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Our Studies Show...

Ever read this on a product:

Daily use of our lotion provides an 82% increase in moisturization or a 90% increase in the skin’s water content.

Apparently there are companies abroad that specialize in *creating* such studies - they are known as claim substantiation / generation companies.

They tend to doctor & create experiments in such a way, so that the product seems like a miracle product & substantiate all it's claims.

Nail Polish Trends for 2012

I know it is late in the night, but I have to share this story with you. I was all set to leave for Goa today for a short vacation, but my train tickets didn't get confirmed despite me booking 3 months in advance. They were stuck on WL 8 & 9 since I booked. My return tickets were confirmed, but since my to tickets were not, I had quite an eventful evening. I came back early from office, packed & was about to leave for VT hopeful that by the time the chart would be prepared, my tickets would be through. But no such luck.

So as I sit wondering over the ways of the universe (why me? I think all of Mumbai is in Goa except me), I decided to divert my mind with some beauty reads.

One of the things I read were some predictions about nail colors that would be trending in 2012:

Blisscovered - My experience

Ok Girls, you know that it was raining Blisscovered Boxes this week. Just one box is too less to pass a judgement on these guys, so I'm not going to "review" review them. I'll just share my feelings about the first box and it's contents.

Ok, so in case the pictures in the earlier post were not clear, my box contained the following (I have added the approx prices for the samples in brackets. These prices were calculated using the full size retail prices of these products)

1. Lancome Genefique Youth Activating Concentrate - 5 ml (This is of Rs. 541 in value). The 60 ml bottle of this costs Rs, 6500

January Blisscovered Box is here!


My Blisscovered Box finally arrived today afternoon!! I was so excited. I reached home ten minutes ago & I have already ripped it open & am posting about it.

I want you to join me in the journey...

Shit Beauty Gurus Say...

Hi Guys! (ok, that's from the video).

If you a fellow beauty blogger & watch videos of Beauty Gurus on YT, the video below is totally gonna crack you up. I found the bit about "To enter my giveaway, all you gotta do is...." so hilarious :-)

Also that bit on "I am totally going for a natural look as you can see..." & "This is going to be a mini-haul, because I only got 30 things..."

Reader Query: This Just In & After an Hour look

Amrutha from Banglore had a query: 

As you had mentioned about the 'make-up' culture of your workplace, the place I work is just not into any kind of makeup, and sometimes I feel I am doing too much even though the max I do is: matte moisturizer followed with compact + light pink lipstick, a touch of blush and rarely a purple or blue eye pencil.

My problem is the immediate result as soon as i put on these products. I love it after an hour, but till then I feel it looks too prominent on my skin. 

The products I use are :

Blogger has Threaded Comments!!

Fellow "Blogger" bloggers would have noticed - blogger now has threaded comments!!

Which basically means replies are now made directly below the main comments.

I know I have been terribly lazy in replying to comments since a few months - primarily because of the sucky comment feature that blogger had.

But since I found out about this yesterday, I have been sitting and replying to all your comments. It'll take me a few days but I have decided to get this done first. I feel it is important. I'm starting with the most recent posts and then moving back.

I know that some of you may have even forgotten what you wrote on a particular post - and I understand if you wouldn't want to revisit it again. I'm cool. No issues, I took forever to reply, so I get it :)

I just wanted to let you know about it - that's all.

Thanks a lot for sticking around, reading & commenting on my posts - I really appreciate that you take out the time & make the effort to do so.


Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo - Review

It Claims:Hair often feels rough and dry after a hair wash, that's because ordinary* shampoos strip your hair of its natural oils. New Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo is enhanced with Vita-Oils that go deep inside the hair fiber and help lock in the nourishment of oil; making hair smooth, shiny and beautiful with every wash. 

Vita Oils Systems:

1. Revolutionary Non-greasy formula
2. Unique blend with natural coconut, almond and sunflower oils that are so fine they are rapidly absorbed to deeply nourish and replenish essential vitamins. 

Makeup @ Home?

No, I'm not talking about just wearing makeup and vegging in front of the TV.

I'm talking about when you have friends / relatives over. When it is a planned visit that you know about - you get out of your grey well worn slouchy track pants & get in to better looking clothes, maybe comb your hair as well into a neat pony.

But what do you do about makeup?

I know that most girls would go the whole hog when they have a prospective groom or the boyfriend's parents coming over.