Make up & Zodiac Signs - Cancer

Make up for Cancer

As a Cancer, a Cardinal Water Sign, you love to care for the downtrodden and very often your own needs are overlooked. Your beauty routine, then, is likely minimal -- if anything. Lucky for you, Cancers have expressive eyes and cheekbones to die for! While your sparkling, emotive eyes, chiseled bone structure and womanly proportions make you the picture of the feminine urge to nurture, there's more to you than meets the eye!

From the outside, you present yourself as a sensible caregiver -- whether you're a mother or not -- but underneath, you're an emotional and sexual woman. Your beauty is of the librarian-letting-her-hair-down variety. When you do allow yourself a decadent moment, you love to luxuriate in a bubble bath or slather on avocado facemasks and loofah yourself into oblivion.

You prefer the classics -- pearls, pastel colors and tried-and-true products such as baby powder and witch hazel, but also seem to be unable to resist shimmer in your products.

Your beauty comes from your generosity, your sympathetic nature and your realistic self-image. It's when you open your arms to give the world a warm hug that you become an absolute knockout.

 Best color: Pink
This color inspires love and can be worn in times of change or transition. It is also a good color to wear when you’re in need of emotional healing. Wearing it opens the heart and increases receptivity.

This is a very wearable color and you can

1. Wear a nice blush to show off your cheekbones
2. Wear it as eyeshadow
3. Use a light pink lipstick/gloss
4. Use a dusty rose shade as nail paint.
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  1. Yeah baby !
    em a cancer !*winks*
    dats totally true .. wen em in mood .. I totally get ma hair down buh yu can also spot me with bare face [:D]*rolls eye*

    dats true .. I have tried MoM .. OCM ..oil pulling ..and what not !
    buh they work only for a while for me .. bt I mst say MoM works wonder for my oily skin!

  2. @ palak: Glad to know tht this analysis was true for you :D Btw, wht's MoM? Milk of Magnesia?

  3. btw girl .. whats your rashee ??

  4. yeah its milk of magnesia .. U cn find it at any chemist .. excellent laxative :P
    I always put it on mah face before any foundie or simlpy sunscreen .. the best part is .. I sufer from acne .. and da main reason for my breakout is oil on mah skin .. I generally put it on ma face as a thick mask before going to sleep and it works Wonder !!
    maybe yu can put a lil on er oily T zone !

  5. @ Palak: I am a Capricorn :D

    Yea, this MoM sounds intriguing.. Doesn't it leave a whiteish/pinkish cast on the face?

  6. yeah buh only when I put too much .. if yu do .. then simply take a moist sponge and erase that line !!


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