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Revlon LipGlide in Sparkling Sangria

I discovered this jewel while randomly browsing at Alfa. The packaging says gloss, but when I tried it was this very rich colored gloss,unlike the lifeless colorless glosses I generally see. Most glosses are too pallid according to me. Or have too much sparkle and shine to them. But this one is a very rich bodied color with no sparkly little specks.

It is bold, it is strong and makes no bones about it.

Plus the packaging was very intriguing. So I got it.

This is a very lipsticky kind of Gloss. I mean isn't gloss meant to go on top of lipcolor? but this thing is so intense that it is like liquid lipstick.

What the company claims: Glide on full color and shine with Revlon LipGlide. Ultra-reflective micro prisms provide intense color application and glossy shine. Packed with vitamins C & E and jojoba oil for smooth, soft, comfortable lips. In 24 shiny, full color coverage shades.

1. Very glamourous, very hollywoodish kind of color. Makes u look like a diva.

2. the gloss has amazing intensity to it so it gives off a deep rich color that is shiny as well: kinda like lipstick + gloss combined
Lipstick used to make a symbolic kiss.Image via Wikipedia

3. the packaging is very very good. Prevents the entire product from getting contaminated - most glosses have a stick applicator that u use on yr lips and then it dips back into the entire product in the bottle.
It is available in this twist-up sponge tipped applicator tube that is easy to carry. You can carry this thing in your purse for days when you need to dress up to go out after office hours.

4. Staying power: unlike lipglosses that come off in a hour or so, this one has staying power.. lasts for 4-5 hours

5. Not sticky like normal glosses, but very moisturizing. This one will not dry out your lips.

6. High adaptable and suitable to both day & night wear..

1. Well it is not exactly a gloss. It is not meant to go on top of a lipstick due to its intensity. You can put this on top of a similar colored lip-stain though, increases its staying power tremendously.

2. is a little expensive at 180 bucks (Alfa)

3. Have only seen this thing at Alfa. NBC does not carry it.

I love this color. It is red without being too red or cheap looking. Looks really nice if you are of fair coloration.

You can also tone down its intensity by layering your lips with a lip balm and then apply a small dot on the center of your lower lip and spread using your fingers. This makes a nice lighter shade for those less adventurous but is a very fresh color that I think will suit all girls.

They also have a number of other amazing shades in this series like pinks, nudes and a lot of reds & maroons to suit everyone.

Do share your thoughts if you have tried this product!!
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