Maybelline Define -A-Lash Lenghtening Mascara - A Review

Fed up with experimenting for the perfect Mascara between Streetwear & Lotus Herbals, I headed over to the Experts - Maybelline.

Personally I prefer Lengthening Mascaras over Volumising Mascaras. So I bought Maybelline's Define A Lash lenghtening water proof mascara 


1. Zero - Clump: This mascara gets a very high score from me for being zero-clump. It does not get goopy or clumpy on the lashes at all thanks to an in-built cleaner in the tube that removes all excess from the bristles
2. Water-proof: with zero flaking. Goes from morning to evening, without any smudges.
3. Quick-Dry: The formula sets & dries fast. No more smudges due to blinking.
4. The formula claims to be Ophthalmologist tested &  Contact lens safe
5. The wand is extremly bendy.(Be careful: don't poke yourself in the eye) This allows the wand to reach even the tinest of lashes inside the the eye. The bristles too range from long to short & catch all lashes to coat them very evenly.
6. As the name suggests, this mascara defines all lashes. A great day time office wear mascara, it looks so natural that people will not be able to figure out that you are wearing mascara.
7. Has won multiple awards (Allure, Best of Beauty, Editors' Choice Award 2007, Best Mascara for Day)
8. The formula is non-crusty. You will not have flakes & crusts of mascara on the lash. It coats every lash evenly. No more sticky lashes. The light weight formula also won't weigh down your lashes.
9. Packaging: a bright neon green tube that is easy to spot amongst all other make-up. Only problem is that the labeling is very bad and it peels off within a week. So you are left with a labeless/nameless green neon tube.

1. Does not really volumise or lengthen. As the name suggests, this mascara will just define each and every lash. That's it. Don't expect Va-Va-Vroom False Eyelash effect.
2. Not very lenthening or volumising enough for night wear or if you are going for a glam/diva look.
3. Multiple coats do little, and you will have to be really quick with this and layer this fast. If it dries in between coats, this mascara will goop up horribly. My advice is to apply two coats in quick succession. You don't need more.
4. Maybelline only retails the Very Black version in India, but from their site I gathered that they also have a Soft Black & a Brownish Black Version, I would certainly like to try the Brownish Black Version.  

How to use: Sweep mascara from your outer lash to inner lash, sweeping brush slowly from root to tip. Do not let dry between coats

Price: Rs. 299/- for Black Mascara

Will I buy again: Yes! Yes! as a daily wear it & forget it mascara, it is fabulous. It delivers good value, looks natural but at the same time makes my eye lashes look longer, blacker & more defined. It does not clump, glue my lashes together or flake. Basically this is the most user friendly mascara I have used till date. As of right now, this is the mascara I wear daily. Even if i skip all make up, I make it a point to wear this. Bear in mind this is not your X times volume mascara. If you want that this will dissappoint you.  

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  1. wow ! happy that you found a daily wear mascara !!

  2. It sounds really nyc...u told me bout it being I don't really lik 2 wear black mascara...find it too dramatic..wonder y they choose to get such a limited stock to India...Do they still fink we ride on elephants and/or are all sanyasies wearin only orange clothes ,doin yoga n given up on d material world??

  3. @ Palak: Thks!! Wht Mascara do u use?

  4. @ Simran: Revlon does retail water-proof brown mascara but it costs a whopping 600 Rs. :D..

    Jordana is another company that sells brown mascara. It costs 90 Rs, is very good & creamy and thickens the lashes too. The only problem? It ain't water proof. I have a tube of that in case you wanna try it out..

    I think the reason these companies don't retail their entire lines is because when they create these shades, they are made keeping the western skin in mind..

    When they import to India, they prefer to cater to the most common denominator. Most Indian women are dusky, and have crow black hair with dark brown/black eyes.

    Only Black mascara will show up on them. So these companies prefer to import the product that will be the safest & sell the most rather than opt for variety.

    But yes, I agree with you.. even through I know that this is a simple case of demand & supply & just inventory management, I still wld like to use some newer shades in my mascara & eyeliners. Maybe some Indian company like Lakme cld address this issue :D

  5. I opt for clear mascara by oriflame for daytime .. I just curl my lashes apply the mascara and then curl the lashes ..!! this is my multifunctionl product .. I even use it to tame my brows !

    for nightime and parties I prefer my loreal voluminous or loreal volume shocking !

    but em thinkin of getting define a lash after yer wondrful review for daytime ~!

  6. hey girl .. there is also a product in Oriflame called " waterproof top coat". its the final coat .. and it claims to make yer mascara waterproof !it cost somewhere b/w 200-250/- .. em also lemming for it .. buh oriflame comes with great discounts now and then .. so em just waiting for a good offer and then em gonna snatch it !:D

  7. Hey Palak... Thanks so much for the product recco for Oriflame.. I chked their site, the mascara costs 198/- (it says so there).. Will def try to lay my hands on it..

    Since it sounds so great & u have used it wld u like to write a guest review on it? :D

    Let me know..

  8. I wd be more than happy to oblidge !!
    but I didnt quite get which product yu want me to review !!
    let me know .. and I will mail yu my product review !:)

  9. @ Palak: You can review this clear mascara by oriflame :D

  10. Thanks for the review. was planning to buy one. here the price is just double:(

  11. @Ani: Really! Double.. They must have lower prices for India then. :D

    I really like this mascara.. have it on my lashes as i type this :)

  12. hello Tanveer ,

    Ok first a biggg round of applause for you.. clap clap clap.. commendable job.I totally love this blog and am totally addicted to it . :)

    I had ordered this mascara (waterproof) through Shoppers Stop E store.Strangely the mascara was clumped at the end of the wand.I applied it and it gave me spider legs eye lashes :(( .
    So I just wanted to know how is the packing ,as in is it separate or the wand is in the tube.And is it runny or clumped.They sent me Dec 2009 packing.
    Should I use it ? I have sent them an email asking for replacement but I seriously doubt they ll cooperate.

    Pheww !! Sorry tht was long.Sorry.


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