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Iraya Fresh Face Masque Cocoa & Milk - Review

A Big Thanks to Indian Beauty Central for this. I first read about the brand on her blog & discovered that their flagship store (at G7 mall, versova - the same one which has Inglot) was 10 mins from my home. Her reviews enticed & convinced me to try these guys out.

The Fresh Face Masques are a part of the Iraya Fresh Line.

Iraya Fresh: A range of Face Masques and Body Scrubs made with only the finest ingredients. The freshest flowers. The freshest fruits. The freshest vegetables. The freshest herbs. All mixed with absorbent clays for deep cleansing, toning and to rejuvenate the skin.

They have 6 masques in total. There is a green neem one for acne, a yellow papaya one (this costs 120 for 50 gms), a cucumber one as well I think.

Afraid of a bright lip? So is she...

There are some girls who don't wear bright lipstick or a lot of colorful eye makeup. This is primarily because of a few reasons:

1. They are scared. The shades can be intimidating.

2. They don't know how. Which is ok, not everyone knows everything.

3. Their faces can't carry off a lot of makeup. There are some people like this, their features are such that they are unable to wear a lot of makeup w/o it looking overdone & odd.

Which ever category you may fall into, there is always inspiration in the form of Dia Mirza. I'm not sure which of the above she falls into, but she manages to look nice & fresh all the time.

Is it a bit boring to see her in the plain jane avatar all time? Yes. But I rather be boring, than be daring & then end up like Ms. Rituparna (porna?) Sengupta

Some tips to get the "Dia Look"

The Body Shop Lychee Blossom Body Butter – Review

Best if you want to: Moisturize your skin with our famous Body Butter with a fruity-floral scent. It is quickly absorbed and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.

Best for: all skin types
Details: • Provides 24-hour hydration • Leaves skin soft and smooth • Buttery texture • Fruity-floral scent
Babassu Oil Organic Babassu oil - nature's best - is a wonderfully light and non-greasy skin moisturizer extracted from the wild-growing babassu palm trees only found in certain areas of Brazil and South America.
Shea butter Moisturizes and helps soften the skin. Shea butter is one of nature's great moisturizers. Ghanaian women have used it for centuries to protect their skin from the dry Saharan winds.

The Body Shop Moisture White Shisho BB Cream - Review

It claims:This multi-action make-up base conceals, soothes and evens out skin tone. Corrects the colour of skin to give a one tone lighter complexion, soothes dryness and improves over-all skin tone and texture thus giving skin a radiant glow. Protects from UV thanks to its SPF 25 and PA +++.

Shiso extract - reduces early melanin-making signals even before the hyperpigmentation process and melanin production cycle starts - helping prevent uneven skin tone, brown spots and freckles

Vitamin C - provides anti-oxidant protection helping to reduce the production of melanin

Liquorice - works to limit the effect of melanin synthesis and helps to reduce the variances in skin tone

How to use: Can be used alone as a moisturizer for oily skin types, over day time moisturiser for drier skin types or under make-up to provide an added layer of protection.

How I used it: By itself. I did not apply this over a moisturizer, neither did I set it with powder or liquid foundation. 

Mellow Sarson Ubtan - Review

It claims: Face & Body Cleanser.Mellow Sarsoon Ubtan is an effective formula, consisting of extract of natural herbs, yellow mustard seed, cow milk and other effective ingredients. Regular use cleanses deeply, nourishes and tones the skin leaving it incredibly smooth and supple.

Active Ingredients: Sarson 6%, Cow's Milk 14%
Base: Preservative qs, Fragrance qs

How to use: Apply with water instead of chemical soap. (I actually take a pinch with dry hands, and apply it on a pre-moistened face). I rinse after 2 minutes.

Best used before 24 mnths from date of manufacture

Price: Rs. 80 for 35 gm tub

The Nature's Co Wet Mud - Vetiver Soap - Review

It claims: Lather up with detoxifying wed mud & vetiver that will nourish & moisturize your skin, leaving it rejuvinated & smooth
Key Ingredients: Vertiver Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Extract, Aloe Extract
Price: Rs. 345 for 125 gm soap

This is how you don't do it...

