Nivea Lip Balm in Star Fruits - Strawberry

I have posted a review of the Nivea Lip Balm in cherry earlier.

This lip balm in Strawberry is not so diffirent in terms of texture or ingredients, though it does seem to moisturise a little better. It only differs in two aspects.

1. Smell: OMG! This has the most ravishing strawberry smell. It is so much better than the cherry. It picks up my mood instantly. (Well, I am a sucker for all things strawberry). Just love it.

2. Color: The balm is a fire box red tint, as opposed to the slight fuchsia (rani pink) tint that the cherry adopts. But, but, but this is a little less pigmented, so the color is much lighter on your lips. But this one is a little bit more glossy than cherry.

So which one is better, I say both rock..

The Cherry one is my go-to for when I want a tinted color on my lips. It gives a fabulous color that stains the lips perfectly & looks very kissable. A swipe & I am set for the day.

The Strawberry one makes me go weak in the knees every time I smell it. The color does not show up on my pigmented lips, but it makes them look nice & glossy, (& not waxy & white & heavy) so it is a good substitute for me for a transparent lip gloss (which melt in our heat, anyways)
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  1. i luv that smell too..
    n cherry is better pigmented..??then i shud get that asap.. :p

  2. Yup Zwala! Cherry has a darker pigment, more fuchsia like..

  3. I love nivea strawberry balm !!
    its mah HG .. with subtle shine and hint of color .. its a must have for me !
    I even tried cherry .. buh man the smell .. it was like em sitting in some pharmacy !! totally avoidable buh strawberry is pure LOVE ladies !!yum:)

  4. @ Palak: You're not the only one to complain about the smell of Cherry.. Lots of ppl don't seem to like it.. :D

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  6. I use this everyday! Perfect red tint for asian skin x


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