How to use the right make-up for your undertone

Do you have bottles of lip color and eye make-up that looks fab in the container otherwise but horrible on you? It is because the colors don't match your undertone.

In cosmetics, undertone refers to cool or warm tones (colors found underneath the skin) of the skin. Your undertone is determined by the color of your eyes, your natural hair color, and which colors make you look pretty.

Using make-up that matches your tone will make it look more natural and pretty. When you use make-up that does not match your tone, it looks artificial.

You are a
cool undertone (C) if:
Skin: Rosy, pink, biege in color. Burns easily when exposed to sun.Eyes: blue, voilet, greyVeins on wrist appear: BlueHair: blond, brunette, black, dark brownColors of clothes that look good: Pinks, BluesJewellery: Silver, Platinum, white metal look best.Make-up: you should choose your eye shadow, blush, and lip colors from the cool color family. The cool color family is your pinks and roses and also includes fuchsias, violets, lavenders, grapes, cherries and wines. Pinks and roses are good for cool to neutral skin tones.

You are a
warm undertone (W) if:Skin: yellow, orange, olive undertones. Tans easily when exposed to sun, but do not burn.Eyes: brown, green, hazelVeins on wrist appear: greenHair: brunntte, red, blondColors that you rock: Yellow and orange shades perk you upJewellery: Gold all the wayMake-up: you should choose your colors from the warm color family. The beiges and browns are considered warm colors and includes: browns, bronzes, golds, mochas, taupes and spices. Beiges and browns are good for warm to neutral skin tones.

& if, like me, you seem to fall into neither, fret not. You are a
neutral (N) undertone.
Skin: if fair or light pink, you lean towards cool. If yellow, you lean towards warm.Eyes: AllHair: AllColors you rock: This can help you decide which side you lean on. All shades of pink(baby to bright fuchsia) look good on me, but only sunshine, bright yellow and deep orange look good on me. I look sickly and palid in pastel, lemon yellow or peachy, light orange colors implying that I lean towards cool undertones.

If you
lean towards warm undertones, all yellow and orange shades will look good on you, but will not be able to carry off fuchsia pink. You will although look good in baby pink.
Make-up: you should choose your eye shadow, blush, and lip colors from one of the neutral color families. Mauves and berries are considered neutral. Mauves and berries also include: mauves, berries, plums, burgundies, lilacs, and cranberries. Mauves and berries are good for cool to neutral skin tones but leans more toward neutral.

Corals and reds are also considered neutral. Corals and reds include: peaches, corals, oranges, brownish reds, tawnies, apricots, and all shades of red except for the bluish reds, which are considered cool. Corals and reds are good for
neutral to warm skin tones but leans more toward the neutral.


  1. thats a gud reference there..i shud bookmark this.. :)

  2. I'm still confused!!!I think i'm a mix..maybe i can play hot n cold at d same time...HA HAHAAA!!

  3. hahhaha.. Sims u have a cool undertone. At least tht is wht i think..

  4. Hi.I just came across your blog last week and i m loving all of it..being a small town girl i don't have much knowledge on make-up but your tutorials are life-saver for me,whenever i try them i got a lot of compliments...thanks a lot 4 your wonderful work...i admire your honest reviews on products and using them as my guide.Long before i read this article, i wasn't sure which undertone i am,so i thought myself as warm tone and bought makeup accordingly.But I always wonder why it make me look horrible and always artificial.But since this week i m using colors for cool tone and my look is really improved,i look fresh and radiant.all thnx 2 u dear...Oh i forgot to say,you are now my "MAKEUP IDOL"


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