Jordana Easyliner for Eyes in Lavish Brown

I just love this eyeliner color!! It is amazing. I had bought this as a gift for a friend, but it tempted me so much that I kept it for myself (wicked me :P)

A very sexy looking dark chocolate brown (refer to cake picture below to get a sense of its color, it is pretty much the same & equally yummy), it is intense without being over-bearing. It is dark but not gothic.


1. Very rich color, it is a coffee - dark chocolate kind of brown.
2. Very smooth creamy application. No rubbing.
3. Twist - up packaging is easy to use. No sharpening.
4. An excellent substitute for black - you get the intensiveness without the harshness.
5. Is a warm shade therefore will suit most skin coloration.
6. Is an excellent shade for day time wear
7. Will suit all eye colors other than black.
8. Compliments all lip shades as well.

A dark chocolate Tim TamImage via Wikipedia

1. Priced at 165 Rs.
2. Color may not show up on darker skin people.
3. Tends to rub off easily. Needs re-application every 4 hours.
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  1. It shows up on all skin complexions.

  2. @Anon: Glad to know it showed up on yours :D.. Unfortunately, it is a little too light for me :D

  3. Hey,

    Am a big fan of Jordana coloured eyeliners (the retractable pencil variety)....

    Can't get enough of 'Lavish Brown'...great for every day wear...

    I have another in 'Seagreen', beautiful forest green with a hint of absolute must for perking one up on depressing days!

  4. @ST: Hey! Glad u like this too! I haven't tried Sea Green as yet.. I will look out for this :)


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