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Balm my Lips - Review of Biotique Sunflower Lip Balm

Winter is here, with it's dry weather and cold winds.. It's time sweethearts to balm your lips!!

If there is one thing that seems to signify innocence it is the lip balm. Although the people at "Addicted To Lip balm" ( have you think otherwise.

According to them, lip balm is as dangerous as pot..

Tinted lip balms are a rarity here. I have hardly come across any. While the counter girl assures me that the wonderful watermelon flavored lip balm will deliver all of the pretty color right onto my lips, nothing of the sort happens. it's like the color evaporates the moment it is exposed to the skin of your fingers/lips into an odourless vapour. (Edit March 2012: This post was written way before Ponds launched their tinted lip balms)

Biotique Sunflower lip balm was my trusty companion for al
DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 29JAN05 - Angelina Jolie, G...Image via Wikipedia
most a year. It was a luscious red in color and actually over time lent a pretty redness to my lips. Till tragedy stuck, the balm got contaminated with some microbe that would proceed to swell up my lips like an Angelina Jolie wannabe and not in a good way. there would be red swellings followed by rapid peeling of skin..
I did not even suspect the innocent lip balm at first, and proceeded to throw out truly innocent lipsticks and lip pencils. After the third attack, the Agatha Christie in me woke up, and after a whole of tracing back I realised that each time I had gone to bed with the lip balm (not in that sense :P) I had woken up infected. Out went the innocent looking but guilty as hell balm, and with it was the end of my Jolie lips..

Back in the market for new balm this time I studiously avoided anything in a pot, that needed middlemaiden fingertips to apply. By the way did you know that Body Shop Lip Balms cost like 320 bucks. For a tiny pot. And from what I hear from my friend, it is all money down the drain.

The vanilla flavored Lotus lip balm was seemed nice, but it cost some 79/89 random bucks.. that is a lot I feel for some little balm in a tube. Upon having used it I will concede that it serves it's purpose. Lips don't crack and it smells nice, but it makes your lips look a little waxed and white for some reason. Just robs them of their color & prettiness

I feel let down, after paying so much for damn balm I just feel that it should do something else too, like have a color thrown in, or be a little glossy so that it looks good and your lips don't look like you just kissed a candle.

Now only if Biotique people came up with lip balm in a tube, that would be balm to my chapped lips.

Update (4th September): The cocoa flavored version of the Lotus Lip Balm smells ghastly. It is very heavy & nauseating for some reason. Plus it is not as moisturizing.

The Mint flavored one is just ok. Better than Cocoa, but vanilla is the best of the three.

Update (25th March 2012): I never repurchased this lip balm. While I personally loved it, the fact that it was such a big tub and had to be applied with fingers meant that it was always open to infection. Plus I got taken in by the much prettier Nivea lip balms. 

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  1. Yup..Ive been on BioLipbalm..and i really dont think that digging fingers in to it is a gud idea. However..I rarely go to it. Nowadays, Im on Nomarks Lipbalm and inexpensive too..kinda 30bugs or so..

    n Ha..By the way..Im Zwala..a new follower.. :)

  2. Hi Zwala, (tht is an interesting name)

    welcome to Addicted to Blush. I hope u enjoyed the blog.. do share your reviews with me...

    i stopped using Biotique after the infection.. I used lotus for a while & hated it.. then finally made some of my own which i am loving..

  3. Finally, my fav topic. I was so eager to tell u wat i felt on lotos lipbalms, but u already mentioned.

    lotus vanilla: liked it coz not as waxy and heavy, glides smooth and gave it to my mom. she happily finished that up :)

    lotus cocoa: god, horrible smell ever anybody cud imagine on lips. So waxy, tacky, heavy for some reason. dont know if its the formulation. am yet to finish this, yuck :( retailed for 75/- when i tried!

    i love the vaseline blue and white squeezy and thats has been my holy grail lip product. I always had 2/3 around and it never lets me down!
    retails for damn cheap price!

    biotique: now, i am not sure coz i have tonnes of balms lying around. but will surely try that one day :)

  4. mint flavor, i think thats purely marketing strategy and gimmick. i am on "anti-mint" campaign, especially lippies. others views might differ, but personally i dont htink that does a great help!

  5. Hey Divija: I bought the mint one for my hubby.. he doesn't seem to like it though... never see him using it..

    But this is interesting, why u on a anti-mint campaign?


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