Lotus SheaMoist 24-hour moisturiser

I recently came across this new moisturizer by Lotus called Sheamoist. It is a runny, light lotion that smells sinfully of strawberries.

I bought it because it claims to be a 24 hr moisturizer. You may ask what the hell is that?

Here is what the company says: "This innovative 24-hr moisturizer containing shea butter and strawberry extract, moisturizes the skin for extended periods. The time-release formula ensures there are bursts of moisture at regular intervals."

I have tried this thing, and it does seem to be good, keeps skin soft. But for the life of me I cannot figure out this Time-Release Thingie..
Shea ButterImage by LilyBaySoap via Flickr

How the hell does it do that? what exactly do they mean by bursts of moisture? (I keep imaging a thousand sprinklers going off for a nanosecond on my skin every few hours) How do these bursts happen? Who is timing them?

I am so riddled with doubts like the riddler, that even though this product is quite good, I just keep looking at it with a little bit of suspicion. I wish the company would offer some greater insight into how the hell this thing works.

UPDATE 25th August 09: The bottle burst open in my purse and coated everything. I hope the bottle too was not programmed to burst open as per a time-release schedule.

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