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Finally, here it is. A page dedicated only to you readers, where you can post all your makeup & skincare related queries.

A lot of you had been mentioning that you feel lost as you can't figure out where to post your queries or questions. Hence this page.

You are requested to enter all your queries in the comments section below. It may take me some time, but I will answer all of them, through dedicated posts.

Thanks a lot for reading the blog!


  1. hello,
    I am an 20 year old college going girl. At times, during presentations, we're supposed to do a bit of make up and I don't really have an idea as to what will look best since the only things I use is a mosturizer, lib balm and kohl pencil for the inner rim.
    I have a fair skin tone and my face is a lil chubby so don't really know what would look best on me since I don't wanna look overdone. I like to keep the look natural so please tell me what would be suitable for me.

    Also, I have very oily skin and also have frequent breakouts. Do you think a blood purifier really helps in clearing out the zits and making the skin healthy?

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Thank You,

  2. I have my engagement soon,I'm medium complexioned, kindly suggest some basic economical make up essentials I need to have coz I'm going to be doing my own makeup! Also please suggest a good lipstick(price doesn't matter for this) with long staying power to avoid reapplication every now & then after consuming food.

  3. hey Tanveer,
    I'm getting married in the last week of december.
    Although I have a fair skin tone with only a few breakouts here n there, the problem is that it lacks glow. Im hoping for much better skin for my wedding ceremony.
    Do you have any suggestions that could make my skin healthier and give it a natural glow? I also suffer from the problem of dark circles which look worse due to my skin tone.
    I know make-up can help tremendously, but i would prefer an actual glow to the one induced by make up.
    I hope you can gimme some tips on this. Also, I would love to know how to apply light make up which looks natural for the various functions and parties coming up.


  4. Hi Tanveer,

    First let me congratulate u on the good work that ur doing ...... I am addicted to make up and beauty blogs because of you ..... Urs was the first blog i came across (I am a new reader) ...

    Your reviews are informative and honest . Keep up the good work.

    I have the following queries.
    (Skin tone - Dusky ( Very close to the lid color in Chai latte), Skin Type - Very Oily, Hair Type - Oily, but frizzy after oiling and shampooing)

    1. My lips are dark. Upper lip dark brown and the lower lighter shade of pinkish browne. Please suggest brands and shades for nude lips. I wish to experiment with peach, orange and coral shades.

    2. The right make up products for a fresh, natural dewy look eg: foundation or tinted moisturizer, blush, eye shadows etc. I do not have much blemishes.

    3. I oil my hair before shampooing (Use an ayurvedic oil) but my hair gets extremely dry and frizzy and tangles. This is even worse in dry conditions (I am in Bangalore). I used Livon in college to tame my hair but lost a lot of hair in the long run. Many of my friends had the same experience. Please suggest a remedy. Do you think leave-in conditioners can cause hair fall ???

    Looking forward to ur suggestions :D


  5. hey..i js came across ur blog..and i hv to say its awsome..u r doin a great job by reviewing things readily available in india..
    i noticed ur liking towards lip balms..
    i wud like to give a suggestion..i think LOTUS li balm is pretty amazing..i myself use nivea tinted balm in goin out or smthn(i dn do make up at all!i wanna til works great as a lip stain )bt..i hv to tell u LOTUS lip balm is pretty amazing try!
    and they hv amazin flavours..cocoa..chocolate..vanilla and cherry being a few..
    :)also..u r AWSOME!
    keep up d good wrk!

  6. Hi Tanveer,

    I happened to bump into this website by accident..I am only a few days old and am already hooked on to it.. i love your detailed reviews and recommendations of products..Thnx for starting this forum..I'm learning a lot of things..Its actually godsent!! :)

  7. Hi Tanveer

    As per your suggestion the Ponds TM should be applied with a Foundation Brush. Since ELF is not availble in the UAE I am on the lookout for a good Foundation Brush. Almost all cosmetic companies like MAC, Inglot, NYX etc. now retail brushes. What Brushes do you use? More importantly what should we be looking for in a good brush. Since i will be looking for a Foundation Brush.. i might as well check out the entire range unfortunatelty...I am entirely clueless. Time to call in the expert!!

    I am currently using a VEGA Blush Brush.. i cant seem to remember how old it it.. but i definately need to buy a new one...Any suggestions?..

    Keep up the good work!


  8. Hi Tanveer,

    I think you're doing a great job here. Really sound advice.

