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Make Up & Zodiac Signs - Virgo

Virgo - the most vulnerable and sensitive sign of zodiac.

Sweet Virgo. You get so tired of reading about how good you are, right? Just once you'd like to hear how secretly bad you are. Well, when it comes to beauty, that's just not the case. Lurking behind your mask of perfection is … even more perfection!

You carry yourself with such dignity that it would seem something sinister MUST be going on behind the scenes.  Really, though, Virgo, it's just a well-regimented beauty routine and diligent good grooming.

It's this Mutable Earth Sign's natural dedication to the small details that keeps you looking so stunning. Your vanity or medicine cabinet is well stocked, as you have a product for everything!

Your nails are to die for, and your skin is blemish-free. You pride yourself on keeping up appearances, and delight in name-brand cosmetics that withstand the test of time and trends. Motivated as you are to present a perfect female image, you don't skimp on quality, but quantity is another story.

You prefer light, feminine scents and soft, muted earth tones. Your beauty comes from your dedication and reverence of perfection and of beauty itself, as well as your pure-minded yet realistic attitude toward life.

Colors of nature emphasize their beauty, so choose shades of turquoise, blue, gentle blue, emerald, tender green.

Best color: Royal blue
This color resonates with beauty, purity, and wisdom. It helps ease tension and promotes tranquility. Wearing blue opens the mind and encourages patience and eloquence.

1. Royal Blue makes a very good black eyeliner substitute for brown eyes

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