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As a Pisces, you spend much time staring off into space, daydreaming of love and happiness. It's not necessarily all lace and butterflies, though, Pisces (though you probably had a hard time resisting those fluttery butterfly hairclips, right?). There's more to this moony and Mutable Water Sign than daydreams.

Just because you're so flexible and chameleon-like, so fluid and wistful, does NOT mean you're wishy-washy -- leave that to Libra! Within each Pisces, there lies a resolute optimism, a nearly psychic intuition and a fertile imagination that allows you to appreciate the mysteries of life.

When it comes to physical beauty, you are unconventional, a risk-taker motivated by subconscious visions and ethereal longings. Not one to follow trends, you strike out on your own in defense of your independent spirit. You loathe conformity, but despite your rebellion, people can't help but be attracted to you!

When you decide to pamper yourself, pedicures are definitely in order. They are a deserved indulgence that draw attention to your beautiful feet. Lily-tinged scents keep you in a romantic mood. Your beauty comes from your open heart, your belief in the goodness of others, your sympathetic nature and the way you never shy away from saying how you feel.

Surprising, mystical symbol. If you met a stunningly beautiful woman,she is clearly Pisces. However, their energy is weak, its representatives quickly get tired, they may often lack the desire to do anything. Pisces prefer cold make-up shades. Smoky-blue, violaceous, ice-pink shades will bring them energy.

Best color: Sea foam green
This color helps guide people between the inner and outer world. It evokes qualities of trust and clarity and helps you see past the world of appearances. Wearing it will increase your faith and psychic abilities.

1. Use as eyeliner or on the crease eyeshadow for a mermaid-y look. 
2. This would make a good nail paint color

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