Olive Oil as Make-Up remover

We all know how it is said that the reason Mediterranean women have flawless skin is becoz they apply any excess olive oil while cooking onto their faces...

I believe that this might be as these women didn't have to deal with sensitive, inflamed, irritated skin that we have to deal with thanks to the pollution in air, water as well as the daily assault of chemicals in our soaps and cosmetics..

Olive oil seems to be no friend of skin like this, just making it worse by cutting off air from the pores and blocking them..

1. Very strong make-up remover, dissolves even the most water resistant mascara
2. Does not dry skin
3. is natural

1. Very heavy and difficult to wash off... as a result make-up particles that get suspended in oil, tend to stay back on the face and block pores causing pimples.
2. Expensive
Rosewater Pistachio

3. Feels tacky and thick

But, if you'll see i have said that i will but this again... that is becoz i believe i may have figured a way out i can harness its super solvent powers without channeling its super sticky powers..

Here's what I do: Take a peice of cotton, wet it with rose water, add 2-3 drops of olive oil.
Rub all over face to remove make-up and impurities.
If make-up still left on face, repeat procedure with new cotton ball.
Post removal, wash face with mild cleanser.. but wash face thoroughly..

This is one way i have figured i can use olive oil to remove make-up, but the dilution in water stops it from taking over my face and the washing post cleaning, further removes any oil left behind...

If you guys try this do let me know your experience with it.

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