DIY Topical Vitamin C Serum

For those of you who have read all about the wondrous effects of Vitamin C, here is a simple DIY recipie for a home-made serum.

DIY 10% Home-made Serum

Dissolve 1 tablet of Celin 500 mg (Vitamin C Tablet by GSK Pharma, strip of 8 tablets costs 9 bucks) in 5 ml (1 & 1/2 spoonful) of cold water. Mix well and apply on face using a cotton. Let it stay for 15 mins. W
ash off.
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You can even be innovative and add any of the follwing
1. Use Rosewater as solvent instead of plain water
2. Add 2 drops glycerin to act as moisturizer as well as retard oxidation of Vitamin C.

3. Add few drops of Vitamin E
(Puncture a capsule & add, or else add few drops of olive oil or wheatgerm oil)

Points to remember
1. Use as soon as made. Vitamin C degrades rapidly in air or heat exposure. Always prepare fresh for use.
2. DO A PATCH TEST!!! before applying to face, do a patch test on upper arm. Vitamin C is absorbed rapidly into skin, and washing will not remove it. It stays there for up to 3 days, so do a patch test for sensitivity so that you are not walking around with a pink/swollen/rash/acne face for 3 days.
3. The solutions STINGS! It will sting on application as it is acidic. It is expected to. It is a sign it is being absorbed & is working from within.

Just to re-cap here are some proven benefits of Vitamin C

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  • Potent antioxidant, particularly in regard to protecting skin cells from UV-induced damage (we get exposed to UV generally through sunlight)
  • Delays tumor formation after (animal) skin is exposed to extensive UV damage
  • Reduces transepidermal water loss, thus strengthening skin's barrier response, increases moisture content and thereby hydration of the skin.
  • Promotes collagen production and has the potential to thicken the dermis, and hence has anti-aging effects. It can combat the age linked destruction of collagen
  • Reduces inflammation (I used this after a bad sun burn. It reduced the redness and also prevented tanning to a great extent)
  • Ascorbic acid at levels of 5% and above has a positive effect on hyperpigmentation
  • Improves the appearance of sun-damaged skin by strengthening skin's repair mechanisms
  • Enhances the effectiveness of dermatologist-performed procedures such as peels and microdermabrasion


  1. wow..uve got great information there..
    Thanx for sharing.. :)

  2. Very easy n nice....a must try!!

  3. @ Zwala: You're welcome :)

    @ Simran: & really cheap too!! I'll give u a couple of tabs when i drop by.. try & see. :)

  4. I do have a question - if you are using it freshly made, why to use tablets? I mean you can directly use the orange juice or if it is not available lemons are always available and the natural Vitamin C provides more benefits than just ascorbic acid....

  5. @Anonymous: Simply because when I make a solution with the tablet I can control the concentration of the final solution as I know what dilution to use. In case of lemon/orange juice, there is no standardisation - each piece may have a different amount, plus I don't know how many lemons or oranges I will need to juice to get a final 10% solution.

    Hence I prefer to use tablets. You are most welcome to use lemons/oranges if they suit your skin :)

  6. Love this post & all the additional skin care tips on your blog - I’ve been pinning like crazy! Could you tell me where I could get a dark glass decanter as such to store it in? Also do I stockpile this in the fridge or in my cabinet? I discovery glycerin makes the serum very adhesive. I currently use the recipe from magnificently green and her recipe only calls for 1 tsp. of glycerin and I can barely stand the adhesiveness from that
    topical vitamin c

  7. How to make 20% vit c solution with celin tablets

    1. Hey, reiterating the question above. Could I just use 2 Celin tablets in 5 ml of water for a 20% solution? Also do I make the solution again for application at night - with the same proportions? Which would mean if I need a 20% concentration I need to use 2 Celin tablet for my morning application and 2 for the night. Would this be accurate?


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