Jordana Sale - Buy One, Get one free

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For those of you who reside in Mumbai, there is some good news!!

New Beauty Centre (Khar) is having a buy one, get one free sale on all Jordana products. But within the same category. So you get one eyeliner (of any color) free with a purchase of one eyeliner. Similar for blush, glosses & lipsticks.

I don't know how long this offer is for so I suggest you make a run for it.

Btw, other than their great eyeliners (Rs. 165/-), Jordana blushes & lipsticks are quite good too.

UPDATE: 4th August '09: Offer has been closed ppl. I hope you managed to pick up some stuff.
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  1. ooh..lucky u.. :)
    n hey..ive got a question that i wanted to ask u, hope u dont mind..
    Ive bought Lakme peach milk, n it doest state 'mineral oil' in their ingredients list. So, how did u came to know abt all the ings?

  2. Mineral oil is also known by a number of other names such as baby oil, liquid paraffin, Paraffinum Liquidum, petrolatum, et al.

    Lakme as a policy never states the complete list of ingredients, only active ingredients so there is really no way of knowing what exactly it contains.

    Secondly, I can't remember putting up any post where I reviewed or listed "all" the ingredients of lakme peach milk moisturiser.

    I remember mentioning it in a reply to you that peach milk contains mineral oil that i find comodogenic. I know this out of my personal experience. Mineral oil just sits on my face and gives me oily skin acne, which is what I get when i used Lakme moisturisers.

    Hence my choice to stay away from Lakme skin care products. I love their current make-up line though :D...

    Please don't take my word as the final word on your skin-care. You are the sole custodian for it, and please use what-ever suits you best.

  3. ooh..i dint mean that u know "all" the ingredients..i have to be more precise in that case..
    n i agree that ive asked u just after a conversation via comment-replies..n yup..uve not ever mentioned it any of ur posts..
    Just want to say.., the product that ive bought, the label(design, n all that) changed a little bit from what i saw online..n asked the SA,n she told me that this is new improved that the older one might have listed 'mineral oil'..But, further, when i saw, Vaseline Intensive Body lotion,they stated 'Mineral oil' as their 'Active Ingredient'. So here again..i though the new Lakme one might not have included and i thought that u might have used the original might have got 'mineral oil' in the ing list..So thats all..i thought in that way..n wanted to ask u abt the earlier product n i honestly doesnt mean that u r stating that..

    n yeah..more over it does leave that slight greasy feel on the skin.. :) n not caused any acne breakouts so far...but have to try few more weeks..
    And thanx for replying..

  4. OMG ..Tanveer..Jordana Sale !!! pls pls pls buy them for me and parcel them to me!!!pls pls pls.
    I'll transfer the amount to your account if you agree..pls pls pls


  5. ohh!! oh!!! just saw that this is an old post:(

  6. @Swati: I am so sorry, but this is a very old post.. :(

    I'll let u know the next time thr is a sale :)


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