Tips for Dry, Dehydrated skin

This post is in response to a question raised by Litchi – a reader.

She wanted some tips for dehydrated skin. So here it goes

1. Don’t use soap or face wash. Instead consider using only a cleansing milk (Garnier or Lakme – both are good). Take about a 1 Rs coin size amount of lotion and rub it gently all over face to dissolve dirt & oil. Wipe off very gently using a damp cotton or wash face with tepid water.

  • If you are too attached to using a face-wash/soap, then use the face-wash (but only mild ones like Dove) at night, but in the morning use the cleansing lotion.

2. Apply a thin lotion (Biotique Morning Nectar/Lakme Peach milk or any one you like) all over the face in the morning. Let it absorb for 15 minutes. Follow up with a thicker cream (Biotique wheat germ
cream/cold cream).
  • I use this tip a lot since I spend about 20 hours every day in dry air-conditioned air, which saps out even my normally oily skin.
  • Use this tip only if you are in an environment where you know it won’t be humid & hot or else you will sweat like a pig
  • What you are basically doing here, is first applying a thiner layer of oil-in-water emulsion (basically has more water). Once this water is absorbed by the skin, we are trapping it in & preventing its loss by applying a thicker cream (water – in – oil emulsion).
  • If you are worried about pimples or just don’t like the way it feels, I suggest you bear with it for an hour & then wipe the face gently using a tissue to absorb all the excess oil.

3. Keep a spray mister with you at all times filled with rose-water (even plain water will do) mixed with a few drops of glycerine (you can get this at any chemist for about 10 Rs for 50ml). Mist face with it at regular two hour intervals. Let it air-dry naturally.

  • If you want you can even add 2-3 drops of Vitamin E oil or honey to this. Both them are very nourishing to the skin. Personally I prefer the oil. 
  • If you are using plain water, prepare a new sample every 2-3 days to prevent contamination. Thoroughly cleanse the bottle & boil for 30 minutes in water before pouring in the next.
4. Use a vitamin C serum. Vitamin C has been proven to reduce trans-epidermal water loss (loss of moisture from the layers of the skin). You can either buy The Body Shop version of it (they make a night cream as well as a gel – I have not used either so I don’t know about their effectiveness, I actually find them very expensive) or make one at home (refer to my earlier post – DIY Vitamin C Serum).

  • Use this serum before retiring to bed. Apply all over face. While it is still wet, apply a thick moisturizing cream all over
  • You can even substitute the cream with Vitamin E/wheat germ oil – Just pop open a capsule and apply 2-3 drops all over the face. Make sure to apply Vitamin E to a slightly wet face to enhance absorption.

5. Use a AHA serum (available in the Aroma Magic line or else try Garnier Lite Wipe off Lotion) – Alfa Hydroxy Acids are great at lifting
YIP: 02.01.09Image by wine me up via Flickr
up dead cells & helping with dehydrated skin

  • CAUTION: Do not use this along with the Vitamin C serum as both together can irritate the skin
  • DIY Tip: Use a simple curd face pack once every two days. Smear some curd (full-fat is better, though skim also works fine) on the face. Wash it off when dry. The lactic acids (AHA again!) slough off dead cells & the protein and fat in curd nourish new skin.

6. If none of these work, visit a dermatologist you will then write you a prescription moisturizer. They are very heavy duty moisturizer available only at the chemists that help with extremely dry skin.

I hope these help!! Do write back about which ones worked for you…

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  1. thats a lot of information..

    n abt what i do:simple moisturiser, suncreen, drinking 2.5ltrs of water, and night cream..

    n hey tanveer..any suggestions for a good rose water spray really luking for it..

  2. I still think oily skin is more diff 2 manage....maybe am biased??

  3. @ zwala: you get misters in both dabur gulabari & this brand called Aromaz.. i bought the tiniest bottle of 25 ml & replaced the rosewater with the rose water from Aroma Magic.

    @ Simran: Oily skin is troublesome, becoz u get acne, then make-up melts & it is so shiny.. dry skin is physically painful when it starts to feel stretched & dry & flaky & looks like a fried egg with thick cream on.. Neither is easy to manage.

  4. Thanks dear for this post
    ! there's lots of informations! I will follow your tips and let you know if it works! Thanks again for your kindness.

  5. Hello, thanks for posting this article. It's very usefull! I will definitly follow all your tips and mainly use aha serums. In one week i'll let you know what happened.

  6. Hey! You all r most welcome :D..
    I hope my blog helps you look & feel better!!

    Do let me know your feedback!

  7. Very nice:)


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