Common Salt in Skin Care

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Regular Salt (NaCl) is ubiquitous in our homes. It can be used in the following ways to aid and support your skin care regime

1. Exfoliation: Mix equal amounts of salt & oil (any oil you fancy). Use immediately (or else the salt will dissolve) as scrub to buff up your body & face. If you wish you can skip the oil, just dampen the skin where you intend to apply the salt & rub a dry spoonful of salt over it.

Salt demineralises (removes mineral ions that may be present on skin as a result of using body sprays or exposure to pollution - can result in free radical formation that damages collagen) and softens skin

Toner for Oily Skin: To reduce oiliness, fill a small spray bottle (50 ml) with tepid water, add 1 teaspoon salt, and spray on your face. Blot your face dry.

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3. Acne: Dab pimples with salt solution twice a day. This takes time, but it will slowly dry out any pus and also prevent re-infection. It is an astringent, antiseptic as well as anti-inflammatory.

4. Detoxification: Run a salt bath and immerse yourself or your feet for 20 minutes. Salt is an excellent detoxifying agent and can draw out impurities.
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