Jordana Nail Paint - Fuchsia Frenzy (950)

A long time ago, Shweta had asked me for swatches of this. As I got busy with work, I took the pics & forgot about them.. I hope it is not too late :)

Jordana nail paint in Fuchsia Frenzy is a wonderful summery pink shade, this one is a glossy shade with no shimmer.The color is a bright pink. This particular shade however is a little on the sheer side - so you'll need 3 coats for the color to show up properly. It appears much darker in the bottle than it does when applied.

I'm not really into nail art - but I imgine this would look wonderful paired with some black / white motifs like bows.

There is a trend these days to match your lipstick with your nail paint - this shade is perfect to co-ordinate all your creamy fuchsia lipsticks with,

Have you tried this one? Which is your favourite fuchsia nail paint?


  1. tanveer, your hands are so similar to mine :)

    the shade is beautiful, a classic. nothing can beat a bright fuchsia shade. i have about three of them. on you, the colour pops all the more!

  2. wow seems nice..m gng to try jordana nail paint :)

  3. wow such a pretty shade. totally love it :)

  4. oh gosh..fuchsia looks so beautiful on your baby like hands :)


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