    Which is why Im writing to you.

    I'm a work from home mom. Which means I have the luxury of comfort but not time. While I do make an effort to dress up I am clueless about the makeup to use. My dressing up is mostly leggings or shorts and tees or dresses or kurtis with capris. Basically something that looks good without too much effort and doesnt take long to wear on.

    I want to put on light easy makeup that doesnt look to made up or bold. Something that doesnt take too much time. Could you help me with some basic essentials that I could try or have at hand. And also something that isnt too pricey because I would be repurchasing these products.

    I have combo/ oily skin with yellow undertones.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

  9. Hey Tanveer (Since i am new to Addicted to Blush and have read only your blogs, so my apologies to others, pls do write your responses also)
    I am getting married in feb. '11, so i have some time at my disposal to take care of my self. But my major problems are:-
    1. Hair- My scalp is oily (i wash is almost daily to every al;ternate day) and my hair is dry (very dray with split ends and frizzy look) i dont know which shampoo or conditioner i should use? Tried Dove but nothing great!
    2. Skin - I have a T zone skin,and fair complexion. I love skin care products but till date i have not found anything which suits me completely.
    3. I've started going for facials was wondering will hair spa help?
    4. Most important - i've never used cosmetics in my life except kajal, could you please suggest me the basic essentials which i SHOULD have with me, also i am looking for a good jet black kajal which does not smudge and is water proof..

    Sorry i know i have many queastion, but try responding whenever you have time. I stay in pune. Cant find my makeup artist here as the wedding will be from my native place.

  10. Tanveer! Please suggest nice tinted lip balms & tinted moisturizers available in India!

  11. Wonderful blog! Gr8 reviews!
    I have a query, i had never applied pencil eyeliner on my lower lashes, but did it this weekend to give it a try. While applying it and after removing it many of my lower lashes fell leaving gaps in between and also it is so difficult to remove the eyeliner even with a makeup remover and a Q-tip! kindly tell me how u do it and even remove it.

  12. Hey Tanveer,

    I am not too good with doing makeup. I do buy all the good products from the market but I don't get the desired result.The makeup always looks overdone or underdone. So I thought maybe I should do a course on personal makeup. Can you suggest me a good institute you know of pref. close to Bandra.


  13. Hey Tanveer...

    I literaly stumbled across ur blog while i was browsing some products and im totally bowled over by ur blog... i was searching for shahnaz hussain products but i couldn find them... i wanted to know if u have reviewed it and im not able to find it in ur blog or if u havent reviewed any shahnaz products at all...

  14. Hey there,
    Please let me know the creams/conditioners used in hair spa at parlors. or any natural substitute for the same. I got one recently done and want to continue the same but at home.
    Further i had read your blog sometime ago and bought loreal hair masque, Please let me know how to use it to get best result. I have medium length (poker) straight, thin and silky hair. And suffer from medium hair fall and have got quite less volume.

  15. Hey Tanveer, Priyanka here..:) there are so many so u can jus say P. Following your blog from the last 3 months and i must say your reviews and recos have helped me much ,even though i have an entirely different skin type.:)
    i want suggestion for a proper skin care routine though..mainly for moisturization.:( i am very confused among them since i dont want to look oily in the day .skin tone-fair to wheatish i guess ,but it becomes dark when the oil and dirt settles.
    skin type-oily, but sensitive(it itches when its dry and feels stretched too.)
    currently it is
    cleansing-himalaya face gel and ponds white beauty.
    day moisturization-nothing.:(
    deep clean with jergens everyday.(it srprsingly cleared my acne n bumpy skin.:) ur reco)
    night-wash nd ponds cold cream(currently.) + TBS lip butter.
    i dont mind high end brands like Fabindia,TBS or even Lush ,Lancome ,clarins if they work ,so feel free.:)

  16. hello ma'am

    i just stumbled across your blog and after going through it am thrilled !! you are by far the best and have covered a varied sections ...
    i would be delighted if you could suggest a good heat protective styling serum or tamer . i have slightly wavy hair which is neither soft nor coarse n it does frizz out. i'm also planning to purchase Braun Hair Straightener ES2.
    looking forward to your suggestions
    with regards

  17. hey have been reading your blog for a couple o days now...its really well written and offers a lot of information for newbies.
    based on your reviews i bought the ponds age miracle TM.i am 23yrs so was wondering if its bad for me to start using an anti ageing product so soon..never mind though i really like it.
    however i recently came across LOTUS TM..goes by the name "my perfect tint"..i was wondering if u have used it and if so could you review it???


