Skin Care Tips for Indian Brides

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The marriage season is just six months down the line.
Come November we shall see a spat of marriages. For all you brides to be, this is a good time to start seriously thinking about your make-up & skin care. I got married recently and have a few tips that you might find useful.
These tips aren’t meant only for brides. They can also be used by anyone looking to improve their general skincare or those who are new to make-up to initiate themselves.
I shall discuss skin-care in this post. Make-up & Hair care will follow in later posts.
A lot of the tips may sound obvious to those of you who are taking good care on a regular basis. However a lot of Indian women walk around in absolutely tanned, dry, dull skin deluding themselves that they have fabulous skin that does not even need moisturizing.
1. Special Treatments
a. Start taking good care of your skin at least 6 months in advance. If you plan to visit a dermatologist, do it now. Long, gradual treatment is always better than a quick-fix job.
b. Use an Alfa Hydroxy Acid (AHA) serum (available in the Aroma Magic range) if you want to refine pores and clarify your skin.

c. If you have dark circles under the eyes, there are plenty of products available in the market today such as Garnier under-eye pen, Biotique seaweed gel et al.
d. Pedicures & Manicures are good-to-have, not must but definitely good.
e. Start work on shaping your Eyebrows into suitable shape beforehand. Eyebrows take time to be groomed into the perfect shape and size (as the hair tend to have different growth cycles) and require many iterations before you will achieve the perfect shape.
f. Wax your arms, legs & upper lip. Even if you have never done so before. It will make your skin look better & clearer. Apply body lotion daily to arms & legs.
g. Use a balm & exfoliating treatment for the lips

2. Diet
a. Start taking a multivitamin/mineral (eg. Supradyne) and an omega – 3 capsule (eg. Seven Seas). You will have to consume these for at least 3 months to see any effect. They will nourish you from the inside and increase stamina, which you will need as you rush around for your trousseau shopping.
b. Eat plenty of fruits & juices. Stay hydrated. In & out.

3. Cleansing

a. Get monthly clean-ups/facials done. Frankly I prefer a simple clean-up to a facial (they are meant for people over 30). Try to get it done professionally. This will remove all blackheads/whiteheads, prevent further outbreaks and scarring. You don’t want pi
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mples right before the main event. Starting a routine six months before will help your skin settle. Don’t get a facial done 4 days before the main event.

b. Use a scrub for the body as well, especially on areas such as arms or back that might be visible in the dresses
c. Always keep oil-absorbent tissues or a napkin with you and wipe away sweat and dust from your face every 3 hours. This goes a long way in preventing pores from clogging and keeping you pimple-free.
d. Use a gentle cleanser for the skin. You don’t want to undo the care you are taking by using a harsh cleanser. Try a glycerin (Pears soap/Dove) or beeswax based soap. Or else use face washes. One of my favorites is Himalaya Gentle Face Wash Gel for Oily skin (with citron & honey)

4. Moisturizing
a. Use a good quality moisturizer – day & night. I personally prefer the Biotique range, but even Aroma Magic & Lakme Peach Milk have got good reviews.
b. Keep a spray of rose-water mixed with a little glycerin with you on all times. This prevents development of a tan. Use as soon as you find come out of sunlight.

5. If you have a tan,
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a. Use a sunscreen/umbrella to prevent further tan
b. Use Aroma Magic’s fairy lotion/Biotique Fruit face pack/Garnier Lite wipe-off lotion or some similar cream to remove tanning.

6. Caution!!
a. Don’t bleach your face 2 days before the event. It will make your skin irritated and more likely to react to the make-up

b. Get waxing done at least 4 days before the main event

c. Don’t try any new product, technique 2 months before the main event! You won’t have time then to take care of any flare-ups or allergies, plus the stress will exaggerate everything.


  1. wow..u r something..!! beauty expert..??
    i read ur Face-cleanup procedure..n im going to try it this weekend at home.. :)
    thanks 4 sharing Tanveer.. :)

  2. Hi Zwala,
    Thks for the compliments!! I just wrote these out of my own experience and experiments! :)
    Yr welcome Zwala! Do share with me hw yr facial turned out..

  3. Thanks dear for sharing your tips! It's so usefull. Do you have any tips to have a glowy skin? I do facial regularly but my skin seems to be deshydrated.


  4. Dis is called Passin on ur wisdom...

  5. hehehhehehe.. yea simran, i did most of these.

  6. Just wondering if you have personally used the AHA serum from Aroma Magic. Also, what good/bad things have you heard about this particular serum? I'm currently using BHA but am considering adding AHA products to my regimen. I think this serum contains 10 ampules, which would last 10 uses in total, but the price seems decent enough. I'll wait for you to comment on the effectiveness.

  7. @Win: I didn't use the aroma magic serum - instead I would use a spoonful of curd on my face everyday. Curd is rich in lactic acid (AHA) and since it is freshly prepared everyday at my place, I don't buy commercial AHA supplements. I just recommended the product as I felt that not everyone wld like to use curd everyday :)

  8. Hi Tanveer, I ended up not buying their serum as my skin got irritated from frequent use of BHA (I should have stuck to once a week application, but I ended up using it every day). So now, I am using sensitive skin stuff so that the irritation would go away soon. I did apply a bit of milk on my face, and it did provide a mix of silky and dry effect. Yogurt will definitely be a better alternative for sure. Thanks for the tip; I'll try it on my irritated dry areas.
    P.S.: I am loving your blog :-)


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