Lakme Just Kissed Cheek & Lip Tint - Review

This is by far the best blush I have used

Correction:(24th August 09) This is by far the most natural looking blush I have used. This is certainly not the best as it requires skilled and extremely quick application. Further you need to either naturally porcelain clear skin with no acne blemishes (not me) or else a thick layer of foundation. So this is not easy to incorporate into a daily quick 5 minute routine. The blush is more of a stain and more often than not I ended up looking splotchy rather than glowing. The tint settled into my acne scars & made them more redder and even more prominent. Not exactly the effect i was looking for. I realised this after struggling for over a month with this tint. It worked marvellously when I had some concealer & foundation on my skin. But it requires a lot of deft practice &; quick strokes. 

Will I buy this again: No, I don't think so, since I don't use a foundation daily.

Review: (posted earlier) This is a liquid gel like blush that instantly absorbs into the skin to give the most natural shade that your skin takes on when you naturally blush. I think that this blush has some chemicals that react with the skin that result in blood being drawn up to the surface.

To apply dab small dots from brush directly on cheek. Use finger to spread & blend. Similar for lips.


1. Absolutely natural color even if you apply excess it still looks real & won't make you look like a clown
2. Is water resistant and lasts for 4-5 hours
3. very multi-functional and can be used as lip stain
4. is a good way to bring life to your face in the rains. Plus it won't bleed or wash off.

1. The packaging - the brush at the end is very user-unfriendly. It is useful only if you want to apply to your lips directly. I think they can eliminate that all together.
2. The price: costs 210 Rs. for a 9ml small tube.
3. Do not apply on inflamed skin, rashes or pimples - may cause stinging or react adversely.

Since the reason this thing works is a little shrouded in mystery, I suggest that you do a patch test before buying this. Visit any Lakme counter and get a trial done on hand. Wait for 24 hours, if there is no allergic reaction that it maybe safe for you to use this


  1. As I Love Natural Looking Blush.
    I Tried Lakme's "Just Kissed" Cheek and lip Tint.
    I have pinkish undertone,I hath to use a bit heavy..for that Pink Glow on my cheeks :(
    I finished a tube 10 Days :(
    I wish,It would be more Darker..I loved the color and glow..But I was not satisfied :(

  2. You wanted this to be darker?? I always feel that this should be a little less pigmented as it gives a rather vivid burst of color.. Too bad it didn't work for you and got over in ten days, My first tube of this is still going strong. Maybe you could try Bourjois - they have a number of tints, that might be dark enough for you. :)

  3. Can anyone tell me where to find this thing. I have gone mad searching for it! It is no more available in Beauty centers across mumbai!
    Please help!!


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