  18. Hi,
    I have a concern. i don't know if you have faced similar problem. I find a lot of SAs at almost at all malls (in Pune) and beauty shops they meddle with fresh company packaging of products and "thoda side sey laga ke dekh lo".Fresh Nailpolishes,blushes, powders and lipsticks as testers and then packaging is covered up. Now maybelline and revlon lipsticks come with tight plastic covering but i'm really irritated about fresh new pieces of blushes, eyeliners have been opened to show customers and then put back with sticker on.This is so common that i'm now scared that instead of getting new product i'm probably getting something that is imperceptibly cleverly tampered and used as testers.I have almost always told the SAs not to open new stuff and test it on me - i may not buy it. This is rampant with nailpolishes,eyeliners especially liquid eyeliners ,creams. Now i'm stuck with buying only those products which come with tamper-proof packaging.

  19. Hi!!!
    Happy New Year........
    First of all like to say thank you for writing a wonderful blog, it has really helped me alot........
    me got many queries.........
    my skin type is oily and sensitive and even got pores, could you recomend some of the products that make my skin look good.....
    and also some of the make up products like which foundation to use, primer n all, my skin is fair and got thin but pink lips so what would be nice a lip gloss or lipstick?

  20. Hi

    I have a small query. My skin tone is wheatish to fair. however lipsticks never suit me whichever color i apply.

    pls help

  21. Hi Tanveer

    First of all kudos to you for mainting such a amazing blog.I have joined few days back and it has helped me and my friends a lot.We follow your blog on daily basis.

    I have few query.Mine is wheatish to fair complexion skin with freckles around nose and cheek area. Since, these are by birth ,i dnt want to remove it and neither hide it.

    However, i get confused while makeup.Lipsticks dnt suit me.It looks odd on my face and also rest fo the makeup.Thus, i stick only to kajals.

    But, sometime my face looks very bland.

    Please suggest what kind of makeup will suit me.

  22. Hi,
    First of all I would like to say that you've put up a very interesting blog here. Within the first read, this became my favorite.
    I would like to ask you if you know of any good Anti-oxidant night creams? I've heard of Neutrogena. Just let me know if there is any good one out there.

  23. Hi Tanveer....I just love your blog! I check it every single day without fail.And the best thing is that not only I like everything you write about beauty and makeup, I always like the opinions and ideas you put out there as a person. Keep up the great work!
    I have a query...could you suggest a good loose powder for me? I've always used compacts and all the loose powders I see seem to have a lot of shimmer. I cant use shimmer on my entire face! I have very dry skin, fair to medium complexion, acne-prone. Please help me out!

  24. hi tanveer
    i read on one of your posts that elf cosmetics have a tinted moisturizer that is available in mumbai. can you tell me where in mumbai can i get it from?
    can the ponds tinted moisturizer be used by someone who is 19? i'm kinda worried cause its an anti-ageing product

    another question i have is which concealer would u suggest for natural coverage of really dark under eye circles? i have tried one from max factor..the panstick one but it is very visible.


  25. Hi Cynthia!

    I love your blog. It's so friendly and un-snooty like a lot of other beauty blogs I see.

    I had a question regarding blush:
    I have acne prone skin and some acne blemishes. I want to buy a blush which will not break me out and which will not highlight my acne scars and pits. Please suggest and help this blush novice :)

    Thanks a lot

  26. Hey please review Olay Product.. i use the Olay White Radiance.. i Got it from dubai.. i have a normal to oily skin.. used it for 4-5 weeks.. and there has not been a single person who has not noticed the "radiance"... also i am going to try the Jovees Papaya and honey and also Aroma magic mineral glow.. hope they r still available in the market..
    Next Hair (last):
    i am currently using Wella Extra rich.... planning to try revitalizing shampoo.. ( i have sliky, thin, straight hair (like poker straight).. shoulder length, hair fall is reducing the volume day after day from last 3-4 years. conditioner make them even more worse (u understand.. like super silky, stick together)...i want sumthing that improves strength and also volume.. really tempted to get soft curls.. but it will further damage.. wat should i do... try revitalizing else pls suggest..
    PS: i oil religiously before wash from ages.. also tried your home remedy.. don't know whether it worked or not.. my hair becomes rough.. but again given the smooth texture of my hair... sitting full ay in AC evens out the roughness..
    Too looooong right!!
    But pls reply -

  27. Hi Tanveer!!

    First off, Fantastic work here! I love, love your blog!
    I need a little advice on eye make up! I have deep set eyes so my upper eyelids look small and as a result I cant wear eye liner well. Any advice would be great.