Unless you are headed to an 80's theme party..

& I suspect Ms. Rituparna (or is it Rituporna?) SenGupta is headed to one all time in her head.

Am I the only one who thinks she needs a makeup intervention & a few tips from Ms. Kareena Kapoor (that babe is always in perfect, up to date, great makeup -I'm beginning to envy her now)

I'm sure the lady is a fine artist, just a bit of sprucing up on her makeup (time to ditch that matt maroon lipstick, like yesterday) & she'd look just as hot.

Read on for some visual proof of what I say....

Lakme Fantasy Collection Nail Paint - Review & Swatches

Lakme had launched 6 nail paints as a part of the Fantasy Collection. I am reviewing the shades: 249, 250 & 251

It Claims: Flash around those enchantingly pretty nails. Happy nail colors in mellow pink, hot pink, soft lilac and mauve, bring gorgeousness to your fingertips. Brush them on your nails and bring magic to any look.

Price: Rs. 90/-

ATB Beauty Notes: The Sunscreen Smokescreen - Guide to sunscreens

Ever feel baffled on how much why you still tan/burn despite using sunscreen? Does all that research on sunscreen put you off, coz you don't have the patience to go through ten thousand words.

Check out this really cool post here. It visually collates & explains all the reseach done till date on sunscreens. It is a very handy guide & I'm thinking of taking a print & pining it up in my scrap book :)

I hope you all find it useful!

Lakme Fantasy Shimmer Liner - Review

It Claims:Steal the secret to those twinkling eyes with a gel based liner infused with micro-fine glitter particles. This rich sparkle liner lets you line, layer or blend without smudging or spreading.

Available in 8 colors as a part of the Fantasy Collection

Price: Rs. 275/- for 3.5 ml

Reviewing Midnight Moon & Astral Green. I applied these only on the upper lash line. 

What I liked: 

Save or Splurge?

Make up is an expensive hobby. It takes up time (sifting through tons of reviews & swatching in stores before purchase) not to count the pennies you also spend.

However I feel by prioritisation one can save a little bit. This is how I prioritise my spending:

On my save list (meaning I buy only drug store brands):

1. Nail Paints: I cannot get myself to pay anything in excess of 150 bucks for a nail paint, no matter how glorious it may be. It chips after 5 to 7 days & the nail paint eventually dries up after 3-4 months. Not worth it.

Home made Coffee Body Scrub

I am sick of the rains already. It has been 10 days since I saw the sun, it is always cloudy, dull, drab all the time & make me feel lethargic myself.

Perfect weather to use a coffee body scrub - only the incessant rains make it impossible to step out of the house. Travel within a distance of about 20 mins from home is the safest in Mumbai's lashing rains.

So I did the next best thing - make some at home. Here's how

You need:

Roasted Coffee Beans - around 20 beans (I was at a coffee shop, I got some from there)

The Body Shop Sale Update

Girls, I visited the TBS store at Malad, Inorbit. Here is what is on 50% off sale

1. Entire range of DeoDry - Roll on & Stick
2. Almond BB
3. Entire range of Burti Baby including the BB
4. Lychee BB
5. Lychee Lotion (I think, am not too sure of this)
6. Lychee Body Mist
7. Aqua Lily Body Mist
8. Entire range of Mineral makeup (foundation, blush & eyeshadow)
9. The Travel set of Makeup Brushes (instead of the regular staid black cover it has that London College of Fashion Cover) - this is an excellent bargain, IMO.
10. Make up Bags of different sizes from London College of Fashion Collection (LCF)
11. Almond Cuticle oil
12. Eyeshadow Palettes - one is the A La Mode from LCF Collection, the second one I think was a part of their Christmas collection - it is a black covered one.

I got myself a DeoDry in floral & chilled, the almond & lychee body butters.

