Nivea Lip Balm in Star Fruit Cherry - a review

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The search for the tinted lip balm is over!!

Some of you who follow this blog regularly may be familiar with my Epic scale hunt for a tinted lip balm that actually would be tinted on the lips and not just in the tin. You will find that international markets retail lip balms in a wide variety of tints (red, pinks, browns et al). Major brands include
Bobby brown, Neutrogena

Most colored lip balms in available in India do not transfer any color to the lip including the very inviting looking
and so on.VOV lip balms in pots. They appear colorless when applied despite being red colored in the packaging. & I hate colorless lip balms. They look waxy, heavy, unglossy, inspiring and make your face look very dull. Lips loose their sheen and that is not a very good look on pigmented lips that we Indians have.

I heard about this lip balm from my friend who was raving about the beautiful color it gave to her lips. I resisted initially, I thought another one of those fake tinted balms. Until I saw it on my friend one day, I was very intrigued at what she had used on her lips that made them look so fab but so natural. Answer: Nivea
lip balm in Cherry

Next time I was in the market I bought it. It is a thick fat tube, designed like a lipstick actually. Very bright red in color.


  • Almond Oil
  • Shea butter (very good for the lips - highly nourishing)
  • Hydramine (the company claims that it is naturally found compound in the lip skin, I have been googling this for quite some time & all that I could find is that Hydramine is a brand name for the drug diphenhydramine. This medicine is an antihistamine, and can be used for the prevention of motion sickness, parkinsonism, and allergic reactions. Side effects of Hydramine include drowsiness, dizziness, headache, constipation, blurred vision, and dry mouth can occur. So I have no idea what Nivea is talking about - Maybe someone from the company if they are reading this can shed some light. As of now as per my information, since this seems to have nasty side-effects I suggest you do a patch test on arm before use. I have been using it for 2 weeks and have not experienced any of the above)
  • Grape Seed Extract
1. Tinted!! a beautiful fuchsia color that has staying power. Even after the balm is absorbed the color stays on your lips.
2. Very natural color - the color of your lips but better.
3. Quite hydrating.
4. Absorbs quickly. Non-sticky. Non-greasy. Does not sit on the lips.
5. Good large thick stick. I like the quantity for the price of Rs. 119/-
6. The packaging is very good - no danger of misplacing tiny caps
7. Is a very good blush in emergency situations
8. Does not seem to contain petroleum wax - I am allergic to that and my lips dry out into flakes when using it. The ingredient list is not complete so I have no idea what their base wax is (beeswax? petroleum jelly? something else? - I am as clueless as you)

1. I have no idea what this hydramine is. If it is NMF (natural moisturising factor) I have not heard of it.
2. Very few colors & flavours - only strawberry (which I think is lighter than cherry) other than cherry is available
3. People who like the feel of slickness between their lips will not enjoy this as it absorbs within 30 mins so there is no slippery slickness to the feel - making it seem like lips are dry.
4. Full ingredient listing not provided on label.
5. The pack says UV Protection but there is no mention of either the SPF or the ingredient that is responsible for UV protection
6. The pack also claims 8 hour moisturising. It actually translates into about 4 - 5 hours in practice.

Just a tid-bit: These lip balms are sold across Europe & Germany under the brand name "Labello" which means beautiful lips. Apparently from what I read online the ones sold abroad are available in a huge range of colors(passion fruit, dragon fruit, cherry, strawberry) & are much better in quality. Wonder when Nivea will bring more of those here.


  1. Hello dear, labello and nivea are different companies! Labello sells lots of lipbalm in many shades and flavour! Nivea don't sell lipbalm in europe! When i went to india last summer i was surprised to see that they also have a lip range! I tried the strawberry lipbalm but i prefer labellos! Nice blog!
    Ps: do you know aroma magic brand? I ordered some of their products.

  2. Hi Litchi,

    Thanks for your comment & appreciation on the blog!!

    Yes, Labello & Nivea are different companies.

    But Labello is a company that is owned by the same management that owns Nivea. They sell the same Labello lip range (albeit, a much smaller one - only 1-2 flavors & types) under the brand name of nivea here in India.

    So much so, even the packaging of the balm, the design of the tube, the images and graphics used on these packaging are identical for both Nivea & Labello. Do a quick google image search & you'll see yourself.

    I can't comment on the quality as I have not used Labello, but I won't be surprised that it differs. Most companies do that including J&J. The products sold here generally do not match up in quality when compared to those bought abroad.

    Yes, I know of AromaMagic brand. I use their Rose Skin Toner & some essential oils (for Acne) quite frequently. What did you order?

  3. sold out going to get it soon.. :)
    n u give out nice reviews..i shud get some time to stay with ur blog now..
    keep going,,:p

  4. Thks for the encouragement Zwala!! :D

  5. I ordered: aha serum, anti pigmentation serum, fairy oil and flawless oil. But my fav brand is biotique! I love their face packs!! Since i use ayurveda products my skin is so soft and looks much better! I have an acne proned skin and since i use their clove pack i have less pimples! Nice blog, good job!

  6. Hey Litchi!!

    I too just love Biotique. I am a big fan & i will be reviewing even more of their products shortly.

    I have not tried any of the products you mentioned from Aroma Magic. But i regularly use their skin toner, the acne oil & fairy lotion all which are pretty satisfactory. Do share your reviews of the products that you have bought!

    & thks for the kind words :)

  7. I also ordered Fairy lotion!

    I'm a big fan of biotique. All their face packs are great! I tried fairness pack, mud pack, pistachio pack and clove pack!!! I also used their eyecream, coconut cream, quince seed cream&papaya scrub! Girl, I love this brand! Before trying Biotique, I used to use Clinique&Clarins for my face but frankly i prefer Biotique.

    I would get my order next week. After trying aroma magic's products i would love to review them.
    I'm looking forward your reviews!

  8. Ohh... I have never used any of their face packs.. But have used a no. of their other pdts. Just put up a new post on Wheat Germ Cream. Which face pack is the best?

  9. Good review! I thinks wheat germ cream is a bit rich for my oily skin.
    Fairness pack is the best one. It doesn't make skin fairer but it reduce blemishes, scars, marks and make skin more glowy!

  10. Hello Tanveer, i have a question: how do you use aroma magic's fairy lotion?? Should i use it as a toner? Thanks in advance

  11. Hey Litchi,

    have put up a post answering your question. Hope it helps :D..

  12. WOW, u have encoraged me to buy this as well :D

  13. @Litchi -- You mentioned you bought Aroma Magic's AHA and anti-pigmentation serum. What are your opinions on them? I'm thinking of getting the AHA 10 ampule pack serum from their range and was wondering what you have to say about it. Is it effective?

  14. hi im akhila here...
    i wanted to know if there are any side effects from these lip balms by nivea. becuase ive been using them from past 3years and i personally feel that my lips have become dark now. Is it because of the lip balm??


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