Easyliner Jordana in Smokey

Indian women swear by the Kohl Eyed Look: copius amounts of black kajal/eyeliner..

But there are some unfortunate souls like me who just cannot carry off the black look without looking like a goth. (not that there is anything bad looking like a goth; but i feel all looks have their time and place and looking like a goth in office is not one of them)

The Easyliner by Jordana in Smokey should be an essential item in the vanity bags of those who cannot carry off black like me but would still want to create a smokey look.

1. Lovely shade, dark but not black, light but not grey.. brings out my green eyes making them look very mysterious. (my husband's opinion.. not mines)
2. Amazing packaging, no sharpening, twist-up pencil.
3. lovely texture, easy to apply without tugging on skin
4. Staying power, will stay for a good 3-4 hours
5. Can be used by those who wear contacts.

1. Cost me around 165 Rs at NBC.

They also have a number of other interesting shades like eggplant (purple) & bronze.. I have not tried those as of now but will pick them up on my next visit...

If you too have tried Jordana do share your opinion...

Till then, stay mysterious...
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  1. HI. Where do you get Jordana stuff in India?

  2. @Afterglow: Hi, you get Jordana products at all Beauty Centres (Crawford market, Khar & kandivali) in Mumbai.


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