Challenge - No Make-up till I finish my current lot.

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I was reading this article in BeautyBrains about a study that found that a majority of women even during recessionary times would rather buy cheaper variants of food and thus compromise on nutrition rather than buy cheaper versions or give up cosmetics.

Quite an eye-opener! We would rather be pretty than eat the best quality food. Outside over Inside. I won't be a hypocrite. I too would actually behave the same way as these women, for cosmetics & clothes.

One of the comments on the article was by this women who decided not to buy any cosmetics until she was through her current lot (becoz of the recession - saving money). She had made this decision over 8 months ago, and had still not run out of any make-up what-so-ever.

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This got me thinking about my stash. Big stash. Huge Stash. & I too have decided to take on this challenge. I too, resolve not to replinish or buy any cosmetic product untill I run out of it completely. Meaning, that I will not buy any eye-liners untill I finish my current lot, similarly for lipsticks & the works.

Am very curious how long my make-up will last. I hope that it is not too long. As make-up is a major pick-me-up for me. It will be tough to stay away from picking up the latest shades.

However I shall continue reveiwing products. I have plenty of them that I am yet to write about so no issues there.

I will keep posting regularly on my challenge.

Untill then. Wish me luck!!

I made this decision today morning, & in the afternoon itself my resolve was tested when I spotted this lovely rose-pink colored gloss. My first impluse was to pick it up & buy it. But then i remembered. & i stopped in my tracks.
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  1. Thanks!! Am having a tough time though!!

  2. Good luck. i loved this write and it's simply inspiring for me.

  3. *chuckling* I am too late to comment on this.

  4. Hey are u following still? Every month beginning i take this decision and it will last till the next month beginning and I get my salary :-(


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