Dove Soap... Falling standards???

Yes, Dove soap is sure as hell better than the soaps/bars in the market right now, leaves skin soft and is very good during winter as another Armour in the battle against flakiness.

But it's quality seems to have fallen, this Dove is not the same creamy moistury Dove I used 7 years ago, that Dove was so rich and creamy and lovely..

maybe they changed the composition to counter the complaints that the soap melted very easily and so barely lasted.

It has become a little harder now, but I feel it is after compromising on the moisture within.

What do you feel? Do you think that the quality has fallen?

BTW, please be careful and steer clear of Dove soap bars that that are sold at Dollar stores. They are all counterfeit products exported from China which is why they are cheaper..
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  1. yes, the dove soap bar i used many years ago was extremely soft and moisturising. however, i prefer the newer albeit harder bar. it lasts longer, has the same fragrance, yet does not compromise too much on moisturising.

  2. Hey Rima, Thks for yr comment! Glad to know that you like the new harder version of Dove :D :D

    Unfortunately, it does not cut the ice for me as far as their promise on moisturization is concerned. We all have different skins that react in their own ways. I preferred the older Dove. :D

  3. i used dove in india & uk, as well! i feel its harder here compared to the indian one, might sound stupid, but thats wat i found :) it is not the same old messy dove :)

  4. yea Divija, the other day my friend & i were discussing the same... she has been using the german version, & this one is softer then da indian one.. I guess they alter it i every country.. But frankly I really don't like the Indian version at all..

  5. oh n i thot i was d only one who felt so..the moisturising effect has gone down a loot n i liked d old one better :( n yes i did find a difference in quality in d indian one n d imported one..

  6. even i found the difference b/w this n the one i used during schooling...aloevera dove(green package)one is gud..donno if its available in friend lovees it...


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