I hate Sunscreen

UPDATE: 10th Dec 09
It seems that since I wrote this post, a lot of companies just flooded the market with multi-functional sunscreens.

So now if you are finiky like me and looking for a low spf sunscreen, you can reach out for
1. Maybelline White Stay UV Compact with spf 8
2. Ponds Age Miracle Tinted Moisturiser with spf 15 (My favorite in the lot)

3. Streetwear Crystal Shine with spf 15
4. Nivea lip balm with ambigious spf

Basically you get my point. If it is low spf protection you need, a sticky sunscreen lotion is not necessary anymore. Using Ponds has made my life easier as now I get sunscreen protection in my moisturizing foundation!

I hate Sunscreen!

There, I got it out of my system. I know, I have read all there is about Sun exposure & how it is a sin to step out without wearing one & yaada, yaada..

But it just looks yucky! I have tried brands like Garnier, Lakme, Lotus & Biotique (this was the least offensive of the lot) & just hate the oily feeling they leave you with.

The sunscreen just sits on my face like a layer attracting dirt & results in pimples. Besides it makes me sweat like a pig! so all of it comes off anyway when i keep wiping my face.

My solution: Lotus Suncreen Facewash. Atleast something goes on.

Other than that, I apply sunscreen only under extreme duress.

What Cardinal beauty sin are you commiting?

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  1. I hated it too, but then suddenly I get all these new freckles from the sun... blurgh...
    so now I have to use it. I use Dermalogica moisterizer and mix it with a sunscreen from the same brand. It's quite good, and doesn't look shiny!


  2. Hi TFN, :) :)

    Tht's nice..

    we don't get this brand Dermalogica here in India (even the international brands like Neutogena here tend to sell older product lines or not the entire range here *sigh*) so until then i guess i'll just lug my umbrella around to protect me :D

  3. Me hates sunscreen too!!Haha I don't evn hav one!

  4. @ Sims: Now you can get moisturizers & products that contain sunscreen.. No need for an extra product at all!

  5. oh i so agree with you! a separate sunscreen is killjoy.

  6. @ Rima: I know! I think it is a waste these days to buy a separate sunscreen at all :D

  7. Hey T! I was looking to replenish my sunscreen and i came here and searched your blog to see what you had to say about it. I'm very fussy about SS too! I hate the oily, greasy, sunscreen most companies have out there today, but a friend of mine recommended a lotus sunscreen that I use and really love. I know you've mentioned lotus in your post but I'm not sure which one you have been using.

    The ones I have are gel-based sunscreens from Lotus called antitan gel (SPF 30) and Mattegel (SPF 50). Both of them are stunningly non-greasy and actually cool your skin when you apply them.

    The only downside is of course, when they dry up and you accidentally rub your skin the dried-up sunscreen starts to flake out. Which is why I was looking to switch sunscreens.

    Sigh. It's a small price to pay for non-icky-sticky sunscreens, so I guess I will stick to them until I come across a better alternative.


  8. PS just been reading the comments, I can't imagine skipping the sunscreen just because my compact or moisturizer had it! The SPF is too less and I suspect i won't be protected unless I have a thick layer of at least 30 SPF block on my skin!

    I never used sunscreen until about a year back. Then I went to a beach for a weekend, hung out there in beachwear for a couple of hours, came back with STARK tan lines staring me in the face, those tan lines took *months* to go away! That was what evangelized me to a devout sunscreen user.


  9. @ Ashtoreth: I have dry skin so i have never used these gels. I used to use Lotus Sunscreen with spf 50 - the normal one in lotion form. It was an oil free version that came in spray bottle. Frankly it was useless. I even took it with on my Kerala trip & i came back more tanned and burnt despite the fact that i had foregoed all makeup on my honey moon trip for that stupid sunscreen.

    Then last month when i went to Goa, I didn't take any sunscreen. I just carried my Ponds tinted moisturizer with spf 15, a floppy hat & sunglasses and I was actually less tanned as compared to kerala despite all the sunning on the beach.

  10. @ Ash: I don't think wearing a sunscreen keeps us from tanning. Yes it does block the UV rays, but u cannot just stop the skin from reacting and melanin is the skin's way of reacting to the sun. The sunscreen forms a thin film but it is not a thick plastic sheet, the sunlight will hit your skin, it will set off a reaction. I think sunscreen prevents sun induced damage from occurring, but tan we will. :D

  11. Hey, Came across your blog..Have to say it is amazing. Keep up the good work.
    I have oily skin and had a tough time finding a suitable sunscreen too. After trying out many products, I feel Olay white radiance with spf 24 is by far one of the best texture wise. It gets absorbed pretty fast.
    That said I remember my dermatologist mentioning that the sunscreens that actually work are the ones that are white and sticky when you apply it and takes a while to sink in to the skin.

  12. many brands have non-greasy sunscreens. try and find one that suits your skin the most. i always use a sunblock every morning as the doc says you will never know when the sun damage on your skin will show up!

  13. @Maria: Thks for the prdt recco of Olay.. will def try it out. & Thks for the tip on effective sunscreens - I hope that my neutrogena one is white n sticky enuf :D

    @Anon: I agree! I have begun to use Neutrogena SPF 50 now. Prevention always better than cure! :D

  14. A sun screen with spf 15 offers 98% protection from uva/b rays. Any thing more than that just gives a marginal 0.5-0.8% extra. So no point in paying a fortune for spf 50-60 etc even they cannot afford protection beyond 99%. SPF doesnot indicate protection from tanning, its the strength of uv protection.
    To prevent tanning you will have to use sun blocks. They are opaque and form a physical block against sun's rays. These contain zinc oxide (like calamine lotion). But since they are opaque they give a painted appearance.Not very good cosmetically.
    I've been a religious follower of lotus sunscreens for the past 4.5 yrs. I started with the lotion which made my skin very oily. I switched to the sunscreen gels which were wonderful, I got the matte gel with spf50 at first,later I switched to the one with spf30, much more quantity at a lower prize.
    Garnier Light face wash used immediately after sun exposure prevents tanning to some extend.

  15. I do hate applying sunscreen and the one reason is that I never got one which would work on me......I have tried lots and all were really horrible and would cause my skin to become dull and greasy even though I have a drier skin.....

  16. @Jayabharti: Thks for the tips! Lotus sunscreens don't seem to suit me for some reason. I am using Neutrogena spf 50 sunblock these days & quite liking it.


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