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Jojoba Oil - DIY Tips

Image via Wikipedia Reader Vidhya had asked for some tips on how to use Jojoba oil.

In the world of herbal ingredients, Jojoba oil is the newest entrant and also famous as "liquid gold" for the skin. Although known as oil – this is actually liquid wax and its composition is very similar to sebum, the oil produced by our skin cells.  Because of this unique similarity, Jojoba has found uses in products meant for both oily and dry skin. Dry Skin It is applied directly to the skin to soften the skin, to reduce wrinkles and stretch marks, to lighten and help heal scars, and to promote healthy scalp and hair. When sebum production decreases due to age, pollutants, or environmental stresses, jojoba oil can be used to replace sebum oil. DIY Tip: Add 3 -4  drops of jojoba oil to your rose water (50 ml) mister. Use to mist face during the day. This increases the hydrating capacity of the mist and provides regular moisturisation without being too oily. You can even add a few drops of gly…

Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm in Dragon Fruit

Hey All,

So sorry I didn't post yesterday. Was a little but busy with office and some home work (LOL)..

I was at the chemist on Monday, just picking up some regular tabs, when I passed the Nivea Lip Balm counter.. & I did a double take. "What is this thing in pink?"

It was Nivea Lip Balm Fruity Shine in Dragon Fruit.  Now you all know how much I liked the other Nivea Lip balms. So I had to get this. & I did.

This lip balm is pretty pink in color, with shimmer! Unlike Cherry (Fuchsia Pink) and Strawberry (Red) - this is pink and is infused with lots of shimmer. It is also much glossier than the other two.

The review will come up in week - after I have tested this through & through.

Winner of Giveaway 1 - Revlon Skinlights Illuminating Lotion

First of all, Thank you so much to all for participating in the giveaway so enthusiastically!

The winner of the Revlon Skinlights illuminating lotion is ..... Poornima of GGG fame!

Congrats Poornima! Please contact me so that gift can be shipped to you!

For the rest, I am really sorry. If I had it my way I would all of you something, but I had fun doing this giveaway and promise to do a lot more regularly. So stay tuned and best of luck for next time.

*Please note that the winner was chosen in a random manner through Due to some technical problem the image of the excel sheet with all the participant names and the random number generator result won't upload. I upload it as soon it is possible.

Eyeliner Shopping Guide

Image by ookikioo via Flickr

Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Peppermint Exfol Gel - Review

Let me take this opportunity to introduce to you my sister: Simran
She has been one of the biggest supporters of my blog since it first began and I am happy and proud that today my blog carries a contribution from her. 
I have always wanted her to contribute to my blog for two simple reasons
1. She writes well. 2. She has oily & sensitive skin - quite the opposite of mines (combination verring towards dry & tottally insensitive, as in, not much makes my skin break out into rashes or pimples). I always felt that adding her perspective to the blog would help those of my readers who identify with her skin type ands make the blog more useful to them.  
Over to Simran, then. :-D. 
Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Peppermint Exfol Gel - Review By Simran Parmar

What it claims: Exfoliating & Blackhead Removal gel. This Gentle Gel formula contains AHA, a multi fruit acid mixture that eliminates dead surface cells, blackheads and fine lines uncovering smoother and softer skin. Your skin will lo…

Revlon Skinlights Face Illuminator Lotion SPF 15 - Review

What it claims:
Instant luminosity from a pump. This sheer, oil-free*, lightweight skin-brightening lotion. Instantly enhances your skin instead of covering it upContains light-reflecting minerals like rose quartz, mother-of-pearl, topaz and copperBrings out your skin's natural radianceWear it over bare skin for instant luminosity, or with foundation for luminosity with more coverageVitamins A, C & E and SPF 15 help improve and protect skin*No animal, vegetable or mineral oil.
To Use: Shake well. Wear alone or with foundation

Warning: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Discontinue use if signs of irritation or rash appear. Do not use on infants. Best before 36 months from mfd.

Price: Rs. 675 for 45 ml

Colors available (in India): Pink Light, Peach Light & Walnut Light. All 3 have different shimmer intensities, with Pink Light being the least, and Walnut is the darkest with the most shimmer. I am reviewing Pink Light (02)

1. Multipurpose: It can be worn under f…

Office Make-up in 10 minutes: Red Lips

Image by Wouter van Doorn via Flickr
Yea, you read the title right. Red lips for office. Here's How to 1.Prepare your face by cleansing and moisturizing (if needed). Exfoliate lips to remove any flakey skin. Apply lip balm generously. 
2.Apply foundation and concealor (if needed) of your choice – loose powder, liquid, whatever suits you. I use my trust Ponds tinted moisturizer(01) mixed with a drop of Revlon Skinlights illuminating lotion in Pink light (this is optional – I use it because I am cool toned with some pink in my face. I looked washed out otherwise). Steer clear of too much foundation
3.Apply a neutral medium brown eyeshadow only over the eyelid area. Don’t apply this right up to the browbone. Just on the eye lid.  I use Jordana’s Hot Cocoa or else the lid color from Maybelline Chai Latte palette

My First Giveaway!

So Excited can barely type. *eeks*

Must calm self first. *Deep Breaths*

Ok, feeling composed enough to type coherently, (I hope).

I am announcing my first Giveaway!

The occasion? - actually several missed ones.

First of all my blog celebrated its first B'day in November 2009. Back then I was busy planning my first wedding anniversary trip amongst other chaos of guests from abroad and all.

Secondly - I recently crossed the 200 post mark. This is my 222nd post actually. Was planning to do a giveaway then but then hubby hurt himself.

& finally on a smaller note - I just crossed 50 followers. It is a small number I know, in the blogosphere where people have followers in thousands. But all of them are dear to me, because you guys constantly give me feedback and encouragement - both crucial for my blog to grow.

So as a thank you for all your love and support, I am hosting a giveaway!

The Prize: Revlon Skinlights Face Illuminator Lotion SPF 15 in Peach Light. 

The bottle is 45 ml and w…

Eye Shadow Ingredients - What is that shimmer all about?

Image by dreamglow pumpkincat210 via Flickr
Reader Vidhya requested for more information on eye shadow ingredients. She pays a lot of attention to ingredients and is careful to avoid potentially hazardous stuff. 
Most eye shadows consist of two parts – the base and the coloring
The base remains common for all eye shadows, what differs is the mineral added to impart the desired color.
Kind of like the ice gola we have on the beach. Same ice base but different flavors added as per desire. 
The base of any eye shadow generally contains
Normal Eye shadow Ingredients:Talc, Mica, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Zinc Stearate, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Silica.  
Colors are impacted by the following ingredients: