Choose the best colors for your eyes

If you have been shopping for eye make-up recently you would have noticed the explosion of jewel toned eyeliners & shadows.

Personally I think they are fabulous!! Some are black with pretty colored sparkles/glitter added to them or jewel-toned with self colored sparkles/glitter. In any case we have moved ahead a long way from the plain old boring black & brown eyeliners which don't suit everyone.

Especially if you have colored eyes (other than black/dark brown) then you should try some of these jewel toned liners that can really bring out the colors of your eye.

However choosing jewel-toned/colored liners is an art that is, fortunately, very easy to master.

You always choose colors that will make your eye color pop. By pop I mean, make your eyes look mesmerizing, captivating, mysterious, deep & lovely.

To master this art, take a look at the color wheel below:

Locate the color of your eyes. Let's say your eyes are brown.

Now we start on the exciting journey of deciphering your colors.

For a formal/business looks: You will choose Analogous colors —any hue on the color wheel with two colors to the left or two colors to the right of the hue;
So if you have brown eyes, you can wear light pinks, warm greys & black as eyeliner/shadow colors.

For a chic or elegant look: choose colors to give a Monochromatic look—variations in value and intensity of a single color; so you stay in one color family, for example: pink. Get variations by using varying amounts and pressures during application of the same color.

For a sexy or sensuous look: Ok, this is the rule I follow most often. This is where jewel-toned liners can make your eyes rock. Choose colors that are Complementary—colors opposite each other on the color wheel;
So for brown eyes I would use Smokey Green, Sapphire Blues tinged eyeliners (black eyeliner with deep green or blue sparkles) or (if you are more adventorous) - emerald green or teal blue eyeliners

For a fun look: Choose Triadic colors—any three hues of an equidistant triangle on the color wheel; Katy Perry rocks this look (pic above on on your right) as you can see in the photographs. This requires very good skills of application and blending. Frankly, I love it, but I don't know if I can carry it off.
For an elegant or a sophisticated look: Use Achromatic colors, in other words create a smokey eye look by using a colorless scheme of black, white and gray,or any neutral color going from its lightest value to its darkest value, for example chocolate brown, white and light brown;

DIY Color Guide:
1. Black & Dark Brown Eyes
  • For a formal/business look: Black, Grey or Brown Eyeliner

2. Light Brown Eyes:

  • For a formal/business look: Black, Grey, light pink or Brown Eyeliner

3. Green Eyes:

  • For a formal/business look: Dark Blue, Grey, or Bronze Eyeliner
  • For a chic or elegant look: Lilac or matt Golden
  • For a sexy or sensuous look: Plum, Purple, Burgundy, Magenta,

Brands that stock eyeliners in colors
1. Jordana Easyliner retractable Eyeliner: available in blues, greens, browns & greys
2. Jordana Pencil Eyeliner: browns, blacks, greens, purples with flecks of jewel toned sparkles/glitter
3. Lakme Glide on Eye color: Bronze, Plum, Black, Gold, Green, Blue colors.
4. Lakme High Defination Eyeliner: Purples, Greens, Silvers
5. Lakme Liquid Eyeliner in colors: Jade, Onyx, are some of the shades. They are deep but don't have much sparkle to them (which you will miss if you are a glitter freak like me)

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  1. i always try to do some eye makeup and end up freakin to wash room, to wipe off the eye makeup, cos my eyes weep a lot, if theres something around.. haha..

  2. Hmm.. You seem to have very sensitive skin Zwala.. I don't know your age so I can't comment, but sometimes young skin (13-18yrs) tends to be sensitive..
    Maybe you shd visit a derm, s/he can diagnose the reason and cld prescribe something to reduce the sensitivity of your skin.

  3. This is actually true...the wheel's rite...i was looking for dis since a long time....i hv bookmarked dis...gr8 work!!

  4. Thks Sims... Glad to be of help :)

  5. Simran, you can visit this site

    the model here has brown eyes & u can do virtual make-up on her eyes to check out which colors wld suit yr eyes...

  6. Thanks it was really cool....
    I had mostly a lot of tp...did u see d way d eyeshadow get applied??LOL,
    Thanks though.

  7. This is a great post Tanveer! Thanks!


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