Christmas Skin

Winter has begun to sweep chilly winds across Mumbai. Am sniffling myself while writing this.

It is a lovely, romantic weather. Mornings and Evenings are a delight. However skin gets more demanding during this time of the year. So here is a low-down on what I am finding useful this winter.

1. Biotique Wheatgerm Cream: A rich cream that contains naturally occurring Vitamin B and E along with A and D. It contains extracts of Carrot., Galangal, and Oils of Sunflower and Almond along with essential minerals. This is a very soothing cream and forms a good protective layer on skin without causing pimples. Costs 180 Rs. for 55 gms. As usual Khar Beauty Centre gives 15% discount

2. Lip Balm: Am still stuck with that Lotus Vanilla Lip Balm that I cribbed about last. Cannot seem to find anything else. The chocolate one I find that i cannot stand it's aroma. It is just too, well, sickly chocolate sweet. This one costs close to 90 Rs for a tube. Discount at KBC

3. Vaseline Intensive Care Hands and Nails: A new buy by me. Costs Rs. 50 for the small bottle. Found this while browsing at Big Bazaar. Have used it for two days only but i have to say this thing is good. It requires a little rubbing in, but it absorbs so
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completely am left amazed. No oily residue. The lotion claims to contain keratin as well. Hands and Feet are the most abused parts of our body. And it is these parts that give away our age as well as lack of concern for ourselves. No point having an unlined and pretty face if you have wrinkled hands. Women's hands especially take a lot of abuse. Constant dipping in water during house-work is very damaging to the hands.

Our hands are one of the hardest working parts of our body and often show signs of aging much faster than our

face. This is because every day our hands are subjected to UV rays, pollution, hot then cold temperatures. Each

time hands come in to contact with water – even if there is no detergent present - we lose natural oils and

moisture from our hands and nails. In addition, nails lose moisture at up to ten times the rate of skin, and of

course, when nails become dry, they can flake, peel and split
. This is what the company says:

Vaseline Hand and Nail has been improved to leave nails up to 50% stronger. The added milk proteins and AHA are renowned for enhancing nails and skin and helping to maintain young looking hands. Vaseline Intensive Care Hand and Nail has a unique formulation containing liposomes, with tiny little moisturising bubbles which quickly absorb into the skin without leaving your hands feeling sticky or greasy.

This is my routine till Christmas. Simple. Lots of Moisture and Oil laden creams for me. Now only if I could get my boyfriend to make me a hot cup of cappucino.
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