies visit http://activenaturals.blogspot.com/

    Let me know if you are interested.
    Email: preets_pearls@yahoo.com

  22. Hi tanveer! i completely love your blog and am so glad that there is someone out there to review products available in our country! i have a major dilemma! I have always had really long nails so i prefer buying lip balms in stick form instead of pots. Another issue is that i'm a smoker so i steer clear of creamy or glossy products! Am using nivea fruity shine at present and want to try a nice lip balm with a tint similar to this one! sadly, my lips have become dark thanks to my smoking habit! any recommendations???

  23. Hey Tanveer,

    I am new to your blog (actually a week old :)..)...Just wanted to say that you are doing a great job with it...

    You have an amazing blog with some awesome reviews for Indian products...I already have a list going with what I need to buy from Khar Beauty Center next time :)....

    Thank you!

  24. Hi Tanveer,
    i accidently came across you website, its amazing and very helpful to get reviews from actual consumer of the products. will stick onto your site now for some more helpful tips and reviews.
    actually i have dusky skin (draker side) and i really couldnt firgure out yet as to what color i should use on lips and eyes. i just use same old 2-3 shades to avoid messing up and waste money on unsuccessful experiments.
    i really hope you could help me with some useful advice.
    doing great job.

  25. @Sonia: You have a gr8 blog yourself! Thks for following my blog, and I am glad u find it useful

    @Preets: Thks for the info. I will look into this line :)

    @June: Thks a lot for your appreciation! You haven’t mentioned which flavor of lipbalm from Nivea you want a similar tint in, (cherry, strawberry or grapefruit), so I can’t give you exact matches, but you could try Revlon, Streetwear, Vov for lip tints or Bourjois for lip stains. For dark lips, you could apply a mixture of equal amounts of glycerine & fresh lemon juice everynight. It takes a while, but it might help

    @ST: Thks a lot! I am glad the blog helped you out :)

    @Meenu: Thks :) I’ll deal with your question shortly :)

  26. hey tanveer just came across ur blog 2day n i must say m enlightened hehe....a big thank u 4 sharin g so much knowledge wd us .....now i ll always check out ur blog before splurgin my hard earned money tk cre ...preeti:)

  27. Hey :)

    I'm a bride to be (my wedding's in November) and I was SO glad to find this blog by accident. i actually wanted to ask you for some tips for natural skin glow and any suggestion u can give for pre-bridal. will b looking forward of your reply

  28. It;s such a coincidence!! I was just telling my colleagues that we should start a fashion blog for Indian women. I mean every review or tutorial i;ve seen is not by us. so in fact, I just started writing in one 2 days ago and I was looking for a review on tinted moisturisers when I ran into your blog and it;s what I was looking for.
    thanks a ton,
    miss kays

  29. Hey Tanveer .. I am just getting engaged and married soon and your site is a godsend to me. Thanks so much for all the reviews and tips.. ur the best!

  30. Hi Tanveer, I have a query..

    Why it is always necessary to remove Eye make up i.e eyeliner separately using a makeup remover. In my point of view, A face wash is much more enough & any how we are going to splash water and going to remove the Liner. Y a separate care is needed.. I want to know whether by using face wash will the liner leave our under eye area dark. ??

  31. hey tanveer, yr blog is realy gud. it helps me a lot. thanks.

  32. hi tanveer ,

    your like so cool and cute i

  33. Hi Tanveer
    I was just surfing up for Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate creams & got one in Indian market named Opexa gel (Ajanta Pharma). It also contains dimethicone & silicone and costs around Rs. 900/- (Only...!!!!).
    But suddenly I saw that you've given DIY of vit C in rosewater which is marvelous.
    I like your blog. Kindly keep such things up for people of India.

  34. Hi Tanveer
    I was looking for a vit C cream/serum for topical use and found an Indian brand called "Opexa gel" of Ajanta pharma. But it costs around Rs. 900/- (Only....!).
    The suddenly I found your blog with information about DIY Vit C serum (in rosewater).
    Its Marvelous.
    Just keep your blog updated with new, innovative and creative ideas for the Indian people to benefit.

  35. I read your blog and I noticed some useful tips from this post.Thanks for sharing for cosmetics accessories etc.

    blush makeup & nail polish online

  36. Hi there ,
    I have shifted to Mumbai a few months back . I have dry skin and used the body shop vitamin e day cream as in regular. But because of humidity in Mumbai I'm not able to put any cream on face which in turn makes it dull...please help and suggest good day cream that I can wear.
    Reply at nikitansancheti @ gmail.com

  37. Hi there
    I have shifted to Mumbai a few months back ,I have dry skin and I used the body shop vitamin e day cream .but now after coming here anything I put on my face it eventually turns out to sweat so I stopped using moisturizers but now as a consequence it has made my skin dull. Please suggest what should I use..

  38. Just come across your blog - it was great to identify with ur views of products and I love reading your critiques of Bollywood stars make up - and Game of Thrones thrown in for good measure. Lots of love from me in the UK


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