    Thank you

  28. Hi Tanveer!!!
    You really got a gr8 informative blog!! Hats off to you for all the effort that you put in!!!

    I am actually not posting query...but nonetheless its on this page because I didnt know where else to post it.. :-)

    I want to know where are E.L.F cosmetics available in Mumbai...I read your old posts on these but couldn't find where to buy them from.

    If you like you can mail me at (considering that this is not a query worth doing a post on!! lol!).

    tc *hugs*

  29. Hi Tanveer, I think I had a very bad reaction to turmeric in Vicco turmeric skin cream which I applied on my face for almost 3 weeks continuously. The first 2 weeks my skin was fine.

    I have a combination skin (Oily T zone and dry elsewhere). My dry areas feel really dry and raw. Applying patanjali aloe vera gel or my trusted moisturiser gives a burning sensation which lasts for about 1 minute.

    I used curd on my face which provided some relief and I could feel less stinging when I applied moisturizer next.

    Is there something you can suggest which I could use to help my skin. Thanks..

  30. Hi Tanveer!!
    I have been a avid reader of ur blog lately. just luving ur reviews <3 n m gonna keep all dose in my head when i go for a shopping spree!!:D
    I am whitish colored (not fair nor dusky) :), have oily skin n also its acne prone. If u cld suggest me color n brand of blushes (cream based) which will luk gud on me n wont highlight my acne scars!!m really getting confused with so many brands available!!:-O

    Thanks a lot
    luv n hugs

  31. Hey Tanveer!!
    This is riya again :P sorry to bother u :( but i am in lill emergency need a good blush before a family function which is on dis tuesday!!
    hw abt maybelline mousse n lakme cheek artist??
    waiting for ur reply. my emailid is so u can reply me dere also :)

    Thanks again

  32. @Riya: Try Lakme Cheek Artist in Peach :D

  33. Hi Tanveer,

    Your blog has a very beautiful name and feel. The post I like the best here is the one in which you compared Bourjois Blush #33 with NARS Orgasm. Reading that I purchased the first ever blush in my life which of course is the magnificent Bourjois.

    As you had mentioned about the 'make-up' culture of your workplace, the place I work is just not into any kind of makeup, and sometimes I feel I am doing too much even though the max I do is: matte moisturizer followed with compact + light pink lipstick, a touch of blush and rarely a purple or blue eye pencil.

    My problem is the immediate result as soon as i put on these products. I love it after an hour, but till then I feel it looks too prominent on my skin.

    The products I use are :

    1. Pond's Flawless White Day Cream
    2. Bourjois Organic Compact in Dark Beige (Alternatively I also use Maxfactor Compact Powder in Nouveau Beige or sometimes the Pond's Age Miracle Tinted Moisturizer)
    3. Bourjois #33 Blush
    4. Revlon Velvet Rose Lipstick
    5. Revlon Colorstay Eye Pencil

    My Q: How to avoid the 'this-just-in' look that I feel when I put these on and how to achieve the after-an-hour look immediately? My skin is rather oily, though in winters oiliness goes away.

    Thanks so much. I'd appreciate it if you could post some tips to tackle this problem.


    Amrutha, Bangalore

    1. I'll do a post on this soon Amrutha! Thanks for your patience :D

  34. Can u plz suggest sum pocket friendly nude lipsticks for dusky skin??

    Desi Girl

  35. Hello,

    First of all, thank you for this great blog! I read many beauty blogs from here and there but keep coming back to this one. :-)

    Till now, I have mainly concentrated on skincare and am not much into make-up mainly because I have no idea what to buy. So, it'd be great if you could suggest some products. I am 23 and my skin type is slightly dry but it normalises in the monsoon and also spouts an odd pimple or two. Overall, it's fine with no dark circles but there are a few light acne scars that I dislike. The complexion is fair but I have no idea about the undertones. I tried the wrist test though and I see mainly purple veins with one or two sea/dirty green ones on the underside.

    So, you could you please suggest a foundation, compact/loose powder, concealer, blush and a few suitable shades of lipsticks for beginners? My budget is up to Rs. 800 (for each item, that is). Also, should I use a tinted moisturiser instead of foundation considering I don't want a very "cake-y" look?

    Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you so much!


  36. Hello,

    I thought I had posted a comment here but either my account acted up or you have comment moderation enabled. Actually, it's more likely that Blogger ate up my comment. So, I'm posting another one.

    I've been a silent reader for quite a long time and I love your blog. So, first of all, thanks for taking time to maintain it for clueless souls like us. :-) And thanks for this great query page.

    I mainly follow beauty blogs for skincare and am pretty ignorant about make-up. I have been wanting to try my hand at it for sometime now but can never figure out which products to begin with. I am 23 and have slightly dry skin which normalises during summertime and even spouts out a pimple or two. The pores are minimal but I have a couple of acne scars that I hate. I don't have any dark circles or blackheads trouble though. I have a fair complexion but I don't know my undertone. I tried the wrist test and I can see a cluster of purple veins with one or two dirty/sea green ones on the underside. What would that make me? Warm or cool?

    Please suggest a foundation, concealer, compact/loose powder, blush and a few suitable shades of glossy lip balms/lipsticks. My budget is up to Rs. 800 per item. Also, would a tinted moisturiser be better than a foundation if I don't want a "cake-y" look? If yes, which one would be good now that the Pond's TM range has been discontinued? And what about the brushes? Which all would I have to buy? And should I use cream or powder blushes? I prefer a dewy look to a matte one.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. :-)

  37. Heyya! I wantede to know about the lipsticks that last the day long except mac.

  38. Hey!
    Can you please suggest me the lipsticks that stay all day that of mac...

  39. hey ! i have straight hair. wanted to buy a straightener and curler for myself. could you suggest which one to buy . i am so confused . wanted to know which one is the best?and from where can i buy that from(for around 3- 4k)..again i dont know how much i should be spending on them. but i want to buy products that last long and are safe for my hair,no compromise onthat aspect.and please also tell me should i be buying both the items,curler and straightener or just one of them is fine?i want to try different styles.please reply as soonas possible.i need it soon . i have searching a lot on internet for all these answers ,just didnt help!today fortunately landed up on you wonderful blog!so i reallyhope you'll be able to help me

  40. Hey Tanveer! 1st of all I wanto tell u tht u r doing a fab job! love ur blog :)

    I have been hunting for a good, smudge proof long stay kohl. Have been using Loreal Mineral Kohl - loved it but they have discontinued the black shade now. Didnt really like Maybeline Colossal or any other brand. Anyhoo, Recently, I was browsing the Faces Canada store at Infinity Mall Malad.I picked this Long Wear Eye Pencil in Solid Black, MRP 249/-.. It is such a horrible product! I dont think it has been tested cos i hve never been allergic to any brand kohl. But this one - my eyes started to burning and itch, watering and later i caught a cold.. I thought it might be something else but have tried it atleast 4 times till now.. I'd like to tell readers to try at ur own risk! M using Biotique Kajal these days, its good but not smudge proof.. Pl suggest some good one.

    Thanks :)

  41. Hi Tanveer, I have been reading posts on your blog from some time.
    I really like your practical approach in dealing with queries. It has been really helpful for me to start with skin care regime.
    I am getting married after 8 months but I am really not comfortable with make up.
    About me: I am 27 years old, fair having yellow tone (warm toned), dry skin with area on nose is quite oily . I don’t have pimples or acne problem. However, I have blackheads on my nose. Also, I have a bit dark circles under my eye.
    Skin care regime I am following: I am following cleansing and moisturising regime at night. In the morning, I use face wash and sun screen only before rushing to office.
    Products I am using: Khadi Pudina cleanser, Khadi Badam scrub (use 2-3 times in a week), Ponds cold cream and Ponds age miracle as night cream. Face wash- Biotique face wash and Neutrogena sunblock or Maybelline BB cream alternatively . I also use face pack once in a week – Khadi fruit face pack. On Sunday, I cleanse my face with ubtan made of besan, haldi and milk.
    Problem areas: I have never done eye make up except few times(only 2) as my eyes are very sensitive. I tried applying Lakme liquid eye liner on upper eye lid. I have also got laser surgery done 3 years back to get rid of spectacles. However, I am left with dry eyes and eyes have become very sensitive after operation.. Major problem comes on removing eye make up when it stings and cant use under eye cream and almond oil comfortably at night. Please suggest me products / technique so that I can start using some eye makeup and get comfortable with it on D- day and other functions when I require to do my make up on my own.
    I use Maxfactor pan stick foundation and lipstics from Revlon, Lakme liplove and lip glosses also for doing make u occasionally.
    Can you please suggest me a good tinted moisturiser for daily use since Ponds TM is discontinued and other products/ brands for starting make up i,e blushes , eye make up and also want a good night cream to buy as want to limit use of Ponds anti ageing cream to thrice a week. I need solution/ products to reduce oiliness on my nose and some other foundation which I can use.
    Sorry the post has got quite long but really looking forward for your reply.

