Make up & Zodiac Signs - Taurus

Moving on to the second sign in the Zodiac - Taurus in my series inspired by Priyanka Chopra in "What's your Rashee"

Just as a pointer I would like to add that other than your Sun-Sign, you must also read the description for your Ascendent. As the Ascendent rules your personality, it may also play a role in the make-up & colors that you choose. 

Taurus is ruled by the planet - Venus, so beauty forms a very important part of their lives. They like spectacular and expensive things. Luxury and wealth play a very important role for them, and they will buy less but buy only the best clothes & cosmetics.

Hair is also a big obsession for them and they will constantly make sure that it is well styled & in place.  

Taurus women are very fond of big neck jewelery & try to look sexy yet innocent at the same time. So they actually end up looking like nymphs (in a good alluring kind of way)

Taurus does not like looking vulgar and avoids bright colors. They try to look natural. Smoky eyeshadows of gray, pink, white, beige, silvery shades are best for them. They will also enjoy experimenting with earthy - jewel shades such as emerald green, turquoise, amethyst purple and topaz as not only do these look opulant but they are also earthy solid colors. (Lakme has nice products in these shades). For lip colors they tend to stick to nude and brown shades.

Taurus can also try the color Green as either nail paint or eye-liner/shadow

This color rejuvenates their spirit. It resonates with stability and healing and gives you balance of strength and substance. Wearing it helps heal the body and attract wealth and prosperity.

UPDATE 12th Oct 09:
Even though the symbol of Taurus is the very male bull, this Fixed Earth Sign is all about potent femininity, the kind of natural, earthy beauty that changes lives and moves mountains. Now that's better than thinking of yourself as a slow, stubborn old bull, right? Taurus women radiate a simple but powerful beauty; it's this subtlety that is a Taurus woman's greatest charm.

You probably own very few cosmetic products, but what you do own is the very best (for you, at least), and you stick with a tried-and-true -- if it ain't broke, don't fix it, they say. While you appreciate a brand name, what you're really looking for is quality, and though you prefer simplicity to showiness, you know how to highlight your best features and downplay your less-than-perfections.

Taurus, with your steady gaze and flawless complexion, should grow out your natural curls rather than force them straight, or keep your nails trimmed short if you just know long and sexy won't work for you. You adore the small, sensual pleasures of beauty -- sensual fabrics, natural, revitalizing skin creams and perfume with a woodsy, balsamic scent.

You prefer your hair flowing naturally over your shoulder or a loose tendril falling across your forehead. It's through these tiny but generous gestures of understated femininity that you as a Taurus assert your beauty.

If you are Taurus woman reading this, do share with other readers what is your style like? Does it match the description above? 

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  1. Hey!
    im a tauream and its quite right all through, except maybe about the colour a through and through pink lipstick person...but it was good to read all that and nod in agreement, also kaugh at myself a bit, Thanks! :)


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