Make up & Zodiac Signs - Aries

I recently saw "What's Your Rashee?" and was quite impressed by the 12 different looks donned by Priyanka Chopra in the movie.

Each Sun-sign looked different from the rest. So I thought I would do some research & offer a break down of the make-up used for each zodiac sign, lucky colors & looks.

Starting off with Aries

Ariens are ruled by the planet Mars which is planet of aggression. They like to be noticed & tend to go over the top when dressing up. They tend to have thick eyebrows.

But when it comes to make up they have a love-hate relationship. Either they hate the entire process of "painting their face" and treat any occasion for putting make-up on as a punishment (it is not being honest, you see, Aries has a big thing for being truthful and somehow manages to convince herself that make up is being dis-honest) or they go overboard & apply far too much than they need.

Priyanka Chopra's Arien look consists of a big hair-do with bright red lipstick.

The Arien make-up style (when they like make up) is the whole hog: thick foundation on face, tons of mascara on eyelashes, dark eyeshadows and bright red lipstick on lips.

Although they could try & would look just as lovely with pastel shades on eyelids, light toned and natural lips.

This make-up will show that you are confident, patient, and do not rush into attack to get something.

Although if as an Arien, you need your dope of red, don't go the normal red lipstick way. Try the following alternatives:

1. Coppery Red or Rust Red Eyeshadow
2. Fire Engine Red nail polish
3. Red blush to make those cheeks pop

UPDATE 12th Oct 09: Aries, as the first and fieriest sign of the Zodiac, prefers to set the trends, not follow them. If you're an Aries, depending on your generation, you were probably the first to iron your hair straight or wear glitter on your cheeks or even get that crazy Brazilian bikini wax. You like perfumes with florid, heady undertones, and you should call attention to your piercing eyes with bold shadow choices and well-groomed brows.

Though you'll try anything once -- bold shades on your eyes, ultra-short pixie hair cuts or the latest skin-hydrating therapy on the market -- the one thing in your life you're most loyal to is your sleek, sexy tube of red lipstick. You probably have a dozen varieties of red, but they're all vibrant and dangerous, never coy or subtle.

As a Cardinal Fire Sign, you like to get things started, but you're not so keen on finishing. This short attention span holds true for you when it comes to your beauty routine. You buy every new product that comes out, then quickly grow bored of it. Last season's discarded colors and half-used lotions pile up beneath your sink and clutter up your vanity.

Although the lotions and potions you love certainly help you shine, your true beauty comes from your spontaneity and willingness to experiment. You glow with a radiant and confident energy that is its own, natural blush.

If you are an Arien reader, do share your beauty tips with fellow sun-sign mates/readers.

Other sun-signs watch this space for a decode of your traits. 


  1. Are these frm obsrvin othr aries ppl u know??Coz I only rem bout d eyebrows thing frm Goodman... Pretty interesting though!!!All d best!!

  2. Hi Simran,
    This is a mixture of the following
    1. What I know frm my readings on astrology
    2. What I have observed
    3. Priyanka Chopra's look in the movie.

    Thanks for the comment & do share your views as well :D


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