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I am a big fan of Home Remedies & DIY tips, because I think they really work when used consistently in a routine and benefit your skin in a way like none of the store bought creams can. Here are some tips that work very well for me, I'll keep updating this once in a while when I discover something new :-)

In the mean while, do post your own natural skincare secrets & also please do a patch test always before following any of these tips to eliminate chances of any side-effects.

My favourite Facewash: 3-4 drops of honey mixed with a drop of lemon juice. Apply all over face and rub gently. If the gel dries on the face, use some water to liquify it again. Wash off after 2 minutes with water. Pat dry. Voila you are done! Discover soft, smooth, moisturised skin. This is my favourite at home remedy.

6th December 2010: If you suffer from dry skin, consider this remedy: At night, massage a few drops of Almond oil into your face & neck. Let sit for a ten minutes then gently wipe face clean with a damp washcloth. Follow up with a moisturizer, if needed.


  1. i cleanse my face wit honey sumtyms...will add lemon juice too now...thanks..

  2. adding lemon to honey is interesting...I like cleansing with honey but never added anything else...and regd the almond oil tip...it works amazing for people who do not like to put oil on their skin for long....putting olive oil in place of almond is helpful even for oily skin...

  3. one of the ultimate home remedies is using Besan..Mix besan with bit of haldi and malai or milk to make a paste out of it and appply...Its the best for tanning, moisturising.

  4. One of the ultimate home remedies is Besan...mix besan with a bit of haldi, malai and/or milk to make a paste and appply...Its the best for tanning and dry skin

  5. One great home remedy for removing black heads, pimples, dead skin cells hyper pigmentation etc is a mixture of turmeric and green gram.It is good for using all over the body and can be used for all types of skin. It is a great exfolient and also helps clean hair and increases its thickness when used regularly there are less number of split end(only the green gram powder).

  6. green gram powder is the best home remedy. When used with haldi it helps reduce black heads, pimples, dead skin cells, hyper pigmentation etc. and when used by itself it is a good hair,body and facial scrub. Continuos use on the hair makes the hair stronger and less prone to split ends.

  7. To get an instant glow applying pappaya works wonderfully..and its suitable for all skin types! :)

  8. To get silky hair from home remedy , you can add small amount of baking soda in the shampoo which removes dirt and grease from your hair to give you the shiny look.


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