P.S: Accessorize is also on 50% off sale. I practically went nuts there, picked up some earrings. Also a branch is open…

The Boy Who Lives

*This is not a Beauty Post*

It started one muggy February morning in 2001. I sat in my room, trying to study for my first year B.Sc annual exams. Typical of me, I had left everything for the last moment. I was bored, unable to concentrate. Lying at some distance from me was this book my younger sister had been obsessing about. She had been after Dad to get the fourth book as well.

What was this book? It had a really stupid cover - some boy with a sqiggle on his head standing in front of an engine looking at it as if he's never seen a train. On the backcover was this predictable image of a wizard - purple robes, check; long beard, check;

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry, I read on the backcover. Now that's one place I'd like to go, rather than study this stupid botany, I thought.

I decided it was time for a break, I'd read the first few pages.

Eva Lip balm in Blackcurrent burst - review

What it claims & Key Ingredients: Please see image below.

Price: Rs. 75 for 8 gms

Available at: most supermarkets. I believe this is available in a couple of other variants as well like classic vanilla, strawberry bite, tangy orange & plum sparkle.

My MAC Shopping List

As some of you know I recently lost my tiny stash of MAC & MUFE makeup while shifting. Luckily the LE items from MAC (Chromatographic pencil & Dark Diversion) were packed separately. But I essentially lost

1. Paint pots in Blacktrack & Artifact (which has now been discontinued)
2. Blush in Desert Rose
3. Lipsticks – Capricious & Viva Glam Cyndi
4. Lip Prep + Prime
5. Kohl liner in Teddy

Sudocrem - Thanks Cynthia!

I have to thank Cynthia (Indian Vanity Case) for this. I had read her review of this & just had a feeling that I have seen this somewhere.

That very weekend I went to Alfa (Irla) & my gut feel was right! Alfa stocks this cream. I immediately got myself a pot as I was recovering from molluscum contagiosum then and as a result had a lot of redness on my face. I had (another) hunch that this cream could help reduce the inflamed skin & redness I was experiencing.

What is Sudocrem: Antiseptic Healing Cream. Used for acne, sunburn, surface wounds besides, errrrr, nappy rash.

Newspaper Nail Art

I saw this really cool Nail Art called Newspaper Nail art. It looks really nice as it seems like someone wrote all over your nails in a really neat font.

I'm planning to try this out once at least, I only need to get me some grey nail paint first. Any suggestions for a pale grey?

You can watch the video below by Cute Polish on how to do this:

Have you tried this nail art? Any tips on how to get it right?

Chamomile in Aromatherapy

Some of you might remember that I had used dried chamomile flowers in my green tea toner. While I don't use the essential oil of chamomile, dried chamomile serves the purpose just as well in aromatherapy, only you would have to use a lot more of the dried flowers as compared to the oil.

Energy: Cool / neutral moisture
Main element: Wood

The oil/flower has two basic properties:

1. It helps smoothen the flow of the body's energy.

It is useful for those suffering from chronic tension (use with lavender in diffuser)

Lakmé announces Manish Malhotra as the Grand Finale Designer for Lakmé Fashion Week, Winter/ Festive 2011

So Manish Malhotra will be co-creating the new Lakme ABSOLUTE collection. It seems to be a long wear one. My imagination is running wild & I am hoping we'll be seeing some nice blush tints, some nice cream eye bases (aka paint pots) & some new shades in both their Glide On Eye & Lip pencils!
Lakmé, the contemporary Indian beauty expert, has announced iconic fashion designer Manish Malhotra as the Grand Finale Designer for Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/ Festive 2011, scheduled from August 16 - 21 in Mumbai. Manish Malhotra is the first Lakmé Grand Finale designer who showcased his Shimmer Shine Sparkle collection way back in 1999 and presented the Free Spirit Collection in 2007. This year, he is poised to bring to life the high performance long-wear makeup range,Lakmé ABSOLUTE. This will be the third time where he will be showcasing his collection at the Lakmé Grand Finale.

Grab yourself some FCUK

I saw Delhi Belly today morning! Loved it ;-).. It is a very funny movie. I'd say it is a muct watch. In case you aren't into watching movies, you can also go shopping over the weekend. Lots of sales everywhere. Like this one at FCUK. (I was so worried about spelling the name of the store "wrong" esp since I had just seen the movie - I must have checked the post at least 10 times.)
French Connection UK (FCUK) kicks off its eagerly anticipated End ofSeason Sale starting this week at its outlets in Mumbai, New Delhi, NCR, Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ludhiana, Amritsar and Pune. Men get a flat 30% off on all merchandise and women can shop to their hearts content with up to 50% off on the season’s best looks!
Treat yourself with Spring Summer’s finest pieces at fabulous prices!

Green Tea Toner

I've been reading so much about the benefits of green tea toner on Anamika's site (wiseshe), then I saw that Palak has also joined the bandwagon, so I hauled my lazy behind to the kitchen & decided to make it myself.

It was so much fun, once I started I wanted to add so many things to it; I finally had to restrain myself as it begun to smell a little medicinal (I added too much tea tree toner in my enthusiasm).

Anyway's here is what I did:

NIVEA Launches pure & natural Lip Care

With more and more consumers seeking out for natural ingredients in every product that they use, the latest trend in personal care products is to be nature inspired. With 100 years of Skin Care expertise, NIVEA understands the needs of its consumer best by offering a Complete Lip Care Solution range with multi benefits.
Lips need special care because they don’t have sebaceous glands that provide essential lipids. They are exposed without protection to environmental influences like cold, dryness and UV rays and so need some extra help. Our Lip Care expert have taken the need to surround oneself in everyday life with a touch of naturalness and translated it into 2 innovative formulas under the sub- brand name: pure&natural, 100 % free of preservatives.

New to MAC? Here is a quick guide!

I understand that a lot of you, like me, have just begun exploring the wonderful, colorful world of MAC. It can be confusing (what's with a million finishes?) & intimidating (have you seen how many shades of lipstick they have?), not to mention that a lot of girls put off their first visit to MAC as they don't wanna embarass themselves with the lack of info on makeup. (Makes it seem like going to MAC is like some kind of rite of passage - fail here and you will be scarred for life).. Uff, the pressure!

ATB Beauty Notes on Hair Care

Today's tip is again from The Body Shop Book by Anita R (this book is awesome girls! I picked it up at a sale for 200 bucks so I am very pleased)

It has a tip for those of you who have extra oily hair.

Water & Oil don't mix, so the next time you wash your hair, apply diluted shampoo to dry scalp and start working up a lather. Once you have worked the shampoo in, wet & wash as usual. 

How do you deal with extra oily hair?

The Body Shop Balancing Massage Balm - Review

It offers to: A soothing balm containing traditionally used ingredients known to promote focus, balance and relaxation. Inspired by the holistic tradition of Indian Head Massage. Suitable for all skin types. Ideal for use on the neck and scalp for an invigorating head massage.

A blend of essential oils including palma rosa, peppermint, clary sage, organic juniper and frankincense - Together help to clarify and stimulate the senses and promote a sense of balance and wellbeing

Community Trade organically grown soya oil from Capanema Farmers in Brazil - Is very rich in essential fatty acids that help to restore the skin's moisture barrier, helping to restore smooth, supple skin

Community Trade marula oil from Eudafano Women's Co-operative in Namibia - Is a very effective moisturiser that helps to condition the skin and restore the skin's moisture barrier

Price: Rs. 995 for 85 gm tub (I got this during the sale at 50% off)

ATB Beauty Notes on Cleansing

This is a new feature - ATB Beauty Notes. Everyday as I browse through books on skin care & makeup, I come across some interesting nugget of information, that I would like to share you all.

We'll kick start this series with a note on Cleansing that I read in The Body Shop Book By Anita Roddick.

"To the uninitiated dirt is dirt, the end of a hard day's work. In fact it is a mixture of sebum, dead skin cells, dirt, dust, salt & urea produced by sweat, bacteria and makeup. Without thorough cleansing it would take about 25 days for this mess to wear off, never mind the additional dirt that has built up over the period."

25 days! That is why it is so important to clean that face after you come back home in evening.

Do you make it a point a cleanse every evening? I do, I almost never go to sleep without cleaning my face.

The "No Makeup" Makeup Look

Eh! Sounds like an oxymoron right? My hubby scoffs - "So you are using makeup to make it seem like you have not used any makeup at all? You could achieve the same look, without using any makeup and also save some time & money in the process."

Men don't get it, its not that simple.

The No Makeup look is a very crafty technique, it is a look designed to make it seem like you have the most flawless complexion & sharp features - that fresh, flawless look that seems like you just washed your face & walked out the door.

Until recently this look was a complete mystery to me.

Nature's Co Lemongrass Foot Spray - Review

It claims: This excellent foot spray is infused with nature's own freshners - lemongrass, patcholi & tea tree oils which instantly revive and energize tired feet while leaving them smelling fresh! The stimulating agents of menthol and aloe vera  will leave you with a spring in your feet. Spritz before a long day to protect and at the end of the day to energize feet and banish odour.

Key Ingredients:Lemongrass oil 3%, Patchouli oil 1%, Tea Tree oil 1%, Vegetable Glycerin 3%

Price: Rs. 495 for 100 ml

So does it live up to it's lofty claims? 

Methods of Application for Aromatherapy Oils

Continuing with our Sunday Aromatherapy posts, Essential oils (EO) can be used in a number of ways - each method best suited for particular problems.

Below are some of the commonly used methods.

1. Massage

Dispense the essential oil (7 to 10 drops) in 25 ml of carrier oil (coconut, almond, sesame, olive oil). This method can be used for both physical & psychological problems. It is good for muscular fatigue, aching, nervous tension & anxiety. Massage employees touch - which in itself has a lot of therapeutic benefit.

Lakme Lip Love Conditioners & Revlon CustomEyes - New Launch!

Remember the Revlon CustomEyes palettes we were drooling about here, they have been launched!! They are priced at Rs. 625/-. I got Naturally Glamorous & Rich Temptations.

Also if you thought the Lakme lip love lipsticks looked adorable, get a load of those cute heart tubs!

Lady Gaga's Makeup in Judas Video

I wrote this post a month ago & then forgot :P.. It's a little late, but I hope you'll still find this interesting!

I love Lady Gaga & her music. Is she a lil kooky at times (meat dress, hello!), yes. But I still love her fashion & makeup choices because she takes such risks.

These days I'm loving her new video - Judas & also her eye makeup in the video. The inspiration for it seems to be the mythical Egyptian Eye of Horus symbol. She has two distinct looks in the video. The concept is same: Lots of black gelliner paired with matt dark berry lips.

LUSH in Lokhandwala, Andheri (W)!!!!

Ok, I am really excited!!

You girls remember how I used to crib that both the Lush stores in Mumbai were 2 hours (one way) drive from my place, and wished it would open a store closer? I would feel really lazy to spend 4 hours travelling just to get a 100 grms of product.

Well, they have! My best friend (she's a Lush junkie & the one who got me addicted to their stuff in the first place) very excitedly msged me today evening & told me that a Lush store has opened up in Lokhandwala - barely 20 min walk from my place! Woohoo!

Colorbar Nail Polish Remover - Review

It claims: to be

acetone freetoluene freeDBP freewith protein & vitamin B5 to strengthen nailsinstantly removes nail lacquernatural emolliant, conditions the nailIngredients: Ethyl Acetate, Isopropyl Alcohol, Demineralised water, Propylene Glycol, isopropyl myristate, methyl ethyl ketone, lanolin oil, bht, ethyl cellusolve, d-panthenol, perfume. (For those of you who are interested in finding out more about these ingredients - the names have been linked to their wikipedia pages - you can read up)