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Biotique Papaya Scrub - a review

Biotique’s Papaya Scrub says “7-day scrub” on its packing. I don’t exactly understand what that means. It could be
  1. It has to be used for 7 days consecutively for maximum effect
  2. It is safe enough for everyday use
I am of the opinion that exfoliation everyday is not very good for the skin. I’ll go into the reasons in another post. It would suffice for now to say that frequent exfoliation can result in micro tears and cuts in the skin.
Coming back to the review, the ingredients of this scrub are
5% Sushk Papita Churn (Papaya seed): The seed of papaya fruit is rich in nourishing omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids. Historically, Indian healers have made pastes from crushed papaya seeds to treat rashes and other minor skin problems.
3% Shushk kadliphal Churn (Musa Paradisica/banana): has cellulose, protein, potassium, provitamin A, macrocells, organic acid (apple one mainly), vitamins C, B, PP and E. Pulp of banana used in cosmetic masks has perfect emollient, moistening and smoothing effects.Banana peels contains lutein, an antioxidant and plenty of potassium.
0.8% Amra Churn (mangifera Indica): Mango Butter is an emollient with healing and regenerative properties and is a good source of essential fatty acids.
2% Khajur Phal Kwath (phoenix sylvestris): Extracts of the date palm kernel have been evaluated in a small study for use as a topical antiwrinkle agent.The seed mashed with water is used as a paste to reduce the pain and inflammation.
1% Makka Kwath (zea mays): Corn in many skin care, anti-acne and anti-aging products. In addition to its absorption qualities, it contains high amounts of cell regenerating ingredients and anti-oxidants. Its natural anti-inflammatory and infection resistance makes it a healing and clarifying additive to many skin care products, powders, lotions and creams.
3% Daruhaldi Kwath(berberis aristata): astringent takes care of excessive oily and hyperhidrotic (excessive sweating) skin with its internal properties. It is a itch reliever and it gives fair complexion to the skin too.
5% Neem Patra Kwath(melia azadirachta): useful for skin care such as acne treatment, and keeping skin elasticity.
1% Mathi Beej Kwath (trigonella Foenum Graecum): Calmative agent for skin care preparations
5% Yashad Bhasma (zinc calx): It is specially processed zinc. Zinc plays a significant role in
Hawaiian papaya (with lilies and ginger)Image via Wikipedia
protein synthesis, in cell divison and in wound healing. It has shown beneficial effects in acne and is known to have antiseptic and astringent properties.
Paste base Q.S.
  1. Very effective. Skin is soft and smooth after application, and appears very clean & fresh.
  2. Skin will glow like a 100 megawatt bulb afterwards. It is a very easy way to wipe off all signs of negligence on your face in quick 15 minutes.
  3. An easy one step facial for emergencies, when you want your skin to look fresh & dewy.
  4. Makes a very good body scrub as well.
  5. Smells very nice, which tends to linger on for long.
  1. The exfoliant is natural crushed seeds, so the scrub can feel a little abrasive, especially if rubbed too vigrously
  2. Tends to sting a little bit.
How-to-use: Apply all over damp face. Rub gently. It will keep drying out, so take care to use water to wet it and rub. Don't let it dry. It will abrade your skin. I prefer keeping a bowl of ice-cold water next to me & keep wetting my fingers every 30 secs. Do not use it for more than 5 minutes.

You can also use this as a body scrub in bath

Price: Rs. 180/- for 55 gms.

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  1. I think d 7 days thing might mean that d effects last for 7 days??!

  2. Gurpreet had tried this when she had come over & she loved it too!! why don't u first try the one i have & if it suits u, u can get it :)

  3. u knw d new 1 doesnt claim as 7 days n 1-2 ingredients have been added..peanuts n all...
    check my review..

  4. 7days mean that once a week u gotta use it
    once in 7days


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