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Never take advice from someone who has bad eyebrows

2014’s major defining beauty trend was thick Power Brows. Inspired by supermodel Carla D, this trend swept through Hollywood (And the White House as well – with the First Lady also laying off the tweezer) and soon had girls sporting fans on the inner corners and bold eyebrows. It is not a new trend though. Audrey Hepburn bought the trend to prominence in 1950's in Hollywood. By 60's her eyebrows had become a bit more refined, but they were still thick. This trend of thick eyebrows continued till the 80s. 

The trend died away by the 90s when arched, thin eyebrows ruled the roost all through the 2000s. 
Sadly, the Power Brow trend didn't seem to catch on too much in India. I only sported Alia Bhatt, Kangana & Deepika playing up their eyebrows, but that was generally with an androgynous outfit. Most Indian brands offer little to no makeup for the brows and didn't even respond to this trend of brows. Globally brands responded enthusiastically by offering brow growth ser…

PK: Anushka Sharma's beauty breakdown

Did you know that the pixie cut Anushka sports in the movie was a wig?

I just found out a while ago and I'm glad it ain't a permanent cut. I'm not fond of pixie cuts. Even Penny sports one on the latest season of Big Bang Theory and it doesn't seem to suit her either. Anushka does make it work though.

More disturbing than the wig on Anushka are her lips.

During the first 30 minutes of the movie there are close-ups of her face on the giant screen. It didn't help that I had third row from the screen tickets - and it is very evident that she's got some plumping done to her lips. They look so odd and out of sorts with the rest of her delicate features. Instead of focusing on the feelings of love / infatuation she was trying to convey through her eyes, all I could focus on were those duck-lips. I didn't like them!

I enjoyed the movie, the first half is pretty good. The second half drags a bit but I liked the message behind the movie so I would definitely recomm…

Beauty Secrets at Indian Pharmacies

In my last post I took you on a trip to Myanmar for their beauty secrets.

Today I take you down a much more mundane lane. Specifically to your local chemist.

A lot of my favorite skincare products come from the chemist. For the simple reason that having worked in the pharmaceutical sector, I know that these products have to undergo scientific trials, and the formulations are designed to be far more effective than your off-the-shelf creams.

These dermatology products may not smell as nice or be packaged as nicely as store bought brands, but I personally find them to be very effective as they have higher percentages & refined versions of "active ingredients". Most of these creams are basic moisturizers and should be safe for use. However, having said that, please note I'm no dermatologist and kindly refer to a dermatologist before using these. Especially if you have acne or sensitive skin.

So without further ado, here is a quick list of products I like:

1. Lacto Calami…