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Make up for Leo

As a Leo, you are confidence in a beautiful bottle, self-assuredness in sleek, concentrated form. When you're a Fixed Fire Sign Lion, you command an audience, and you thrive off their applause and appreciation -- that's your livelihood and sense of security. You may seem to be a spotlight-chaser, an approval-seeker, but deep down you're just a good-hearted, albeit proud, kitten, and you love nothing more than to have your soft coat stroked.

And it is glorious -- your hair, that is. Just like the Lion that symbolizes your sign, your mane is your crowning achievement, so to speak, and you let it speak for you when you don't know what else to say. Moving down from there, the world sees your eyes, large and full of life and energy -- and further down from that, the world probably sees your sexy shoulders, another area of Leo pride.

You spare no expense caring for your assets -- you'd walk miles and pay big for the right conditioner, and you'd sit for hours before your vanity to get a look just right. Female Leos buy everything new, expensive and fashionable. This sign likes brands. You wear vibrant colors, citrus perfumes, and you're not afraid to take cosmetic risks to get your point across (is it any surprise Madonna's a Leo). You are also extremly fond of animal prints and incorporate the same very skillfully in your wardrobe.

You're not all flash, though, and your bigheartedness is not an act. Your true beauty comes from your readiness to share yourself and your gifts, your generous affection and your loyal, pure heart.

Best eyeshadow color: Orange
This color resonates with power and greatness. Wearing it increases joy and optimism and also assists in aligning you with riches and your position in life.

Wear this as 
1. Blush: Yes, Orange blush looks very good on dark olive skin tones
2. Eye-liner: If you have blue eyes, this will make their color pop
3. Try Bronze/Copper-Orange as an eyeshadow. The metallic tinge will make the orange more wearable.


  1. a leo, please tell me which eyeliner color should i use.


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