make up & zodiac signs - Aquarius

As an Aquarius, you are a gorgeous vision of shimmering awkwardness, a lovely mess of high self-respect but occasional insecurity, a brilliant innovator with a charitable, giving heart. Your regard for the citizens of the world -- including the non-human citizens of the world -- compels you to make conscientious and respectful decisions.

When it comes to beauty, you like to keep it natural and cruelty-free, but you do love a little flair here and there. You were thrilled when shimmery powders came back, and you jumped at the chance to accent your eyes with a light dusting of glitter.

Underneath the socially progressive exterior of this Fixed Air Sign lurks a future fetishist -- you have a weakness for gadgets, and you love any product touted as revolutionary or new, especially if it's also all-natural. Since you bore so easily, you're always looking for the next great moisturizer, hair color or cuticle treatment.

Although you have the utmost respect for yourself, you're lacking in the self-esteem department at times. You're always worrying that you don't look good enough or that you're not feminine enough. No need to worry, Water Bearer, you look stunning no matter what you do. Your beauty comes from your ability to accept yourself and make the best of the gifts you've been given. You set your own beauty standards, and this independence raises your beauty to a transcendent level. Your beauty is not of this world -- it's out of it.

Usually Aquarius chooses very high quality and fashionable beauty products made by well-known brands. But uses only one product, for example, a fantastically beautiful lip gloss or blusher with the latest silky structure.

Best color: Purple
This color invokes the qualities of humanity and kindness. It helps you practice and understand detachment. Wearing shades of this color gives you a sense of community and enhances friendships.

This is a very versatile shade
1. It suits all eye-colors, so wear it as an eyeliner or shadow to create smokey eyes
2. It is a great lip color too (only it can make the teeth look a little yellow)
3. As a nail paint it is a good substitute for black which can be a little too dramatic.
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