  42. Hi !!
    Just wanted to know if Body Butter and Cold Cream / All purpose cream would be ok in a tube, instead of the jar ? No indian company is doing it....pls help !!

  43. Hey Tanveer

    Pls tell me where can i find Sally Hansen foundation spray in mumbai.


    You Rock!!!!!

  44. Hi Tanveer

    I think you said somewhere that Mac Cremesheen glass in Deelight is easily dupable. I was wondering if u could name some, 'cause I really like the color and would like some cheaper alternatives.


  45. Hi Tanveer,

    I am a 21 year old working girl and my face, which once used to be pretty darn smooth is now full of pimples, spots, and marks. I use a mild scrub on a daily basis (the usual Clean & Clear scrub) and NOTHING else on my skin. Can you suggest some home made remedy or inexpensive product that can help?

  46. Hii Tanveer ! I am a regular follower of ur blog and it had benefited me greatly

    I have been recently hearing that mineral oil is a very harmful ingredient in skincare and haircare ! But for a very long time I have been using products like Johnson's baby cream and oil, Lakme peach milk moisturiser, boroline etc all of which contain mineral oil. I really want to know if mineral oil is really a carcinogen or anything as harmful. I guess then baby products should not contain it, which they do ! Please do reply ! Thanking you !

  47. Hi Tanveer ! I am a regular reader of ur blog and hav been greatly benefited from it !

    I have been recently hearing that mineral oil is a very harmful ingredient in skincare and haircare ! But for a very long time I have been using products like Johnson's baby cream and oil, Lakme peach milk moisturiser, boroline etc all of which contain mineral oil. I really want to know if mineral oil is really a carcinogen or anything as harmful. I guess then baby products should not contain it, which they do ! Please do reply ! Thanking you

  48. Hi Tanveer,
    I have been reading posts on your blog for past year.
    I am joining my first job but I am really not comfortable with make up.
    About me: I am 24 years old, fair having yellow tone (warm toned), dry skin I don’t have acne problem. However, I have blackheads on my nose and dark circles under my eye.
    Can u tell me an easy makeup routine for my office.

  49. hi tanveer, i am facing problem while choosing the foundation as my skin became dusky during summers even after using sunscreen and wheatish during winters it is very difficult to have appropriate shade of sunscreen even 3 hours of sunexposure with sunscreen make me 4 shades darker than exsisting 1 and it takes more than one week to recover plz suggest me some remedy for it

  50. Hi tanveer,

    I am trying to follow wheatbelly/paleo from 10 days . Since I am exploring the subject more to follow diet correct. I came across organic non veg thing - antibiotics, mercury etc. I am completely confused since its very expensive and difficult for me to procure organic on daily basis.
    Do u also follow any such guidelines of organic . Kindly reply soon.

    1. No, I don't follow any kind of organic or antibiotic free guidelines

  51. Hi tanveer,

    I am trying to follow wheatbelly/paleo from 10 days . Since I am exploring the subject more to follow diet correct. I came across organic non veg thing - antibiotics, mercury etc. I am completely confused since its very expensive and difficult for me to procure organic on daily basis.
    Do u also follow any such guidelines of organic . Kindly reply soon.

  52. Hi tanveer

    I am trying to follow wheatbelly/paleo from 10 days. I am trying to read more about the subject and came to know about organic vs inorganic subject. I feel concerned about mercury , antibiotics and hormones provided to these animals but I am not sure how much of it is applicable to indian scenario.
    Do U also follow such guidelines. Since its very expensive and difficult to get organic here at my place at the same time

  53. It's been more than 2 months I am following diet. I have not lost anything yet but do feel diff. I am still waiting for ur reply though

  54. It's been more than 2 months I am following diet. I have not lost anything yet but do feel diff. I am still waiting for ur reply though

  55. Tanveer kindly reply. Since ur opinion is imp to Me


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