Guide to Make-up Shopping

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Make-up, especially good make-up, can be expensive. It always hurts when you but something that looks good in the store, but horrible on your face at home as it represents a wasted opportunity. You could have bought something better, something more.

So here is a quick guide on how to correctly try make-up before buying

Rule no. 1: Always Try, then Buy
The problem in India is that a lot of stores that sell make-up have men behind the counters. These men do not keep testers for the make-up. That is because since they don't wear it themselves, they just don't understand how the colors & textures of make-up products tend to be different in tubes & different on the skin. The make-up may be cheaper or sold at discounted rates at these stores, but remember that buying such products is always a gamble. You may end up wasting money, & not saving it.

A tip is to visit bigger stores where there are plenty of trial samples. Try & select what you need and then either buy it from there or get back to your kirana store and get the discounted version. But try first. always

Rule no. 2: Try foundations, concealer & blushes on the inner part of your wrist or inner part of lower arm.
The back of our hands tend to darker than our face as it gets less care and protection, plus it is exposed to the sun more frequently. The inner side of the wrist and the arm tend to match our face more closely.

Rule no. 3: Try Eyeliners & eyeshadow on the back of the hand.
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If possible you should always try eyeliners directly on the eye to observe how the color interacts with your skin and eyes. However if you don't wish to do so because of health reasons or the salesperson won't let you do so, then try them on the back of your hand. Remember that since you will be applying them close to dark lashes and in an area that does not attract light, what is visible on your hand may disappear next to the lashes on the lid. So if the color seems only a shade or two darker than your normal skin tone, Reconsider.

Rule no. 4: Try lipsticks, glosses & all lip colors on the tips of your fing
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The skin on your fingertips is as thin and as blood vessel rich as your lips. This is especially true if you have pigmented lips. The color on your finger tips tends to be much closer to the color of your lips as again compared to your hands.

To test durability and stickiness of these products, just rub your fingertips together very lightly - with no pressure. This simulates the same motion that our lips undergo day long when eating, talking et al. So you won't land up with a product that feels sticky, or smudges easily.
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  1. Good job ... i really didn't know bout d gloss..

  2. Awsome Tanveer, your blog has really helped me a lot in knowing some minute but imp things abt makeup, especially this post. thanks!


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