Full of Vitamins? Apply it to your face...

One of the biggest myths in skincare is that topical vitamins (i.e. vitamins when applied in a lotion form directly to the skin) do not do any good.

It is always assumed that the talk of all these vitamins is just a fancy
marketing story and if you plan to use vitamins for skin, you have to eat it to reap its benefits. Not true.

Scientists have found that topical application of Vitamins is highly beneficial to our skin. One of the pioneers in this field is Dr. Perricone. His book "The Wrinkle Cure" was
one of the first books to suggest that topical application is equally if not more beneficial than ingesting for the skin.

Why not take them by mouth?
Beacuse no matter how vitamin-rich your diet is, there's no surety that the anti-aging benefits of vitamins will actually reach your skin--they may be preoccupied elsewhere in

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the body and there is no way to stop that from happening. The need of internal organs is always given priority over skin and hair by the body. But when topically applied these vitamins can penetrate the skin layers to act as anti-oxidants.
How can you benefit from this information?
  • Use skin-care products formulated with natural ingredients that contain a wide variety of vitamins. The Biotique range is one good option.
  • Use home-made skin care products as far as possible. That way you can reap benefits. Add small bits of fruits to home-made masks.
  • I shall be blogging individual posts on each of the vitamins very soon. 
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