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Bones maketh the Beauty

So, you’ve been slathering yourself with the latest anti-aging cream every night in hopes to ward off “signs of aging”. The cream purportedly has ingredients that help repair the skin structural dual proteins of collagen & elastin. You are convinced about the company’s claims that repairing these skin structural proteins will keep your skin firm for longer.
But have you spared a thought for the real scaffolding underneath your skin – yes, your facial bones.
It is well known fact in fashion circles that what separates the beauty from her plain cousin is the underlying bone structure. It is what gives these women the so called “sharp features”. 
When asked about her success, Coco Chanel’s famous model Suzy Parker replied, “Sheer luck. I was lucky to have been born with cheekbones.”
The entire fundamental behind illuminating creams & contouring powders is to give an appearance of sharp & well defined bone structure.
One doesn’t have to be skinny, to have bone structure. It…

ATB:The New Season

I know!

But in my defense, I was travelling. For five weeks. First for a week in Goa for office work & then a three week holiday in Europe.

My visa came in 4 days before the vacation & it was just a crazy time!

A lot of things however happened in the blog front. I wrote an article for Femina (which I will share shortly) & ATB had the privilege of being nominated for India's best beauty blog (I hope you voted for ATB!)

There have been a ton of new makeup launches in the past two months. And just like you, I have shopped. Loved some & hated some.

Regular posting on the blog will resume by end of the week.

Thank you for reading & stick around!

Take care!